How I Get Paid To Be Me... 
(and how you can too!)

Curious how I get paid to be me?

I’m spilling allll the tea you’re dying to know… below. 

The Soul Food Pot

I believe in turning lemons into a lemonade franchise! All homemade in my kitchen, of course. 

And that’s what you’ll find on my food and recipe blog, The Soul Food Pot, where I create delicious Southern soul food recipes and share them with you for FREE! In turn, you’ll see relevant display ads and video commercials that allow me to earn a living creating and cooking. Doing what I love!

Check out The Soul Food Pot recipes –> HERE.


Soul Food Cookbooks

This is a collection of the best African American soul food recipes passed along from my grandma to my mom to me! And now to you in easy step-by-step-cookbook recipes!

Check out my cookbooks –> HERE.


Brand Partnerships 

As a lifestyle influencer, I partner with brands who want to reach women (especially women of color!) Some brands I’ve worked with include Home Depot, Walgreens, and Bravo TV.

To discuss a brand partnership, please contact my agent Johanna Voss –> HERE.


Speaking Engagements

I love speaking to audiences of all sizes on how to attract new customers with SEO and multiply your impact and income using Pinterest.

To learn more about booking me as a speaker, head over –> HERE.


Private Coaching 

Want to clone my success and get paid to be YOU? I offer a limited number of private coaching spots to help you pull together a strategy that will have audiences swooning.

Learn more –> HERE.


The Shaunda Shop 

Printables, planners, party ideas, Pinterest marketing ideas – this level of awesome should be illegal!

Check out The Shaunda Shop –> HERE.


Real Estate Moguling

Women influence 91% of home purchases… and I believe we should OWN the homes, too! When I rake in the profits, I re-invest into spaces to diversify my income and catapult my power. Some superheroes don’t wear capes – we wear crowns. 👑 

Check out one of my featured real estate tips –> HERE.

. . .

That’s how I bring home the bacon & the sizzle!
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