Have You Heard? MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back!

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ShaundaNecole.com | Have You Heard? MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back!

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By: Special Guest Blogger, Sarah Anderson of Hyacinths For The Soul

ShaundaNecole.com MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Have You Heard?

Shaunda Necole’s home patio: MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Aalsmeer collection

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Have You Heard? | Sarah Anderson's Collection

Images by Sarah Anderson from MacKenzie-Childs, Used With Permission

Have you heard the news?

MacKenzie-Childs is bringing back the
retired patterns in the Taylor series.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Guest Blogger: Sarah Anderson, Hyacinths for the Soul

I fell in love with MacKenzie-Childs dishes when I first discovered them in the 1980s.
These dishes are how MacKenzie-Childs got their start,
and they were the start of my own personal MacK-C collection.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Have You Heard? | Hyacinths for the Soul blog

When Spring arrives, here at HFTS,
that means bringing out the MacKenzie-Childs dishes
in the Taylor Series and dining alfresco out on the terrace.
MacKenzie-Childs’ web site notes
that these dishes “mix and match in playful harmony.”
It was exactly that characteristic which drew me
to these fanciful dishes in the 1980s.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Collector since 1983

Stack of Salad Plates in Wallcourt Collection Await Dessert
~ Pastel Colors ~ Fanciful Patterns ~ Ruffled Edges ~
~ Flat Edges ~ Polka Dots ~ Checks ~
The Taylor Series and the Wallcourt Collection
mix it all up for delightful springtime dining.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Spring Table Setting

Austin’s spring weather is perfect for alfresco dining.
Pull up a chair and join me for a light meal and an
evening of conversation outdoors.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Have You Heard? | Austin Texas Spring Tables

Pastel plaid tablecloth, Ambiance Vintage Garden white chargers,
and vintage flatware are all that is needed
to set the stage for the mix of patterns on the table.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back! Have You Heard? | Bearded Iris pattern

Bearded Iris pattern “pays tribute to the bright, colorful, beards in our artists’ drawings of flowers from our gardens.”
Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs
founded the company in 1983.
MacKenzie-Childs was purchased by Pleasant Rowland in 2001,
and has since been sold to Twin Lakes Capital.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Aalsmeer pattern

Aalsmeerpattern is named for the place “where
Victoria’s sister and family lived in the Netherlands.”
It represents the Dutch colors and boxes of tulips.
The Taylor Series was the original
dinnerware collection of MacKenzie-Childs.
It was “designed to be mixed at random
like a happy ceramic bouquet.”

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics King Ferry pattern

King Ferry pattern “is a grid of fields and flowers
and sky neighboring the village of Aurora. “
These contemporary Majolica plates
come in this ruffled edge or with a flat rim.
Each is hand formed from red clay and painted by artisans in
Aurora, NY, using fanciful designs of the same color palette.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Myrtle pattern

Myrtle pattern is named for a “Belfast lass who
wears a floral apron just like Milly Molly Mandy’s aunt.”
I liked the idea of mixing it up with different patterns,
so when I first saw them in a local store in the 1980s,
I decided to purchase a plate or two at a time,
each in a different pattern.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Madison collection

Madison pattern for the “Indiana, smokestack,
riverboat, 4H, farm town on the Mason-Dixon line where Victoria finished growing up with Southern belles and pet pigs.”
As indicated above, some of the patterns are now retired,
but MacKenzie-Childs continues to add new patterns,
and on occasion, like the current offer,
they will bring a pattern out of retirement.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Monet collection

Monet pattern

“honors Giverny’s dining room beyond the trellised gardens, decked out delphinium blue and yellow.”
Over the years I’ve limited my selections
to dinner plates and special serving pieces.
I appreciate that they are each hand crafted
and made by artisans in Aurora, NY.
There is no doubt that I will ever tire of the
charming designs and beautiful colors of these ceramics.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs center piece

I used a potted spring annual in a whimsical carrot tin container as a simple centerpiece.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs flower pot

Hand painted napkins in pinks and greens
are tucked into the handles of petite bunny creamers.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs hand painted napkins

My friend Mary @ Home is Where the Boat Is
was the inspiration for this idea.
I had planned to use the bunny creamers
filled with flowers at each place setting,
but when I saw Mary’s idea of using a mug
filled with flowers as a napkin ring,
I knew these would serve the same purpose.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs table setting inspired by Mary at Home Is Where The Boat Is

To visit Mary’s gorgeous Tulip d’Or table click HERE.
Each little creamer can go home with a guest for the evening’s party favor.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs hare

A yellow Kalanchoe plant offered the
perfect petite bouquet with which to fill each creamer.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Odd Fellows collection

A simple light salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes
is served in an Odd Fellows footed compote.
The Odd Fellows pattern is “a
medley of patterns patched together.”

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Heather

Heather pattern is named after founders’ Victoria and Richard’s daughter “who always reminded them to appreciate the purity, grace, and playful perfection of the child in us all.” Parmesan crisp are served in a Heather pattern
fluted bowl to offer a little crunch to the meal.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics hard to find Aalsmeer serving platter

Aalsmeer pattern is named for “Aalsmeer in North Holland which is known as the flower capital of the world. A beautiful spot to visit, tulips in vivid colors and varieties are precious commodities packed in boxes and carried home as gifts.
Napa Rolls offer a rabbit friendly
light entree for our spring evening and are served
on a large platter in the Aalsmeer pattern.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale lunch

The Napa rolls are filled with Napa cabbage, chicken, julienned carrots, and a blend of mint, basil, cilantro, and scallions.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Odd Fellows retired pattern

Sauces of spicy peanut and hot sriracha,
served on a small oval platter in the Odd Fellows pattern,
give the Napa rolls an added tasty kick.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs rabbits

For dessert ~ carrot cake cupcakes, of course!

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs bunnies

The cute carrot cupcake toppers
were purchased from World Market.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Keukenhof collection

Keukenhof pattern is named for “gardens that fill the space beyond the spiral paths, with dots of Dutch flowers everywhere.” Iced pretzels, served in a Keukenhof bowl, offer a sweet/salty taste.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Collection. Taylor is how we got our start...

My MacKenzie-Childs Spring Catalog

Arrived over Easter weekend
The cover announced the Special Event.
Limited Time Only!

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Patterns. Each piece of Taylor is a work f art...

Inside the catalog is a special insert
with a brief history of the Taylor Ceramics
along with all twenty patterns shown and explained.

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Gone But Not Forgotten

For one month, April 17 – May 14, 2017,

MacKenzie-Childs collectors can pick a pattern and
select a silhouette of their choice from the catalog
and order pieces of this famed and beloved series of ceramics
specially created using your favorites of the retired patterns.
According to the web site, “each piece will be custom made and shipped in about 60 days.”

ShaundaNecole.com | MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Guest Blogger article

There is a small window of time,
so you’ll need to place your order soon.
Please, help yourself to a scoop of citrus jelly beans and
A Very Special Thanks to Sarah for sharing her beautiful Taylor collection and the rich history of each whimsical ceramic treasure. You can visit Sarah anytime on her blog
Thank You to each of you who take the time to leave a comment. This is the only way our Guest of Honor, Sarah will know who stopped in for a visit!
Spring Party Table Tips

ShaundaNecole.com | Have You Heard? MacKenzie-Childs Taylor Ceramics Are Back!- PUT A PIN IT!

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  1. John Smith:
    Oh, how nostalgic this post makes me feel! MacKenzie-Childs dishes hold a special place in my heart since the 80s. Taylor Ceramics truly represent the essence of MacKenzie-Childs, and it’s wonderful to see them making a comeback. The unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship instantly captured my attention years ago, and they continue to do so today. Thank you for bringing back the nostalgia and reminding us of the origins of this beloved brand. Can’t wait to add more of these exquisite pieces to my collection!

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