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my Totally Tikaa table setting

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my rendition of a Totally Tikaa table setting

Pictured: My rendition of a Totally Tikaa table setting.
Featured Top Plate: Totally Tikaa’s collection with Lenox: Riverwalk Fiesta Stripe Dessert Plate

Totally Tikaa Riverwalk setting by Shaunda Necole

Riverwalk at sunset and dinner by the lake, anyone?

Totally Tikaa x Courtly Check



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Totally Tikaa

I myself have been what I call a “painted lady” for at least 30 years now, and thought I knew most all the make-up and beauty tricks of the trade.

That was until I began following @TotallyTikaa, lifestyle guru, blogger, You Tuber (Her Channel HERE), 

style influencer and master of all things beauty, who also makes it her business to share and care.

Inspired by her Texas “Go Big” personality, and her willingness to share her everyday self with us at all times, Totally Tikaa (Tikaa Cone) is my Woman Crush Wednesday.


Shaunda Necole x Tikaa Cone for Woman Crush Wednesday


Can’t We All Be Tikaas?!


Tikaa is confident and stylish, with lots of humor and sass to add.
She’s not afraid to get right down to her personal opinions, she laughs at herself and even shares moments of vulnerability with her fans; You know, all the real that comes with being a mom, a wife, a friend and a successful woman.
I mean, my girl shares! She starts her Live segments on Instagram with her fans in the morning, at her vanity with no makeup on, and sometimes with hot rollers in her hair! Most of us are throwing on the face powder just to go to the mailbox!
This is so inspiring, and everything that makes Tikaa the most beautiful.
Not when she’s all dolled up and gorgeous, with the most amazing eye lashes, high cheek bones, and blessed with the best hair, by the way. But rather when she’s just being herself, in all her morning glory.
Teaching other women, without even possibly knowing it, confidence in their own personality, and how responsible and freeing that is when it’s organically shared.



I’m also a huge fan of Tikaa’s southwestern style, and obviously so is Lenox, who she says discovered her from her “Table Talk” You Tube segments.
Yes, Lenox, the household brand name for fine China and elegant dinnerware. Well, Lenox offers a not one, but two Totally Tikaa plate collections designed by Tikaa, herself.
“Look for Lenox with her name on the back!” And Tikaa’s collection is totally hers.
Meaning the designs were hand drawn by Tikaa before being cast onto each plate.
So it’s not just a product she endorses with her name; Yes, girl’s got skills!
Lenox x Totally Tikaa dinner plates
Totally Tikaa hand drawn plates
Totally Tikaa Fiesta Plates

Totally Tikaa designed plates for Lenox!


Let’s Chit-Chat


Let’s “chit chat” (a Tikaa-ism) a little more about her “Go Big”, Texas style.
I am among her social media fan base that’s obsessed with her jewelry collection! She has the most amazing oversized bracelets, pendants and rings (did I mention she’s from Texas?).
I have even called one of her fav stores myself  to specifically hunt down a bracelet she wore on one of her Instagram posts! I can tell you that Tikaa does not miss an opportunity to wear a stunning cocktail ring & the most fabulous statement earrings.
Her style is so serious and so on point!
TotallyTikaa big jewelry
Totally Tikaa big earrings
Totally Tikaa Cone selfie


Tikaa Tablescapes


In addition to her statement jewels, I am truly inspired by Tikaa’s elegantly whimsical table settings.
Tikaa is a master of tablescapes, a girl after my own heart. I am a fan of one of her signature tabletop looks of layering placemats and table linens.
Her snack tables for her family are often just as fabulous as her dining room settings!
And we won’t even talk about the incredible treats she prepares HOMEMADE for her doggy, Harriet.
It’s just in her soul. She’s a natural stylist, and whether formal dinner or afternoon snack, her tables never cease to impress.
 Totally Tikaa Full Fiesta Mexican inspired plates
Totally Tikaa Lenox Imperial Caviar
Totally Tikaa Lenox designer
Pictured: My Totally Tikaa renditions on the Left & Right, with a Totally Tikaa tabletop in the Middle


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Tikaa TV Time


From social sharing alone, I love how this amazing lady makes her audience feel, myself included, like we’ve known her for years.
Totally Tikaa time, when she’s live online, is like hanging out with your bestie.
Like so many others, I’m addicted to her morning live “TV show” where I’ve witnessed another viewer type in, “My husband just asked who I’m talking to? Oh, he says, you’re watching Tikaa, aren’t you?”
When the husbands even know you, you’re on your way to becoming a household name!

Texas designer Totally Tikaa Lenox dinner plates


Playing 21 Questions


I got to play 21 Questions with my girl, “Teeks” (my new BFF name for Tikaa!).
As if she didn’t graciously share enough with us already, I had the nerve to ask another almost two dozen questions, and learned so much more about this amazing lady.
So happy to share more about her with you here!



1. Where did you get your amazing sense of style?
With a name like Tikaa I can remember thinking I had two options: roll with it or not. I went with roll with and have always been open to wearing (or decorating) with what felt right to me.
With my personal style and our home decor I firmly believe that each should reflect my personality (big and bold) and our home should reflect our family personality.
I’ve always wanted visitors/guests to our home to know the family that lives here by our decor.
2. Which came first: Tikaa styling tablescapes or outfits?
Before opening this email a friend and I were talking I said to her, “I don’t think I am one without the other, like both are such a part of who I am I would feel out of sort if I only had one.
Its like outfits are my bread and table top is my butter, they just go together for me.”
3. What’s a signature Totally Tikaa tablescape look like?
That’s hard but I’d say COLOR, Patterns, mixing old and new.
4. Do you think you’d have the same grandeur and bold style if you weren’t from Texas?
I am a proud Texan absolutely but I am who I am and I think that would be the same in any place for me.
5. How long have you been blogging (TotallyTikaa.com)?
eight years
6. How long have you been drawing?
Since I was little, I spent several years in the hospital as a child (and in body cast), coloring and doodles were entertaining. I’ve always drawn and doodled but I have not always shared that part of me.
7. How often do you draw now?
Weekly, when the inspiration hits and that tends to happen late at night while sleeping. I will get up and go immediately and draw out whatever it was that came to me in my sleep.
8. What’s the best thing about your amazing collaboration with Lenox?
That it happened, I mean I still don’t always believe it. I mean, I pinch myself ALL THE TIME (seriously).
9. Marry, Date or Break Up (normally Marry, Shag, Kill ;-): YouTube, Blog or Instagram?
Marry Instagram
10. First name personalization or initial monogram?
Initial monogram TCL
Interview With Lenox Plate Designer Totally Tikaa Cone
11. Only time for 1 post during a busy a day; Do you: beauty post, Table Talk post or outfit of the day post?
That’s hard because I don’t generally plan a post, its literally what is happening at that moment, BUT gun to my head and I have to pick one I’d say table.
12. If you only had room in your travel bag for one, which do you pick: Bracelets, Earrings or Rings?
Earrings – I can not stand to not have earrings on, I have been known to buy a pair of studs at a gas station because I forgot my earring (true story).
13. If you only have time for one: Lipstick, Eyebrows, or Mascara?
Mascara – that one was easy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mascara. Recently a sales person asked me how I like my mascara to look. My answer was quick “I want to look like a distant cousin to Raggedy Ann, big bold lashes.”
14. Neimans or Target?
Your questions are HARD, Target – I can get fashion, makeup, technology, diet coke, and detergent all in one place.
15. Orange is the New Black or Real Housewives?
Orange is the New Black
16. What is your favorite show to watch?
I am obsessed with a few, and they are so random: any news drama (dateline, etc), Little Women series (LA, Dallas, Atlanta) those little ladies are bad ass, and I love Netflix (The Crown, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,) and Amazon Prime Video (Sneaky Pete).
17. Favorite food?
Hamburgers -hands down, I love a burger.
18. Top 3 things on your Bucket List?
Have my own show, be on QVC, in addition to dishes have my own jewelry and handbag line.
19. What advice would you offer up-and-coming bloggers/influencers?
Work at it, and work at it, it doesn’t happen over night. Find what makes you, and what makes your blog/instagram/social media special to you. Most importantly if you are going to do this I’d say be REAL.
20. If you could go back in time and meet yourself, what advice would you give Totally Tikaa 5 years ago?
YIKES, that’s hard because I believe what happens, happened when it should. I guess I would say “don’t be influenced by others, stay true to yourself and be brave and bold (it works for you).
21. What’s next for Totally Tikaa in the near future?
Speaking at the Las Vegas Market this summer, white water rafting this July (insert fear here), Christmas ornaments out this fall with Lenox. Fingers crossed a reality show (we’ve been interviewed several times), more travel and brand opportunities.



Tikaa and I are both bow makers and are looking for a reason to come together and collaborate ? Any sponsors out there, feel free to get in touch!


Totally Tikaa Lenox Fiesta plates


Totally Tikaa inspired tablescape


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Totally Tikka On Woman Crush Wednesday


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    1. Monica
      Sounds like you are a friend of Tikaa’s, so your comment really means a lot to me. Glad to have you stop by, and what a relief that those who know her well approve!
      Many Thanks!

  1. Such a fanciful design of color and style. Love the post. You and Tikaa have a lot of similarities in style. You ladies should definitely come up with a Tv show. That would be awesome!!!

  2. She seems amazing just like you!!! Can’t wait for y’all to do some more collaboration together! -muah

    1. Dearest, Destiny!
      Thank You for your super kind comment. I think Tikaa & I have some Awesome things in common. That’s why I am super happy to have met her on IG! She’s so inspiring to so many Many Thanks!

  3. Awesome post and beautiful Totally Tikaa tabletop renditions! Both of you ladies have so much class along with a great sense of style!

    1. Kathy
      What can I say except I adore “Tikaa’s Tribe”! I’m happy to have you stop by and even happier you enjoyed the post 😉 Come visit again!
      Many Thanks!

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