SEO Made Easy & Pinterest Magic Marketing - What The FAQ?

The answers to those questions rolling around in your mind right now… 🤔

📌 Q: I don’t understand SEO and all that tech stuff. 

That’s EXACTLY why you need this course! 

“If you build it they will come” is just a movie line. And an unfortunate myth that we’ve been told as bloggers & business owners. 

The truth is, no one is coming to a site that they don’t know about! 

If you’re serious about growing your blog or online store as a business that gives you consistent income, you need these strategies. 

But don’t worry. I’m not someone who just graduated from the local college trying to prove something with big words and fancy tech tricks that’ll just blow over your head.

I’m going to break down SEO (and the tech behind it) in a way you’ll not only understand, but you’ll TAKE ACTION ON!

Don’t worry. I’m here for ya!


📌 Q: Is this course just for bloggers? 

Great question! This course is perfect for ALL online content creators trying to get traffic to your website for product views, page views- or both!

Thriving alumni students of this course include online shop owners, virtual assistants, Pinterest account managers, bloggers, influencers, and more!


📌 Q: Can’t I just find this info for free online? 

True! True! You can find just about anything online if you look hard enough.

But here’s the thing:

Google and Pinterest are online businesses, just like your site. And just like your site, they’re always evolving. Always updating to try to be better, get more traffic…make more moneyyyy!

*Pro-tip: My lessons are up to date to include ALL the 2022 Google & Pinterest algorithm updates. Secrets, tips, and best practice break-downs that are so current you WON’T find this info in an online search!

You’ve got enough on your plate trying to Google your way to success. 

You’ve got enough on your plate trying to Google your way to success. (Stressful, huh?)

I’ve dedicated my blog and business to helping you grow yours.

So let’s work together. 

Take the stress out of “is this article up-to-date?” and “OMG, I sat at my computer all day and didn’t get anything done.”

When you join, you’ll not only have the confidence that the information is 100% accurate…I’ve got your back every step of the way. 


📌 Q: Point blank. I’m worried about spending money right now. 

Ooooo, I understand this, my friend! 

I totally get that spending money on something other than a post-pandemic Vegas vacation can be scarrrryyyyy. 

And if you truly can’t spend right now? Know that I love you and hope to provide many more free and helpful resources for you. No problem. 

BUT if you’re feeling called to get yourself a solid SEO strategy and you KNOW in your gut that this information (and a little love from yours truly) is going to help you get traffic and get paid…

…Also, I offer a fast-acting discounted price so you can get started today! Start growing your blog or website right away!!

(That’s just a little bit of **Shaunda Magic** already put in place for ya.🪄😉


📌 Q: I don’t think I have time for the lessons. How much time & effort is this?

Wooo! I feel this one in my bones. Between Prince George (my doggy), The Mister, my adult kids and my business….I sometimes feel like there’s not enough of me to go around! 

But education is always worth any sort of investment it takes.

Think of it this way:

No-one has time to lose money. And that’s exactly why you need massive traffic, growth, subscribers and customers. A solid SEO strategy will make you money and give you time back to create a profitable biz doing what you love!

Bonus: The course is broken down into easy-to-consume video lessons that only take about one hour of your time weekly. Or you can move slower or faster – at your own pace!


📌 Q: How long do I have access? 

As long as I’m teaching SEO – so how’s lifetime sound?!!?


📌 Q: Alright, I’m ready, Shaunda! When does this start? 


 Starts right now! When you join, you can start right away! You get instant access to everything immediately, so only you decide how fast (or slow) your pace needs to be.

That said, if you’re all about SEO, but you know SEO is going to be your thing NEXT quarter, no problem.

Regardless of when you choose to start, you get immediate access to the full course once you enroll. That means you’ll always have access to all the modules and bonuses… and can watch them whenever you’d like… however many times you’d like. 😊

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