Want to clone my success and get paid to be YOU?

I offer a limited number of private coaching spots to help you pull together a strategy that will have audiences swooning!


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…Even if you’ve been telling yourself, “Instagram’s too crowded,” or “The algorithm hates me and my pics hardly get any likes.”

And never mind, you have no idea how Pinterest works! How it can help you EXPLODE your website traffic!



I’ll help reduce the overwhelm of social media marketing & show you how to:

– Reach new customers with social media strategies that work

– Multiply your sales & website traffic with Pinterest (most students 10x their site traffic!)

– Set-up Instagram business pages that get noticed

– Get found in Google searches with SEO best practices made easy

– Leverage your credibility markers as an authority in your industry

– Give your social media videos and posts a facelift with easy apps for all platforms

– Create content with a call to action and speak confidently to new customers & subscribers

– How to stop creating “fast food” connections with people online and start building gourmet relationships!


– Influencers, take your influence beyond Instagram and get paid more!

– Learn all of this from an insider source that’s been there, done that and “gets it”! (That’s me!)


Is it true that I used to call myself the last woman standing without a Facebook page?

Yep! That’s true. Until my daughter created an Instagram account for me to enter a contest for one of my favorite brands. My Instagram account exploded to over one hundred thousand followers. (Thanks, daughter!)


Then I added a new jewel to my crown – helping entrepreneurs get “paid to be you.”

Through my Pinterest Magic Marketing course, I teach new and aspiring bloggers and content creators how to use Pinterest for site traffic so that opportunities, followers, and subscribers are attracted to YOU rather than chasing after them (all thirsty like a desperate housewife!)


A handful of places you may have seen my name out there...

But what you really want to know is — How I help you attract people to your site in droves??

The short answer— I’m a social butterfly turned lifestyle blogger, digital content maker, and course creator with a knack for turning natural conversations into serious cash.

I’m not as motivated by money as I am by making meaningful connections. Money is a by-product of the right people and the right ideas!

I’m exceptionally focused, a perfectionist and *allegedly* a little OCD. (Maybe not so good for my husband—but perfect for you!)

Nerd alert: I geek-out over digital marketing! My favorite thing (other than hanging out between Vegas and LA) is sharing my blogging secrets and insider tips.

I quit my corporate job over a decade ago to become an entrepreneur—and I never looked back! 

My retail store that started in a shopping mall scaled to an online 7-figure cheerleading company and became the first of its kind to secure a distribution deal with Amazon!

With over a decade in business, I’m no longer guessing about what works to succeed in the digital space.

I love to talk! Especially about what you don’t know that you’re doing wrong at start-up—and how you can save a ton of time and headache by making these things right first!


Are you ready to clone my success and get paid to be YOU??

I show you how to create cool, compelling content that's
innovative, informative, inspiring—and also Instagramable!

How to boost Instagram growth: 20 social media pros share creative examples


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How To Take The Best Sexy Poses, From Insta Influencers

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Inspiration Wild & Free

The Social Impact Heroes of Social Media
WITH Shaunda Necole

ShaundaNecole.com Hair We Are Salon VA Beach Jane Pryor

Shaunda's part thought provoker and part cheerleader

“Shaunda is someone that knows the steps she took to succeed at a particular goal. She is also able to share and empower others to do the same, while customizing to their particular needs. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Thank you Shaunda for knowing what works!”

– Jane Pryor, Hair Stylist & Business Owner, Hair We Are Salon

Shaunda Necole is an influencer and social media guru

“Shaunda Necole is an influencer and social media guru. Thank you (Shaunda) for your time, inspiration and knowledge.”

– Levi Cox, Hair Stylist & Business Owner, Catwalk Salon & Spa

Shaunda Necole testimonial from Levi Cox, Owner Catwalk Salon & Spa
Destiny Moody Hir We Are Salon VA Beach

Shaunda knows how this works

“She knows how this works. She gave me the words and advice and guided me into a feature story in a hair magazine! I thought this type of attention was only for celebrities. I guess I’m on my way to being a star!”

– Destiny Moody, Hair Stylist & Color Specialist, Hair We Are Salon

INSTAGRAM or PINTEREST FOR MORE SITE TRAFFIC, PLEASE! — For Bloggers, Influencers & Online Entrepreneurs. All the peeps like me!

So you're ready to work with me and get that unicorn magic and fly with the pegasus that have mermaid-style highlights in their hair?

Everyone knows about these unicorns because of their best services. They've done the nitty-gritty ground work to get their name out there way before they began to fly—and now they soar!

"Get Your Name Out There Magic Marketing"

I'll show you how to fly like a pegasus and deliver the goods with mermaid hair appeal.

Reach new customers faster with easy to understand, simple SEO strategies (learn from me without all the techy-talk).

Get Your Name Out There Magic Marketing™

Customers want to know who you are? What you do? And why it matters to them AND...They want to know this in the first few SECONDS of e-meeting you online.

Are you greeting customers with a clear message so they can easily find you online?
Are you dazzling them with that flying-unicorn-pegasus-mermaid-hair when they arrive at your online door step?

I think I know your answer — and no worries.
The fun part about the conversation (other than magical unicorns)? I can teach you how to show up and fly! (metaphorically speaking)

I show you how to get your blog or your biz in front of the right people who are waiting to meet YOU, rather than chasing after them (all thirsty like!)


Before we connnect on our call, I’ll Google you—deep dive into your online persona, check out your brand, see what a new customer would see. 

Then we’ll chat a bit about your background, your business, your goals and who you are right now in the digital space. 

I’ll give you that tough love feedback you need, to get out of your own way and concentrate on a clear message that reaches the right people who need to hear from you.


Hint: The answer is also the name of an adult diaper brand. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna did an ad for this product (she’s so funny!)…

That’s right: Depends!

*If you’re a new client: Start with “An Episode”—60 minutes and we’ll go from there.

Click the “Is this for me?” button on each option below to see which coaching experience is right for you.

An Episode

$ 297
  • Wonder what it’s like to work with me? Dip your unicorn hoof and book a strategy call.
    Get started & book your 60 minute call.

Your Favorite Show

$ 847
  • Ready to make the magic happen? Let's start with one-on-one intensives and create your 'identity plan' with check-backs in on it again and again. Imagine this as your favorite TV show, and I'm watching the first 3 episodes with you, giving my personal review on each show.
    Schedule your three 60-minute calls.

Feature Film

$ 2,497
  • Maybe you're ready for a major do-over, an extreme make-over of sorts. Take-over my calendar for a personal mastermind, and we'll make some major changes!
    We'll go HAM—Hard As a Mother...*#$@% (don't you say that!)—unicorn you-know-whats to the wall!
    Book me to help you strategize and implement for a full 6-hour day!

SEO Made Easy

$ 47/mo
  • You asked: "Do I have a step-by-step done for you, plug & play guide?

    I answered: I gotchu!
    Join my insanely popular SEO Made Easy monthly mastermind membership experience! —You'll learn how to create content that speaks Google’s “love language” to skyrocket your site traffic! As a result, opportunities, followers, and subscribers are attracted to YOU rather than chasing after them (all thirsty like a desperate housewife!)

Shaunda was born to stand out

“You may have heard the saying “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” It must have been written for Shaunda because not only does she shine in any crowd, but she is amazing at teaching others how to shine in their chosen markets as well!”

– Kathy Eckhardt, Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women

ShaundaNecole.com Kathy Eckhardt, Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women
Shaunda Necole testimonial from Candice Banda, Owner Affinity Hair Salon

Shaunda, thank you for setting us up for success

“THANK YOU Shaunda Necole for an incredible day!! Your passion, knowledge & energy were contagious. I learnt so much and loved the day with you! And thank you for setting us up for success with the program made for ESP Salon Sales.”

– Candice Banda, Hair Stylist & Business Owner, Affinity Hair Salon

Shaunda's one of the best decisions I have made

“You are really the best! Reaching out to you was one of the best decisions I have made. I am working on making my website more user friendly so it will improve over the next month.”

– Sha Pharis, True Nirvana Travel Manager

ShaundaNecole.com- Sha Pharis, True Nirvana Travel
Shaunda Necole testimonial from Alyssa Stoesz, Hairstylist

You (Shaunda) are so inspiring!

“Such a pleasure!! Thanks for the amazing class! You (Shaunda) are so inspiring!”

– Alyssa Stoesz, Hairstylist, Sandals Day Spa & Hair Salon

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