A Teddy Blake Summer Solstice

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shaunda necole a teddyblake summer solstice

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shaunda necole southern charm and teddy blake elegance

shaunda necoleroanoke VA magnolia secret garden

Summer Solstice all white outfit

shaunda necole stop and smell the magnolias

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Summer Solstice

It’s no secret that summer is my favorite season. I’ve always been fascinated with summer solstice, the day when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and calendar-wise formally marks the beginning of summer.
The date of summer solstice is usually June 21 for us in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere’s solstice is December 22. It’s also the longest day of the year with 17 glorious hours of daylight to enjoy!

Shaunda Necole secret garden


Summer Days

As a self-professed summer fanatic, as soon as the weather begins to stay consistently warm, my wanderlust peaks and I start to practice how to use my 17 hours of daylight! My first practice run was on a recent trip to Roanoke, VA.
We spent our time there at a beautiful, historic hotel that I’ll take you on a tour of in another post  HERE.
Our first evening in town was pleasantly warm.
I chose this easy breezy, white two-piece outfit to wear because it was the first time I was taking my new Teddy Blake Handbag out on the town!

Teddy Blake new york white caty bag

teddy blake new york buti bag


Teddy Blake Caty Bag

Caty is my new Teddy Blake bag, and as much as I want to say that she was the perfect accessory to my outfit, I must admit that my summer outfit was the perfect accessory to her!
Girlfriend has really stepped up my handbag game!
If you’re a frequent friend here, then you know that I fancy unique and timeless collections for both wardrobe and home. That’s why I am so ecstatic about my latest collaboration with Teddy Blake New York and the timeless elegance of their custom-made handbags.

Custom, meaning that when you place your order at TeddyBlake.com that is when your bag, made to order exclusively for you, is designed.

Custom and made of the finest in Italian leather, I didn’t take light my choices in bag style, color and size. In the spirit of summer solstice and knowing that I wanted to include Caty in my summer travels, I was choosing between white or yellow leather.
In our first getaway together, I couldn’t be happier with all my carefully curated choices for my first custom handbag.

shaunda necole betsey johnson skull necklace

i love summer


Caty Collection

My Caty is one of the newest of Teddy Blake’s Caty Collection, having gold hardware instead of the original silver.
She is a 12″ gal, although she is available in a smaller 10″ size and a larger 14″. I’m happy with Caty 12″.
She is perfect to house all my essentials and then some, and also the perfect size for holding. Even though Caty comes with a shoulder strap companion, I like to keep her on my arm because in my opinion she was made (custom just for me 😉 to hold and to behold!
You’ll get to know Caty pretty well this summer, as I’ve found out from our first trip together that she is well traveled.
She’s perfect in look for day or night, and functional enough in size to keep up with a girl like me that’s always on the go!

shaunda necole summer's beautiful accessories


teddy blake new york handbags

shein all white outfit under $30


Secret Garden

Just as nostalgic as choosing a timeless, treasured handbag by Teddy Blake, Caty and I stumbled upon what I call a “secret garden” during our stay at the hotel.
The garden housed a single magnolia tree, magnificent in size because it was planted in the early 1900’s.
Today it is the oldest tree on this historic property, and certainly the most charming. I couldn’t resist sharing with you the majesty and southern charm of this grand magnolia.

shaunda necole x teddy blake new york

shaunda necole summer solstice glow


Summer solstice is a whimsical reminder for me to find the magic in every moment.

Over the next week I’ll continue practicing how to maximize my cherished 17 hours of daylight on June 21.
What are your plans for the summer?

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