40 Halloween Party Treats & Food Ideas

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Halloween Party Milkshake

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Halloween’s a holiday that I hold near and dear to my heart. My kids were born on October 29th and November 1st!

I went into labor on October 31st as I walked my little sister around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Trying to “walk that baby out!” (Do women still do that?)

I was thrilled that my kids were born so close to Halloween so I could have a reason to dress up and host countless costume parties!


90s Halloween Shaunda Necole Halloween circa 1998 as Blue's Clues
My daughter and I circa Halloween 1998 as Steve & Blue of Blue’s Clues!


Halloween party goals

Ever since I was a kid and saw on The Cosby Show Vanessa Huxtable’s home Halloween party, it’s been my thing to host the best Halloween themed birthday parties.


The Cosby Show Season 2 Episodes- Vanessa Halloween Party
Picture care of Pinterest.com


Vanessa’s Halloween party is in season 2 and the episode where we meet, for the first time, her first crush, Robert.

You may remember, while daydreaming about Robert, Vanessa drops an entire tray of punch-filled party glasses and runs off embarrassed— like any perfectly normal teenage girl!


Halloween Party Milkshake


Easy Pumpkin-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls
How do you make pumpkin-shaped cinnamon rolls?
Use Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls or from scratch with Instant Pot homemade cinnamon rolls recipe.
Check it out!
Easy Pumpkin-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls


Halloween treats matter- like big-time matter!

Overall, Vanessa’s costume party was Halloween goals, less the untimely spill- although she did end up with Robert by episode end!

I got to live out my own Huxtable Halloween through countless birthday parties for my kids!

One thing I learned that’s timeless and true for Halloween parties, especially for kids, is that treats matter! The more unique and creative, the better— with bonus points for the ooey-gooey jelly frosting or gummy-worm additions!

Here are 40 easy Halloween ideas that come together quickly for your very own #Goals Huxtable Halloween party for kids at home.


Halloween Party Candy Cake


40 Halloween treat ideas that come together quickly!

Easy Halloween Treats


Halloween party chocolate graveyard dirt


Halloween Cupcake Gummy Worms


Halloween Party Punch


Halloween Hamburgers


Halloween Frankenstein Drinks


Halloween Orange Candy Apples


Jack O Lantern Chips & Dip


Creative Halloween ideas in the kitchen

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Halloween party at home ideas for kids


Halloween Party Pumpkin Bread


Halloween Party Food Ideas


Halloween Party Deviled Eggs


Halloween Pigs In A Blanket


Halloween Party Pumpkin Cupcakes


Halloween Popcorn Ball


Halloween Candy Bark


Halloween Fruit Ideas



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Halloween Marshmallows


Halloween Pretzel Fingers


Halloween Chex Mix


Halloween Ghost Food


Halloween Pancakes


Halloween Bat Cookies


Halloween Pretzel Mummies


Halloween Party Decorated Doughnuts


Genius food ideas for your Halloween party at home


Halloween Spooky Muffin


Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes


Halloween Cat Cake


Halloween Party Platter


Halloween Spider Web Cookies


Halloween Spider Web Cake


Halloween Party Mason Jar Ideas


Halloween Party Fruit Ideas


DIY easy & creative Halloween party food ideas


Halloween brain cupcakes


Halloween party apple fangs


Halloween treat bat bread cut out


Halloween cupcakes


Halloween Party & Food Ideas


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Halloween Party Ideas At Home


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  1. The barfing pumpkin dip brought back some fun memories of carving pumpkin when I was a kid. We made a barfing pumpkin at my dads that his neighbors loved 🙂

  2. Cute ideas. I like the episode of The Cosby Show where they had their own haunted house. Life in the Huxtible household always seemed like fun.

  3. We were going to go trick or treating but I think it would be a better idea to stat at home and make these treats! My nieces love to bake after all!

  4. Many cute ideas here, although I’d skip putting a mask on an animal as unlike humans, they can’t untie it to fit properly and could have trouble breathing or become extremely stressed with the mask.

  5. Wow these are great treat ideas definitely going to try a few out. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  6. I love all of these idea’s except the pumpkin that hold’s the chip dip that flow’s out of it’s mouth. Just a little to much for me.

  7. OMG such great ideas…the cat cupcakes, spider cookies, barfing pumpkin ideas, very creative and fun! Thanks for helping Halloween be a success 🙂

  8. These are some of the best Halloween ideas and recipes I have ever seen. I am adding this post to my files. I can’t wait to see what you do for the other holidays.

  9. I’ve got a good friend who plans all year for Halloween …it’s her favorite holiday of all! I’m sending her this post! So many crazy good ideas!

  10. Great ideas since we will be staying in this year for Halloween. We will try some of these ideas in the afternoon and spooky movies and these goodies at night!

  11. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, so I absolutely love this. Too much fun. I would love to attend such a party.

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