25 Chihuahuas In Halloween Costumes iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds

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Prince George Is My Lobster Small Dog Halloween Costume

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All treats and no tricks with 25 of the cutest Chihuahua Halloween costumes!

Last year on Halloween, I was in Cozumel, Mexico celebrating La Dia De Los Muertos and US Halloween! I even took pictures with Chihuahuas roaming the streets of Cozumel- without a costume, though!


Shaunda Necole In Mexico with a Chihuahua on La Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween


No doubt, Halloween 2020 is going to be a lot different. Trick or treat, trunk or treat and Halloween gatherings are all up in the air as to how they’ll take place this season.

What’s still crystal clear is that dogs, specifically Chihuahuas, are adorable, funny, and safe to see in their costumes! So that’s what I’m concentrating on in this post— 25 of the cutest ever Halloween costumes for Chihuahua doggies.


Shaunda Necole Prince George Is My Lobster Small Dog Halloween Costume
My pup, Prince George as my lobster!


Every photo in this post is a Chihuahua iPhone/Android wallpaper you can save!


Chihuahua Halloween Costumes


Chihuahua Halloween Costume Witch


Chihuahua Halloween Costume Witch Hat


Chihuahua Halloween Costume & Necklace


Small Dog Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes that fit Chihuahuas

Click on any picture to shop the costume.



Save any picture as your new iPhone or Android wallpaper.


Chihuahua Halloween Costume Clown


Chihuahua Halloween Costume Ideas


Small Dogs Daisy Halloween Costumes


Small Dogs Mardi Gras Halloween Costumes


Small Dog Doctor Halloween Costumes


Chihuahua Halloween Costumes DIY

Skip the store & create your pup a costume right at home. Check out these ideas HERE.


Chihuahua Face Mask


Small Dogs Witch Costume


Chihuahua Pirate Halloween Costume


Small Dogs Bee Costume


Small Dogs Shark Halloween Costumes



Mummy Chihuahua Halloween Costumes


Blonde Wig Chihuahua Halloween Costumes


Small Dog Bat Halloween Costume


Chihuahua Tiara



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25 Chihuahuas in Halloween costumes— Save as your new iPhone or Android wallpaper.


Halloween Pumpkins Chihuahua


Fancy Dog Halloween Costume


Small Dog Clown Halloween Costume


Football Player Chihuahua Costume


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Chihuahua Halloween Costumes



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