What’s The Obsession With MacKenzie-Childs?

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Shaunda Necole and the everyday extraordinary of MacKenzie-Childs

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Shaunda Necole x MacKenzie-Childs

I Love Pink Poodles

Shaunda Necole I'm Obsessed With Poodles


I’m OBSESSED With Poodles!

This must’ve started with my first pet and forever love, Rex who was a fluffy little toy poodle with lots of machismo and sass.
Rex was with us for 15 years starting when I was in the first grade. He even moved with me into my first apartment!
Having Rex and becoming so fascinated with this formal breed, I vowed to one day own a standard poodle, too.
I probably would’ve accomplished this by now, except my last three fur babies have been precious rescues, starting with my beautiful Weimaraner, De Laura who was with us for 10 years, to our current beloved Prince George the Pup (a Jack Russel and Chihuahua mix) and our feline favorite Courtly the Cat.
Looking so magnificent and regal, I have always thought that the standard poodle epitomized the poodle breed.
I sometimes playfully refer to myself as “The Head Poodle” because of my prissy ways!

The Everyday Extraordinary of MacKenzie-Childs

I recently received the opportunity that every girl dreams of in this unbelievable blogging and brand influencer world I am now a part of.
The coveted goal is the invitation to work with your favorite brand. In my case, y’all have to know that this is MacKenzie-Childs, and again, if you know me, this means EVERYTHING; and definitely sets the tone for the most fabulous summer I could ever dream of!
Thanks to a midsummer night’s dream that placed the cherry on top of my Sundae, or the Cinnabar on top of my tea kettle (for my MKC Fans)!
I was moved to combine my love for poodles and my admiration for the whimsy and everyday extraordinary of the MacKenzie-Childs collections.

shaunda necole mackenzie-childs courtly check table

shaunda necole butterfly garden tumblers

shaunda necole courtly check anniversary


This is the Stuff That Dreams are Made Of

I dreamed of the most fanciful and splendid party with the most amazing guests; Yes, poodles!
There I was, “The Hostess with the Mostess” at a table serving high tea and crumpets to this cherished animal of my most precious child hood memories.
What could be sweeter than a royal poodle party? Only a royal poodle party with the best serving ware for the best guests (try saying this a few times)!
Alice in Wonderland, playful prints of butterflies and black and white Courtly Checks on the most extravagent of cake carriers and pedestal platters.
This is so fitting for the guests of honor that visited my dream. They weren’t just any ordinary members from this pedigree. I only dream in whimsy and lots of color. So you can imagine that my special guests happened to be the most prize worthy of them all.
Pink poodles, orange poodles, black and white poodles and even rainbow poodles were seated at the table! There was no way that I could let this dream simply die in my mind and not become its own reality.
When MacKenzie-Childs sent my summer mailer, packaged in the most beautiful gift boxes and tied with bows, I just knew that this is the stuff that dreams are made of.
shaunda necole mackenzie-childs is my favorite
shaunda necole courtly check gift

shaunda necole poodle party

rainbow poodle

mackenzie-childs tea party

mackenzie-childs tea


Doggy Stylin’

When my Weimaraner, De Laura was with us, I remember that I used to take her to a pet salon in my area and the head stylist there had a few standard poodles of her own.
She loved to style them with fanciful haircuts in bright colors and in clothes. Truly inspired by my dream, I headed to this very special boutique to visit Nikki, the owner of Doggy Stylin’ Pet Salon.
Nikki was so happy to have her poodles as part of my dream come true. In fact, she invited six other poodle friends for a total of…wait for it…*YES, NINE (!!)* standard poodles for our poodle party and photo shoot!
I also got to work with the most amazing photographer for this shoot, Ilsy Serrano of IS Product and Food Photography. Together with this posh group of poodles, Nikki, Ilsy, Kory, Destiny and all of the poodle parents, this was my most amazing photo shoot yet, and a midsummer night’s dream come true!

shaunda necole doggy stylin' virginia beach

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to MacKenzie-Childs for allowing my aspirations of a collaboration with their brand to materialize, along with providing these gorgeous products and the inspiration for my poodle party dream come true!
I’m overjoyed and couldn’t wait to share these photos with you!

I hope this post inspires you to turn your most whimsical dreams into your most incredible realities!

Much love!

Add any of these whimsical pieces for your very own party!

See more and shop by clicking on any of the pictures in this post.


More Fun Moments From Our Poodle Party!


shaunda necole poodle parade

Pepper is coming for the camera!

mackenzie-childs dog

Tea for Two? FaBULiNA Chica Smith and I

MacKenzie-Childs pet

It’s Portia’s turn at the table!

mackenzie-childs poodles

Left: Calliope Noelle Smith, Right: Kobee, Middle: FaBULiNA Chica Smith

shaunda necole and poodle freinds


Poodles from Left to Right:

Portia, LuLu, Pepper, Raleigh, Kobee, Maree Jayne Puddlez, FaBULiNA Chica Smith, Calliope Noelle Smith, and the poodle parents in between
Bubbles the Poodle retired from the shoot early ?

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