If you’re looking for a vibrant speaker who will totally POP from the stage, delight your audience, and leave them feeling motivated & inspired…


Shaunda is a lifestyle blogger & content creator, Pinterest marketing expert, real estate investor, and self-made millionaire.

She is available for hire for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, corporate workshops, and more.  

Shaunda Necole Speaking

Shaunda’s most popular speaker topics include:

How To Attract New Customers In Droves Using Social Media

Wave goodbye to outdated social strategies and algorithm woes. Shaunda will help you curate a social media plan that will have audiences swooning Multiply your Impact and Income with Pinterest Marketing.

Multiply Your Impact And Income With Pinterest Marketing

Wondering why those collages of images are so powerful? Can’t believe the hype? Shaunda will show you why Pinterest is one of the best and most powerful drivers of traffic, income, and opportunity for your business.

Get Noticed! The Must-Have Instagram Makeover

Is your Instagram profile a total ghost town? Shaunda’s got you, boo! In this presentation, she’ll share five ways you can infuse more personality & pizzaz on your Insta.

Shaunda can also speak to your audience about online networking, SEO strategies, publicity, and more!

Shaunda Necole headshot 2021

Why Hire Shaunda To Speak At Your Next Event? ​

If your audience wants to learn Instagram, Pinterest & SEO marketing strategies – you won’t find anyone more entertaining than Shaunda Necole.

Shaunda will share her epic journey – from the founder and former CEO of a 7-figure cheerleading company to an award-winning business coach, speaker, blogger, and lifestyle influencer. Her story includes how a single Instagram contest changed her entire path – and how she transformed that opportunity into an Instagram following of one-hundred thousand and a Pinterest account that earns four million monthly views! 

Audiences will discover how to use social media to attract people in droves – rather than chasing after likes & follows all thirsty like a desperate housewife!

The fun part about the presentation (other than Real Housewives!) – Shaunda believes her success is possible for everyone, whether you’re just getting started or more seasoned. Warning: Real Housewives metaphors will be included… and might change your life! 

“Shaunda Necole is an influencer and social media guru. Thank you (Shaunda) for your time, inspiration and knowledge with the program you made for ESP Salon Sales.”
Shaunda Necole testimonial from Levi Cox, Owner Catwalk Salon & Spa
Levi Cox
Hairstylist & Business Owner, Catwalk Salon & Spa
"THANK YOU Shaunda Necole for an incredible day!! Your passion, knowledge & energy were contagious. I learnt so much and loved the day with you! And thank you for setting us up for success."
Shaunda Necole testimonial from Candice Banda, Owner Affinity Hair Salon
Candice Banda
Hairstylist & Business Owner, Affinity Hair Salon

Events where Shaunda has spoken:

– Old Dominion University Women’s Business Center

– The Art Institute Of Virginia Beach

– Carnival Cruise Bloggers Mastermind Retreat (cruising the western Caribbean)

– Women Doing Business At The Beach

– Women’s EmpowHerment Conference

– Best Of VA Beach: Instagram For Hair Stylists

– ESP Salon Sales Business Drivers’ Conference, Las Vegas

– Henkel Beauty Partners, Toronto Canada

– Black Bloggers Pinterest SEO Workshop

– Business Builders Summit 2021

Shaunda Necole Las Vegas Speaker & Biz Coach
“You may have heard the saying “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” It must have been written for Shaunda because not only does she shine in any crowd, but she is amazing at teaching others how to shine in their chosen markets as well!”
ShaundaNecole.com Kathy Eckhardt, Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women
Kathy Eckhardt
Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women
"Shaunda is someone that knows the steps she took to succeed at a particular goal. She is also able to share and empower others to do the same, while customizing to their particular needs. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Thank you Shaunda for knowing what works!"
ShaundaNecole.com Hair We Are Salon VA Beach Jane Pryor
Jane Pryor
Hair Stylist & Business Owner, Hair We Are Salon
Shaunda Necole Instagram & Pinterest Strategist
Shaunda Necole Las Vegas Speaker & Social Media Growth Expert

Praise for Shaunda

"The importance of consistency...Shaunda breaks down the steps she takes to get in front of the people who need to hear from her."
ShaundaNecole.com Cheryl Tan, Media Consultant
Cheryl Tan
Media Consultant, Cheryl Tan Media
"Shaunda contributes her unique standout style to inspire others...and her social butterfly marketing approach."
ShaundaNecole.com Dori DeCarlo, Founder The Word of Mom Media Network
Dori DeCarlo
Founder, The Word of Mom Media Network
Such a pleasure!! Thanks for the amazing class! You (Shaunda) are so inspiring!"
Shaunda Necole testimonial from Alyssa Stoesz, Hairstylist
Alyssa Stoesz
Hairstylist, Sandals Day Spa & Hair Salon
"Shaunda was fantastic to listen to. Really enjoyed her work shop!! ❤️"

Shaunda Necole testimonial from Violet Salon & Spa Canada
Violet Salon & Spa
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Shaunda's Speaker Reel

Ready to book Shaunda to speak at your next event? Eve said it best, "You NEED her!"
Eve Karat of 53 Karat Salon
Eve Karat
Hairstylist & Business Owner, 53 Karat
Shaunda is Rated 5 out of 5 Stars!

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