Las Vegas Secret Hotels – Hidden Gems On The Strip

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Hidden gems on the Las Vegas Strip

Which hotels do celebrities stay in Las Vegas?

Where do rich people stay in Vegas?

Do hotels have secret rooms?

How do you get free hotel rooms in Vegas? 

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You know the saying…

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

When it comes to the hotels, there’s more truth to this saying than what you may know.

There are secret hotels inside the well-known hotels on the Las Vegas strip!

I’m pretty much a Las Vegas resident now. Considering that on this last trip, I signed with a broker to begin my Vegas real estate career— Yay, me!

As a new agent, I feel compelled to share with you what I know about these hidden hotels on the Las Vegas strip. | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Vegas Entertainment magazine


Las Vegas secret hotels

Whether or not you’ve visited Las Vegas, I’d venture to say that you’ve heard of some of the big hotel names there.

MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Mirage, Park MGM (formerly Monte Carlo and also next to the new T-Mobile arena), and of course Mandalay Bay.

The Mister and I have spent time at all of these destinations with the exception of Park MGM. We did eat breakfast there once when it was still Monte Carlo, if that counts.

Hotel within a hotel

Each one of these hotels that I’ve named has one or more discrete hotels nestled inside. Like a ‘hotel within a hotel’ with luxury accommodations like private pools, backyards, private guest receptions, butler services, chauffeured airport transfers and VIP check-ins.

So many people visit the Vegas strip on any given day, and especially on holidays, convention days and for big entertainment events.

Privacy please

These exclusive services are priceless if you’re wanting to indulge in everything that only Vegas offers WITH the added privacy, luxury and speedy service.

With all of these extra amenities built into the hotel stay, it may be more cost and time effective to reside at one of these private hotels, hidden within the hotel that you were probably considering anyway.

Not to mention that these secret stays are often plusher and more luxurious than their already 4 and 5-star hosting properties!


Hidden in plain sight

Here’s a list of the mystical properties that I’ve known about, hidden right in plain sight!

Las Vegas is ever evolving, so there may be even more than what I have listed.

Every time we return, there’s a new hotel or feature attraction in the works. So many reasons why The Mister and I can’t stay away, and have found ourselves as locals after about thirteen years of frequent visits! | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- hotel hallway

Las Vegas secret hotel list


MGM Grand’s The Mansion and The Signature At MGM

1. At the top of the list, and probably the most expensive is MGM Grand’s The Mansion.

This real hotel, but urban legend in story is designed as a Florence 18th century mansion split into oversized villas for “qualified guests only”.

It comes with with a Rolls-Royce Phantom driven by a chauffeur, a full-time butler, and private dining with no menus— because the chef prepares exactly what you request!

The Mansion is said to have a separate, secret entrance that is not visible from the street, and also not accessible by taxi— nor Uber!

2. The Signature at MGM Grand is a property that The Mister and I recently indulged in.

It connects to MGM Grand via a catwalk.

The main entrance guarded, gated and off The Strip.

Guests pull into their designated one of three towers and a valet and bellman are waiting to immediately handle your vehicle and luggage.

The rooms in the towers are actually condos, and are equipped with a kitchen, sitting and dining areas and an oversized bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. I plan to share more on our stay at The Signature At MGM Grand. Stay tuned!

The Best Of Downtown Las Vegas Virtual Tour


Caesar’s Palace Nobu Hotel

3. We’ve known of Nobu Hotel inside Caesar’s Palace for quite some time. Its entrance is near Cleopatra’s Barge nightclub, just outside the casino floor.

You may know this hotel’s name from the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant, Nobu.

The hotel’s owners are acclaimed Chef Matsuhisa Nobu and his business partner that you may have heard of, Robert De Niro!

There is a Nobu restaurant downstairs in Caesar’s, and guests of Nobu Hotel have 24-hour access to the restaurant’s in-room service!


Mirage’s The Villas At The Mirage

4. North of the Vegas strip is the well-known Mirage Resort & Casino (the hotel with the volcano attraction).

The Mirage houses one of the most secret escapes, The Villas At The Mirage.

These private villas used to be super privé and reserved by-invitation-only for guests ranking as high roller gamblers!

Some of the features to expect here are private patios, backyards with pools, champagne bubble baths (wow!), fresh flower linen turn-downs and an ultra-private entrance chauffeured in by limousine!

Fun fact: The Mirage is also home to Bare, the private adult pool for topless guests!


Park MGM’s Hotel 32

5. Hotel 32 is the first private Vegas hotel that I had ever heard of.

It came to be the upper part of Monte Carlo (now Park MGM) after a fire destroyed the hotel’s pent house suites back in 2008.

We almost made reservations at Hotel 32 once, but decided on Mandalay Bay’s resort instead.

I don’t remember why we chose one over the other, but I do recall reading about the amenities of Hotel 32’s boutique suites.

VIP check-in, a personal suite assistant, and a private lounge with complimentary breakfast, hors d’oeuvres and evening cocktails.

The suites are said to be much larger than those on the lower floors, and they include jetted tubs, espresso machines and free shoe-shine and ironing services.

The Mister turned me on to these types of hotels on the Vegas strip after he read about Hotel 32 HERE.

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Hidden Hotels On The Las Vegas Strip


Four Seasons Hotel Inside Mandalay Bay

6. All this learning about the most elusive properties on the Las Vegas strip brings us to our most recent stay at Four Seasons Hotel, located inside Mandalay Bay resort.

Another one of the purposely hidden hotels that most visitors to the city, let alone most residents in the area, don’t know about.

There aren’t any Vegas style signs (you know: bright lights, big city flashing billboards) on the strip for Four Seasons like there are for Mandalay Bay.

However, there is a big marquee with “Four Seasons” displayed smaller, but still in lights. This sign can be seen on the interstate facing the back side of the strip.

I saw it one night when we were returning from dinner at one of the restaurant’s in Vegas’s new open-air shopping center Town Square, just north of the strip.

You can see more from our dining experience at Town Square on my IGTV Channel HERE. | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Four Seasons hotel towels | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- walk in shower | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- bath and shower | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- L'Occitane shower essentials | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Sunrise/Sunset Suite | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Four Seasons signature down pillows | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- with my #TeddyBlake bag | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Strip View Suite


Four Seasons – Five-star stay

We enjoyed our stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, with conveniences similar to those we experienced at The Signature At MGM.

Valet parking and bell service upon arrival; no waiting!

The same for check-in; no lines and also a restaurant and bar right at the entrance. Guests are treated to bottled water upon every arrival.

Ours was often placed by our valet inside our vehicle, as we were in and out, about town a lot!

The room was one of my favorites of my Vegas stays.

The pillows and linens were by far the most comfortable.

For The Mister’s birthday, I am probably going to order one of the Four Seasons down pillows. One for myself and one for him! HA HA!

The views are amazing!

In my opinion, desert sunrises and sunsets are unmatched in beauty.

We were in a Sunrise/Sunset room. You can choose from a Valley View or Strip View room.

I don’t have any complaints about this stay, and would definitely return.

The service was superb. Exceptional service is always the most important to me, right after cleanliness, which is not even an issue when staying at a Four Seasons Hotel!

The Mister is not as picky as I am about our hotel rooms. A favorite feature on his list was the in-room coffee! I’m thrilled when there’s his and her space in the room.

Two sinks, fully lighted mirror, enclosed lavatory, jetted tub and walk-in shower.

Plus, there were the coziest two robes and double closets!

The only reason I wouldn’t return to Four Seasons on our next trip is if we’ve purchased our very own condo at The Signature At MGM!

Otherwise, The Mister and I will be guests here again— and soon! | Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Suites | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- accommodations guest suites | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Valley View Suite | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- beautiful strip views | Our Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas- Mandalay Bay sunrise views



Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

A non-gaming oasis. Four Seasons amenities include a pool, spa, Italian restaurant, steakhouse, Veranda and poolside bars, shopping boutiques and all access to Mandalay Bay resort and casino.

You can book your room HERE. | Our Stay At Four Seasons & Las Vegas Secret Hotels- Mandalay Bay pools

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    1. Thank You! I hope that you’ll consider these hotels when visiting Las Vegas! Whether you stay at one, or simply try and find the secret locations 😉 My shoes here, comfortable as they are…my husband still calls me a “shoe monster”! 😉

  1. Wow. I had no idea about these secret hotels. Let alone a Four Seasons Hotel, located INSIDE the Mandalay Bay resort! Amazing…

  2. We love Vegas! My hubby and I have stayed at The MGM and I won a trip to the Venetian!! We loved them both for different reasons. The MGM is very affordable and you still feel like you’re a high roller even if you aren’t! The Venetian is just divine and I would love to go again! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Babette! So happy to hear that you and your husband love to Vegas! It’s the place where you can return again and again and each hotel offers a totally different and unique experience! We’ve had a suite at the Venetian, and it was beautiful! Congrats on the win of your stay! We should stay there again because they have added a whole new wing to that hotel!

  3. We love Las Vegas! We have stayed at the MGM and the Venetian! Loved the MGM because it is affordable and still beautiful. I actually won a trip to the Venetian and it was just divine! We had tickets to shows and ate at two of its upscale restaurants! The shopping is so fun! Not to forget the casinos! Would love to visit again.

  4. We’ve been dying to go to Vegas, but we just adopted a little girl and didn’t think it would be a good place for her (and having just adopted a 5 year old, I am NOT ready to leave her yet). But some of those hotels look pretty family cozy. I hate the cheezy family-friendly ones, but these look comfortable, especially the Four Season’s pool area! Not Vegas-cheezy at all. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Athena, Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! How exciting, and definitely understand you not wanting to leave you daughter so soon! There are family friendly hotels on and off the strip. A great one with family activities in the hotel is the Red Rock Resort & Casino in the beautiful Summerlin, Las Vegas community (off the strip). Four Seasons is also a wonderful choice and I recall seeing families there! I believe the Red Rock has more on-site family-friendly activities (bowling, movies, etc.) along with a casino and nearby shopping. Any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer, and also happy to have inspired you to consider Las Vegas!

    1. You two should make it happen this year! Four Seasons is certainly a wonderful stay. There are still so many other beautiful hotels on the Las Vegas strip to choose from, and one for every budget!

  5. Thanks for sharing such good tips and great information on ‘inside hotels’. I can’t wait to go to Vegas and try one out!

  6. Ahh never new Las Vegas had palm trees! I’m obsessed! The room looks elegant and so does the presentation. I need to visit Las Vegas hopefully in time.

    Tara L

  7. I would have never guessed there are elusive “hidden” hotels – love it!!! That is exactly what I would want, and wowie the Four Season in Mandalay Bay is so nice, I feel cosseted just looking at the pictures. I’ve not been to Las Vegas, now I really want to go!

  8. WOW I didn’t know about this secret! But of course I am the only one in my family that has never been to Vegas. It is on my wish list but sometimes yyou just never get around to it.

    1. Gloria, there are so many people like yourself that want to go, but for many reasons just haven’t yet. Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing my secret insider tips to help you get up and go Vegas! 😉

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