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Shaunda Necole

Digital innovator Shaunda Necole is an author, podcasterfood & lifestyle bloggerLas Vegas travel ambassador, and self-professed online SEO geek! Her three websites showcase her vibrant personality and wild free spirit, plus food, fun, and the best travel life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!

On her food blog, The Soul Food Pot, Shaunda makes life easier and more soulful, one recipe at a time. She’s also the creator of the travel site Vegas Right Now, dedicated to exploring “The Real Las Vegas” from a local’s perspective, and the host of the Vegas Right Now! podcast.

Join me as I share food, fun, and the best travel life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!

Shaunda Necole Ideas Are The Currency Of Life- Butterfly Garden
  • I’m a social butterfly turned social media influencer with a knack for turning content creation into serious cash!

I split my time between my homes in Virginia Beach and viva Las Vegas – and I love being an East Coast girl with a super sunny West Coast heart.

My professional career kicked-off as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. After I left (ahem: fled) from the corporate grind, I started my own business in the cheerleading space and never went back to that sad, gray office again! 

Not long after, I opened my first cheerleading retail store in a local shopping mall and quickly scaled it to 7-figures. My store became the first of its kind to secure a distribution deal with Amazon!

On a whim, my daughter created an Instagram account for me to enter a contest for one of my favorite brands – MacKenzie-Childs. (Have you seen their dinnerware?? Swoon!)

My Instagram account exploded to over one hundred thousand followers in less than a year. (Thanks, daughter!) I took the reins and added a website and blog that attracted lucrative brand collaborations and partnerships. I also took ownership in other areas of my life, investing in real estate and earning fantastic passive income from my properties. Today, my lifestyle content on food, travel, and women’s health attracts millions of monthly Pinterest viewers, multi-millions of annual site visits, and over 10K YouTube subscribers!

As a trusted and authoritative online publisher, my advice is featured in glossy magazines like ForbesCEO Mogul, CosmopolitanFast Company, Taste Of Home, and top-rated lifestyle websites like Refinery29

Some of my high-profile brand partnerships include:

  • Bumble Bizz with Serena Williams investing in women-owned businesses
  • Joe Biden for President and The Biden-Harris 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee digital partnerships team
  • Instant Pot & Save the Children in response to COVID-19
  • Walgreens for women’s hysterectomy care package tips
  • Bravo TV for the premiere of their most ethnically diverse franchise, The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City
  • I’ve  also received praise from Arianna Huffington for my inspirational and healthy habits articles on Thrive Global
Shaunda Necole & The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City
Shaunda Necole Ideas Are The Currency Of Life- Butterfly Garden

“This food blogger will teach you faster ways to make lengthy family recipes!”

When I found easier ways to cook my family’s soul food recipes, I fell in love with the kitchen.

Cooking was always something necessary but not necessarily fun. If you know anything about soul food, many of the dishes take hours and hours to cook. 

Not anymore!

By leveraging modern kitchen appliances, like the Instant Pot, I found faster and easier ways to make traditional dishes. Now I have a blast in the kitchen and share my results on my site, The Soul Food Pot.

It may seem like I’m kind of obsessed, but I do 97% of my cooking in my Instant Pots!

I wish everyone knew how easy Instant Pot cooking is for busy households – one pot straight to the plate!

If you’re serious about saving time, money and eating well with high-quality meals that don’t require stewing over a hot pot all day…

Click the button below to learn how to save time & get inspired to have fun making your family recipes too!

Thank me later 😉 

Shaunda Necole - headshot
Vegas Right Now by Shaunda Necole

“Shaunda Necole is Las Vegas’s newest spokesperson!”

I come from a family of caterers, musicians, and entertainers, so naturally, I’ve always been drawn to Las Vegas. 

After visiting the city as a tourist for nearly two decades, my husband and I decided to make our stay official by moving across the country from coastal Virginia Beach to the saucy desert of viva Las Vegas—The Entertainment Capital of the World!

Click the button below to get my insider insights about “The Real Las Vegas” tourists rarely get to know!

Still curious about me?

Here are a few of my faves


Soul food, seafood, & most things gourmet


Kris- I know, she’s technically a Jenner, but “favorite Jenner” just didn’t sound as fun!




Red, hot pink & turquoise- No way I can pick just one!


Beaches & Purple Rain


Prince, Mariah Carey, Drake, Rick Ross, and Bruno Mars


Las Vegas


Target (aka Tarjay, dahhlinggg!) & Anthropologie (affiliate links)

  • Blackish
  • Modern Family
  • The Real Housewives franchises (ALL OF THEM!)

Inner Engineering by Sadhguru, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, & Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (affiliate links)

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