5 Fall Photography DIY Ideas For Scenery, Props & Background Set Ups For Family, Kids, Couples & Pets + Professional Family Photo Mini Session Tips For Autumn Instagram Worthy Pics

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Fall Photography Ideas In Nature


Fall Photography Ideas For Kids


Tip 1: DIY ideas how to create a fall photography prop pumpkin stand out of repurposed pallets HERE.

I think it’s fair to say that I take a lot of pictures! In just a year, my photos have advanced from my own personal edits, to brand invitations to promote for them.
The quality of my work is now more important than ever. The responsibility has become mine to relay the value of a particular brand’s product via imagery.
While I personally take a good amount of my still shots, I rely heavily on photographers when it comes to my brand work and my personal portraits. Here’s why?

In my new line of work with social media, discoverability means everything!

I spend countless hours curating the best outfits and home decor, and add on even more time for linking products and choosing the right hash tags to permanently catalog these images.
This strict and time consuming formula would all be in vain without the photography. In less than a year, I’ve had multiple posts featured by national brands like Target and Jack Rogers (personal accomplishment, Target even follows ‘lil ole me!).
I’ve even received a request from Williams-Sonoma to reuse a picture I’d posted! I would not have received these acknowledgements in such a short amount of time if my images were not great from the start.

Fall Family Photography Ideas & Nature Autumn Props


Tip 2: Check out these fall photography challenge & checklists HERE.

I always strive for excellence, so I don’t just use any picture for the sake of posting. I try to create visuals that tell a story. Photographers get this. They are trained to see the whole story and suspend in time moments from that story.
Photographers are often well versed in styling, too. I worked with  The Studio Hampton Roads on one of my most important home decor shoots, and I was happy I did.
We were challenged with a bright sunny day, coupled with dark cloud cover. These photographers managed everything for me including location, lighting and even proper product placement and portrait poses.
I came with a vivid idea, and they successfully transformed the painting in my mind into real life imagery! Having photographers there to handle all of this for me made my job so much easier. I was able to place my full concentration on my poses for the products I was representing.


Tip 3: DIY how to create a fall photography hay bale couch seating area HERE.

Autumn photo shoot styled by The Studio Hampton Roads.

Autumn Photography Set Up & Props


5 things you can count on photographers to take care of


1. The best arrangement of people and products for the most flattering photos.
2. Etiquette and posing. Photographers know angles and placement.
3. Photographers understand shadows and lighting to achieve the perfect pose.
4. Saving you countless hours, photographers can manage your picture editing.
5. Photographers also have really expensive cameras with all the bells and whistles to make any scene look amazing!

Fall photography aesthetic

I’ve partnered with my friends at The Studio Hampton Roads. They have the most versatile and modern studio setting for professional photography.
Their studio space is so beautiful that it can also be reserved as an event venue!
It was the first time my puppy, Prince George, visited their location. (Add to the above list that photographers work well with pets, too!)
They did an awesome job capturing our adventures during one of their on-site mini sessions. Notice all of the details in the background scenery. The set up is outdoors at their beautiful studio.
Definitely call on The Studio  for your upcoming holiday portraits. They are now accepting appointments for their Christmas sessions.
I recommend relying on a photographer to capture your most important memories and to deliver exceptional results in branding.
A very special Thanks to The Studio Hampton Roads for gifting Prince George and I with this whimsical portrait session at their spectacular studio.
You can schedule your very own fall photography mini sessions with The Studio VA Beach HERE!

Tip 4: DIY creative fall photography set up ideas HERE.


Fall Photography with Pets


Tip 5: Fall photography family mini sessions ideas & inspiration HERE.


Fall Photography Challenges With Family & Pets


Autumn Photography Challenges With Family & Pets

This post was first published on iPersonalShop.com on October 27, 2017.
DIY Easy Fall Photography Ideas_ Family, Couples, Nature Photos, Scenery, Props & Backgrounds Set Up


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    • November 24, 2018 / 9:16 pm

      You’ve said it best about a photographer’s worth! thumbs up Lucky you to have not One, but TWO in your household!! I have some local favs that I use and my daughter (also a graphic artist) when she’s available!

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      I haven’t seen bobbing for apples in a minute!! I always wanted to do this when I was a kid, but no party that I attended ever had it. When I think about it, probably not sanitary to do anymore, LOL! PS- Thanks for the “young folks” compliment! šŸ˜‰

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