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Shaunda Necole is a podcasterauthor, food & lifestyle blogger, real estate investor, and self-professed online SEO geek! Her lifestyle site showcases her vibrant personality and wild free spirit + food, fun, and life hacks that make you feel like you won the jackpot!

On her food blog, The Soul Food Pot, Shaunda’s making life easier and more soulful, one recipe at a time.

Shaunda kicked off her entrepreneurial career building a 7-figure cheerleading company and later transformed those cheers into an influencer brand. She’s built an Instagram following of over 100K, garners multi-millions of annual site visits, and earns millions of monthly Pinterest views! Shaunda’s featured on television, top-rated podcasts, and in ForbesCosmopolitanFast Company, Taste Of Home, and Refinery29.

A bi-coastal travel pro obsessed with summer and hot places, Shaunda splits her time between the beaches of Virginia and the saucy desert of Las Vegas, and she’s the author of the book 100 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Die (in stores in Spring 2025). When she’s not creating content, she can be found dipping her toes in the sand with her husband, grandkids, and fur babies – Prince George, the pup, and Courtly, the cat.

A few of Shaunda’s favorite topics:

  • How this blogger built a soul food empire with just one pot!
  • Soul food culture, history, and the meaning behind classic soul food dishes
  • Demystifying proper seasoning techniques from vegetables to fried chicken
  • Tips for speeding up beloved traditional recipes that grandma cooked all-day
  • Kitchen gadgets that make soul food faster and easier to cook
  • Why sweet potato pie is the new pumpkin spice with flavor and soul
  • Confused by SEO? A #1 Google blogger demystifies SEO and explains what you need to know to get started
  • How to gain brand authority online in the age of AI
  • Want authority online? Here’s why having a consistent elevator pitch is key
  • Reasons why the key to standing out online is niching down
  • It’s possible to make money off your passion. Tips for how to monetize your blog (from someone who’s done it!)
  • Tips to achieve a Google Knowledge Panel and gain credibility
Shaunda Necole feature in Forbes
Shaunda Necole featured on Fast Company
Shaunda Necole feature in Cosmopolitan
Shaunda Necole featured on Better Homes & Gardens
“You may have heard the saying “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” It must have been written for Shaunda because not only does she shine in any crowd, but she is amazing at teaching others how to shine in their chosen markets as well!”
Kathy Eckhardt
Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women
“Shaunda is someone that knows the steps she took to succeed at a particular goal. She is also able to share and empower others to do the same, while customizing to their particular needs. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Thank you Shaunda for knowing what works!”
Jane Pryor
Hair We Are Salon, Business Owner