Las Vegas iPhone Lightroom Filters & Presets

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Bright Las Vegas Custom Adobe Lightroom Presets Tutorial

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One of the questions I’m asked the most on Instagram is, how do I edit my photos?

In this post, I’m sharing exactly how I take my pictures from boring and basic to badass and beautiful!

Las Vegas Blogger Presets

Before Lightroom Presets

Before & After Las Vegas Custom Adobe Lightroom Presets Tutorial

After Lightroom Presets

Bright Las Vegas Custom Adobe Lightroom Presets Tutorial


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Las Vegas color & style are my favorites

Once I’ve captured the perfect pose (which does exist if you’ve been following these tips HERE), then this is the part where I infuse a little Las Vegas aesthetic into my photos.

A standout aesthetic like Seven Magic Mountain’s rainbow-bright colors against the tan desert canvas!

I open up my photo in the Adobe Lightroom app and MANUALLY add the perfect exposure, lessen shadows and raise the color saturation. A game-changer for pictures, even in low lighting!

Las Vegas Photography Aesthetic Lightroom Editing

Pro tip: Lighting matters the most- even if you have the perfect pose. 

If you’re manually adjusting sharpness and brightness in Lightroom, don’t let the number of options in Lightroom overwhelm you. Concentrate on the light and color features.

I love bright, vivid photos, so here’s my general formula.

Las Vegas Blogger Photography Presets



  • Exposure: 1.15
  • Contrast: 17
  • Highlights: -95
  • Shadows: 50 to 100
  • Whites: -17
  • Blacks: 50 to 100


  • Temp: 4 to 8
  • Tint: 24
  • Vibrance: 12 to upwards of 43!

What can I say— I like my photos Las Vegas light bright! Color is my favorite.

Las Vegas Photography Custom Lightroom Preset Tutorial Bright


I’ve got an app for that!

If you’re not into manually editing every single pic you post— no worries! I’ve got an app to take care of that!

I’ve condensed my editing formula above into a preset that you can use with one tap in the Lightroom mobile app!

Get the same colorful photos and images as I share online in my Instagram posts, blog articles and Pins on Pinterest.

It’s all bundled bright and with love HERE in my custom preset, “I Love Las Vegas.”



Las Vegas Photography Custom Lightroom Presets Download

Another pro tip: Lightroom is the BEST tool for editing your photos!

Download my “I Love Las Vegas” preset with step by step instructions for Lightroom desktop, and you can also access it conveniently on mobile in the Lightroom app.

I Love Las Vegas Bright & Colorful Lightroom Preset

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Las Vegas Photography Custom Lightroom Preset Tutorial

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