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All In One Jeep Ducking Tags

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Duck duck Jeep?

If you’re a Jeep owner, you’re not new to this, you’re true to this!

For the rest of us laypeople, here’s the skinny-jeans on duck duck Jeep.

According to Canada’s South Coast Today, “It may sound quacky, but Jeep ducking is a real thing.”

They go on to say that, “The concept is very simple: people who drive Jeep Wranglers wave to other Wrangler drivers as they go by. Now there’s a new way to reach out, and it’s called Jeep ducking. Jeep owners buy little rubber ducks, write messages on them, and leave them on or in other Jeeps as a way to spread some smiles.”


Printable Duck Duck Jeep Tags


What does it mean when a person places a rubber duck on your Jeep?

Anyone driving a Jeep Wrangler knows about the Jeep owner salute- to smile and wave as as a compliment to any Jeep Wrangler driver as they pass by. 

Now there’s a creative way to express love and sentiment from one Jeep owner to another. Its’s known as Jeep ducking, and a  game called duck duck Jeep.

Jeep owners purchase little rubber ducks, write sweet or funny messages on them, and leave them on or in other Jeeps.


How do you play duck duck Jeep? 

The game is played by simply “ducking” or placing a rubber duck toy on someone’s Jeep! 

The Jeep owner who’s been “ducked” then continues this game by planting or placing another rubber duck on someone else’s Jeep.

Everyone’s a winner in the game of duck duck Jeep!

The goal is to spread smiles and good cheer. So as long as you accomplish this, then you’re a winner!

It’s a fantastic game and experience to help spread Jeep love all over by placing little rubber duckies on the bumpers and fenders of Jeeps everywhere.


All In One Jeep Ducking Tags


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Why do all these ducks appear on Jeeps?

For years, Jeep owners have shared a happy vibe, and now they have a new way of connecting. 

Rubber ducks have been popping up on Jeeps everywhere! 

Most of the people whose Jeeps are ducked for the first time said they were excited and full of joy when they found a little duckie on their Jeep.

Who knew that receiving a little yellow duck could make you feel so happy?


All-in-one duck duck Jeep tags!


Printable Jeep tags


According to Facebook, any Jeep can be ducked

A Facebook post I found when researching Jeep ducking (yeah- I may have too much time on my hands these days) said any Jeep can be ducked, no matter what shape or size. The game of Jeep ducking is not exclusive to Wranglers. Any Jeep can play.


So yes, Jeep ducking is a ‘thing’— are you doing it yet?

I’m not a Jeep owner myself. (Not yet!) But what I am is a sucker for smiles and good cheer! So I was eager to add my two cents into the Jeep ducking mix with these official Duck-Duck Jeep Tags!

No need to walk around with a purse or pocket full of rubber-duckies.

All you need are these Jeep duck printable tags HERE, and you can duck Jeeps until your heart’s content!


All In One Jeep Ducking Tags


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Buy these tags once and print them over and over to spread the most smiles and good cheer! 

You can also write your Facebook or Instagram name on each tag so the receiving Jeep can thank you with a social media shout-out! 


Ducking Jeeps Tags


Your all-in-one Jeep printable comes with tags for Facebook and another set for Instagram. (They’re so socially ready!)

In my opinion, any car owner can play duck duck Jeep, no matter what car you own yourself. Smiles and good cheer are an all-inclusive act.

“It’s a really good feeling to see someone happy…Everybody should buy a Jeep because we do fun things like this.” The Taunton Daily Gazette


All In One Jeep Ducking Tags


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Duck Duck Jeep Tags Free, Ideas, Sayings, Game & Ideas Printable Jeep Ducking Tags For Jeep Wrangler



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