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Shaunda Necole everything you want to know aboutLIKE to KNOW it

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Shaunda Necole Like To Know It reward Style

Say “Hello!” to a new way of shopping my social media posts!

If you follow me on Instagram, I’d venture to say that what I post in some way resonates with your lifestyle, or I’ve posted things that you can identify with or just plain like. Some things I post you may even like enough to want to buy or have for yourself. That’s how I feel about people on social media that I find and want to follow, and I’m so delighted when they are a style or fashion influencer that’s a part of the platform. Why am I so delighted, and what is OMG! It’s Magic and it makes shopping what’s posted so much easier!

Shop the look! Here’s how: (LTK) is a feature that everyone should sign up for because it’s both easy and helpful. If you’re on my Instagram page and you happen to ‘like’ what I’m wearing or sharing in my home, it makes it super easy for you to go to the exact item from my picture and see or shop it. By downloading the free LTK App, your ‘like’ of a picture that I’ve posted automatically triggers the pic to save itself into your LTK App, along with pictures of each individual product or item seen in my post! In the App, you can click on any of the individual products underneath my posted pic and you’ll be taken directly to the store where I got the item so you can check it out further, or even purchase it for yourself. Just like Magic! You can shop anything immediately, or come back later. All of the details with each picture you liked will remain saved in the App for you to come back anytime! A-MAZE-ING!!!

Shaunda Necole Shop The Pic

What’s more is that now the Magic happens when you screenshot any of my images on social media! WHAAAATTT?! Yes, you can now shop your screenshots, and this works for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat, too! Screenshot any image that I posted and the exact picture with all its details will be waiting for you in the LTK App! You’ll even get an alert within about 5 minutes to say that “Your Screenshot is Ready to Shop”!

your screenshot from @shaundanecole is ready to shop

Wave a happy “Good Bye!” to the days of spending hours of your precious time on Google searching for any specific item yourself.
Say “HELLOOO!” to shopping my posts with ?

Ready to LIKE to KNOW it?

First.// Download the LTK App HERE from the App Store or Android Market (it’s FREE!) & Follow me in the app: ShaundaNecole

Shaunda Necole shop your screenshots

Second.// Complete the sign-up for the app (takes less than 2 minutes!) & I suggest allowing push notifications to let you know when my post is ready to shop (usually within 5 minutes of your ‘like’). You can even choose to receive “My Likes” which are e-mails at your choice of frequency.
Third.// ‘Like’ or screenshot my Instagram pictures & open the LTK app to see more or shop my Instagram posts anytime!
Share.// You can also share a link to a specific post of mine with your friends. Simply click on the share arrow icon and choose to text or email the link. Your friends can either download the App to view the look or they can access it on the web.

Shaunda Necole reward style

Note.// You can also get the who, what, wear details of my Instagram posts from my SHOP MY INSTAGRAM page on my website HERE or on my LTK page HERE: (formally iPersonalShop)

Follow shaunda necole in the like to know it app

You can shop any of your favorite LTK bloggers these same ways!
Just look for the LTK symbol (heart in a circle) on social media pics you like.

Shaunda Necole like to know it symbol FOR BLOGGERS// is the amazing & coveted social tool used by rewardStyle influencers. This invention, by rewardStyle has revolutionized shopping via social media images. It makes it a cinch for influencers, like myself, to let my audience know where to get what I got, loved & posted. Because of this genius creation, followers with the LTK App can easily get the individual product details of social posts, ready to see or shop anytime!

HOW?// Bloggers can apply to become LTK influencers. Given the Magic of the exclusive LTK technology, you can imagine that it is a very selective application process. Here’s my advice for any interested blogger wanting to apply. This is only my advice, based on my own experience, and Not LTK or rewardStyle guidelines for applying:

FIRST.// Be consistent and dedicated in your social postings with well pictured, creative content. This requires discipline and long hours of curating and creating, so it’s important to recognize if your social presence has these attributes first, before considering an application to rewardStyle, the inventors of .

SECOND.// Become familiar with providing your readers with the detailed (who, what, wear) of EVERY item(s) pictured in your posts. You’ll be testing yourself for the discipline needed to connect everything to it’s purchasing source if you were to become an LTK influencer.
THIRD.// Establish several months worth of doing the above before applying. I suggest posting on Instagram at least 5 days a week, along with weekly blog posts.
FOURTH.// Only apply HERE if the above mentioned suggestions are consistently met.

It can take months before receiving an approval, and months again before eligibility to reapply if turned down, so the motto here should be: Let’s get it right the first time!

I hope this post has been helpful to all shoppers and bloggers alike. Please feel free to leave a comment or question, and I’ll be happy to answer.
Happy Shopping! ?

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  1. Thanks for this information. I have been hearing a lot about this app, but didn’t really know what it was until reading this post.

  2. Such an informative post! Thanks for the thorough step by step on downloading the LTK app! I’m looking forward to a new and exciting shopping experience!

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