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This post is sponsored by PurseN Luggage. The luggage was picked out by me, and all opinions are my own.

Vegas Right Now! – Here’s an updated post about what to pack for Las Vegas!

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Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

PurseN travel favorites


Packed With PurseN Luggage

The Mister and I are no strangers to Las Vegas.
It’s our favorite destination and we try to getaway there a couple of times a year. In fact, we are currently searching for a second home in Vegas!
I’ll keep you updated as our home search progresses.
Although we come to Las Vegas often, The Mister truly surprised me this past Christmas with the best trip ever— Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve with tickets to my favorite, Bruno Mars, for his 24K World Tour!
Needless to say, this was our best Vegas vacation yet!

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What did I pack for the fabulous Las Vegas Strip?

As many times as I’ve been here, I think I finally got this down to a science.
Mostly with the help of my PurseN brand luggage. PurseN gifted me with three pieces that I chose from their Timeless Quilted collection.
This was perfect for my vacay of seven days away. They offer a nice variety of coordinating luggage for anyone’s taste, including a men’s line, too.
No matter which pattern you choose, it’s always luggage organized for luxury. My family saw how over the moon I was about the pieces PurseN sent.
So for Christmas, I got three additional pieces as a present to me to complete my collection!
PurseN’s unique line of travel cases and bags are designed to house your most important travel accessories like cosmetics, jewelry and even your styling tools.



These cases are made to fit every single item, so no beauty product has to be left behind!

With the cutest names given to each luggage item, they are now my favorite “girlfriends” to travel with!
I’m super excited to introduce to you each case and bag in my current collection!


PurseN Diva Makeup Case

Introducing the Diva Makeup Case. She is the largest, and what I call the big sister of all PurseN beauty cases.
The Diva has 5 unique pouches that all have a clear plastic lining to easily wipe clean as necessary since she holds your cosmetics.
I was able to fit inside all of my makeup, makeup brushes, facial masks, hair clips and bands, cotton balls and swabs, my vitamins, lotions and my little makeup mirror.
Everything was all housed in its very own compartment for ease in picking up and taking to the shower or vanity area when needed.


PurseN Tiffany Travel Case

The Tiffany Travel Case is the smaller sister right after the Diva Makeup Case.
Also interior lined in clear plastic, Tiffany has three pouches with zipper openings on the top. (The Diva’s zip open from around and you can lift open the top of each pouch.)
She also has an inner deep pocket that I found to be really handy. The inner pocket is equipped with a thick elastic band to secure your cosmetics in this space.


PurseN Tiara Jet Setter

The Tiara Jet Setter is probably my favorite because I use her both at home and while away.
She is a jewelry case with LOTS of individualized zippered pouches for the girl who has a lot of jewelry to wear!
There’s also a band at the bottom of this case that snaps open to add on a collection of rings. I use my Tiara for my collection of costume jewelry earrings.
The pouches easily fold in and out for me to see all of my earring styles that I can choose from each day.


PurseN The Stylist Bag

The Stylist Bag I also received from my family as a gift.  
Never have I had a cosmetic bag that houses my products STANDING UP!
AND— there’s a compartment just for my flat iron (or any other hot iron styling tool).
I can place my styling tool inside the bag when it’s either cool or hot, and it even has a snap closure to secure the cord. Genius!
This bag also has the easy to clean, clear plastic interior. My list of every product and toiletry that I was able to fit into my Stylist Bag would read as long as Santa’s list of deliveries for Christmas Day!


PurseN VIP Travel Tote

Have you met the VIP Travel Tote?
This girl is the travel companion that I’m seen with the most. She is definitely my airport BFF and carry on because she is large enough to be in charge.
She’s super stylish to always be chosen first to hit the road!
The VIP Tote has a whopping nine individual compartments with a deep center storage area.
I can fit inside my travel pillow, lunch tote, laptop, large planner, camera accessories, and still have room for anything else The Mister asks me to hold for him along the way!


PurseN Bangle Bar

Lastly, I couldn’t leave home without my Bangle Bar.
This stocking stuffer from my family is the best thing ever invented just for your bracelets.
I wear a chunky bangle (or two) everyday, and this little companion made it a cinch for me to bring all of my bangles along for the trip.
It has a snap closure to snugly keep every bangle in place on its bar.



Headed to Vegas, or anywhere else soon? Shop PurseN luggage HERE.

Use my code: Personal25 to save 25% off your regular price purchase!

What to wear in Las Vegas?

Don’t forget to pack in your PurseN these 8 evergreen essentials:
1. Face moisturizer with SPF to combat the Vegas heat. I recommend this one HERE.
2. Walking shoes that are both cute & comfortable to get around the Vegas strip. I recommend these HERE.
3. Cross body bag to have your essentials handy while out. I recommend these HERE.
4. Sweater or light jacket for the chilly desert nights. I recommend these HERE.
5. Hair mask to protect your tresses in the Vegas dry heat. I recommend these HERE.
6. Hand lotion to keep your cuticles and hands moisturized in the modern desert. I recommend this one HERE.
7. Night life outfit (Hello— you are in Vegas!). I’ve curated these HERE.
8. A ring light to clip on your phone to take the best night pics on the Vegas strip! I recommend this one HERE.
PS— The Mister booked our Vegas getaway last minute during the holidays, and our flights were only $300 round trip per person!

Click HERE to see the amazing rates for your next flight and/or hotel stay!



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What To Pack For Las Vegas

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