How I Get Paid To Be Me… 
(and how you can too!)

Curious how I get paid to be me?

I’m spilling allll the tea you’re dying to know… below. 

The Soul Food Pot

I believe in turning lemons into a lemonade franchise! All homemade in my kitchen, of course. 

And that’s what you’ll find on my food and recipe blog, The Soul Food Pot, where I create delicious Southern soul food recipes and share them with you for FREE! In turn, you’ll see relevant display ads and video commercials that allow me to earn a living creating and cooking. Doing what I love!

Soul Food Cookbooks

This is a collection of the best African American soul food recipes passed along from my grandma to my mom to me! And now to you in easy step-by-step-cookbook recipes!

Speaking Engagements

I love speaking to audiences of all sizes, demystifying SEO, and explaining what you need to know to attract new customers with SEO to multiply your impact and income!

Masterclass Coaching 

Want to clone my success and get paid to be YOU? I offer on-demand masterclass coaching to help you pull together a strategy that will have audiences swooning!

The Shaunda Shop

Printables, party ideas, the perfect recipes – this level of awesome should be illegal!

Women influence 91% of home purchases… and I believe we should OWN the homes, too! When I rake in the profits, I re-invest into spaces to diversify my income and catapult my power. Some superheroes don’t wear capes – we wear crowns. 👑

That’s how I bring home the bacon & the sizzle!