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It’s no secret if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram that I’m a huge fan of  MacKenzie-Childs!
Did you know that my first Instagram account started because of my love of the brand (@team_mkchilds)? Today you can find me on Insta @ShaundaNecole.
I have managed to secure a pretty sizable MKC following and collection over the past couple of years.
Not only do I collect MacKenzie-Childs current pieces, but I’m also in love with the rare and retired ones, too! So much that I’m constantly on a search to find unique or missing pieces to add to my collection.


My site has grown from a MacKenzie-Childs collector’s page to a lifestyle blog and food blog with a TV segment! 

To receive a timely response to your MKC collector’s questions (where to find & sell retired patterns), please subscribe, and the emails that follow will answer your questions in detail. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

— Shaunda​ | MacKenzie-Childs Patterns Gone But Not Forgotten- Courtly Check Serving Spoons | MacKenzie-Childs Patterns Gone But Not Forgotten- pink Bathing Hut pattern | MacKenzie-Childs Patterns Gone But Not Forgotten- MacKenzie-Childs Buttercup pattern | MacKenzie-Childs Patterns Gone But Not Forgotten Collections


Shop MacKenzie-Childs Gone But Not Forgotten HERE.


Where To Buy Retired MacKenzie-Childs


On my quest to capture the most MacKenzie (or *MKC, as I have affectionately abbreviated the brand name), I have met and corresponded with other avid collectors and enthusiasts like myself, along with those newly interested in the brand. One of the most common questions that I receive is, “Where can I find and buy retired pieces?”
Inquiring minds wanting to know has inspired me to create, “Gone But Not Forgotten”, a new addition to my blog.
I curate retired MKC pieces listed for sale, and collect them in one place for you to easily view, click and shop.
I love the brand so much that I am thrilled to begin this new journey, curating pieces from the past. I hope that you’ll join me on this quest by sharing with us your new, retired listings (an oxymoron, right?) that we can post and share here with other MKC followers searching for hidden treasures.

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Buy Retired MacKenzie Childs

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Want to share your MacKenzie-Childs rare or retired item that is currently listed on another site for sale?

Please leave a comment here at the bottom of this post and we’ll happily reply with how to have your collectible featured.
*I know, most people use the acronym “MC”, but I’m prone to the “K” in the middle.
I think it keeps the “fancy” in the abbreviated name!

Looking for current MacKenzie-Childs collections?

Shop or MacKenzie-Childs at Neiman Marcus.

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Where To Buy Retired MacKenzie Childs Patterns



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  1. Hi!
    I have been searching all over for the 3 tier zig zag pattern table. Could you please let me know if you can find one.

  2. Hello! I am in search for 2 of the MC black florentine pillows. If you see any could you please direct me to them?!

  3. Hello! I am desperately searching for a Mackenzie Childs retired necklace. It’s the Courtly Check 3 blossom necklace with tortoise links.

  4. Love your concept and I can go with MC..K. I am interested in posting items with you and shopping for items missing in my own MCK collection

  5. Hi and thanks for contacting me. I would love to buy and sell through you. How do I become part of your feed? I’ve been collecting since the early 1990s

    1. Hi, Barbara!
      Thank You for your comment. We have sent you an email with the easy instructions on how to get to us your listings…& from the 90’s you must have quite a collection! Many Thanks!

  6. Hi, I once owned a home boutique where I sold the original collection by Victoria and Richard. I have hundreds of pieces and complete collections and although I cherish them all, I must part with some of my belongings. I am hoping that you can connect me with avid collectors who are looking for large collections in Taylorware, Honeymoon in Morning Glory, Torquay, Campware, glass and some furniture. All of these pieces are the originals, not the current company’s versions.
    Thanks so much for your consideration

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for reaching out to me.
      It’s always exciting to hear the history of one’s MacKenzie-Childs collections! I also saw your email and just sent a reply.
      It would be lovely if we can bring out of retirement our “Gone But Not Forgotten” MKC page. I appreciate your message- it sparks the thought process for us to consider bringing back this helpful page!

  7. I just e-mailed you about vintage glass McKenzie Childs pieces I am ready to sell…interested in the best way to do that.

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