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Shaunda Necole HCU Translator
—Shaunda Necole

Create content that makes you feel like you won the jackpot!

100 Days of organic Google growth during HCU
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Shaunda Necole Consulting - I’ve cracked the code on how to grow on Google in the age of AI and HCU.

Shaunda teaching at her Las Vegas Influencer Oasis Retreat!

A few of Shaunda’s favorite SEO topics for consulting

  • Confused by SEO? A #1 Google blogger demystifies SEO and easily explains what you need to know
  • Want authority online? Here’s why having a consistent elevator pitch is key
  • Is it possible to make money off your passion? Tips for how to monetize your blog (from someone who’s done it!)
  • What Google’s Helpful Content Update really means
  • How to gain brand authority online in the age of AI
  • Reasons why niching down is the key to standing out online
  • Tips to achieve a Google Knowledge Panel and gaining online credibility

Shaunda Necole Consulting

Learn to love blogging again!

Talk to Shaunda live and one-on-one, and lean into her SEO expertise to create search-worthy content that ranks top of Google even in the age of HCU.

  • Finally, uncover what Google wants from bloggers in 2024!
  • Find out why your content isn’t ranking.
  • Learn how to communicate with Google by speaking “Google’s love language.”
  • Create easy HCU content that will rank and properly revise older posts.
  • Get immediate actionable advice to update your blog strategy today!

Articles & magazines featuring Shaunda’s SEO expertise

Business Mogul Magazine featuring Shaunda Necole
  • Business Mogul Magazine: Top Ways to Level Up Your SEO in 2024
  • Young Upstarts: New To The SEO Game? Here’s Where To Start
  • Niche Pursuits: How Shaunda Necole’s Food Blog & Portfolio Earn $100K…
  • Authority Magazine: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder
  • She Owns It: Reasons Your Website Is Not Getting Any Traffic And How To Fix It

Podcasts featuring Shaunda’s SEO advice

Food Blogger Pro podcast episode featuring Shaunda Necole

Food Blogger Pro podcast: featuring Shaunda Necole – May 2024 episode coming soon!

Eat Blog Talk podcast episode featuring Shaunda Necole

Eat Blog Talk podcast: featuring Shaunda Necole – June 2024 episode coming soon!

Search with Candour podcast featuring with Shaunda Necole

Search with Candour podcast: featuring Shaunda Necole – June 2024 episode coming soon!

Online Business Launchpad podcast

Online Business Launchpad podcast: How You Can Stand Out In A Crowded Niche With This Soul Food Blogger’s Winning Formula

Online Business Like A Boss Podcast with Guest Shaunda Necole

Online Business Like a Boss podcast: Climbing the SEO Ladder: Insights from a Top-Ranked Soul Food Blogger Shaunda Necole

Food Adventures Podcast

Food Adventures Podcast: A Conversation with Shaunda Necole from The Soul Food Pot!

Shaunda Necole Google Whisperer

“Publishers, YOU are the internet!”

Shaunda’s commitment to understanding “Google’s love language” has earned her a lifestyle of financial freedom by publishing highly searched-for, monetized content.

“You may have heard the saying “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” It must have been written for Shaunda because not only does she shine in any crowd, but she is amazing at teaching others how to shine in their chosen markets as well!”
Kathy Eckhardt
Personal Power Coach to Remarkable Women
“Shaunda is someone that knows the steps she took to succeed at a particular goal. She is also able to share and empower others to do the same, while customizing to their particular needs. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Thank you Shaunda for knowing what works!”
Jane Pryor
Hair We Are Salon, Business Owner