Grilling Backyard Entertaining Ideas With Weber Grills

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The Home Depot Grills- How Doers Get More Done

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The Home Depot Kitchen Outdoor Weber Summit Grills Easy Fall Recipes


Grilling season is far from over! 

The Mister and I’ve been all about new ways to stay inspired by entertaining ourselves at home.

We started the year with a few new cooking appliances that inspired more creative yet easy recipes. The more new recipes we tried, the more creative we got. From oxtail stew to she-crab dip- and my favorite- Mexican casserole.

The more we created (and ate), the more cooking inspiration we gained. Then our new obsession really caught fire, and we transferred our energy outdoors.

We expanded on our DIY foodie obsession with the addition of an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area in our backyard!

By autumn, The Mister had designed and built the perfect backyard haven for hosting, hanging out and hot searing our favorite recipes!


Home For The Holidays With Weber Grills


Weber Grill Sear Station

It’s October, and we’re just getting started- kicking off grilling season just like autumn football ushers you right into the holidays.

Our favorite addition to the backyard, by far, is our Weber Summit Grill from The Home Depot

I keep telling everyone that this grill is the real deal!


Weber Grills Smokehouse Weber Summit


Don’t have an outdoor kitchen? No worries- all you need is the Weber Summit Grill.

This grill is the life of the party and the ultimate backyard chef’s station easy enough for anyone to use- including me! 

Weber’s impressive features like a smart fuel-level check and lighted control knobs allow a novice like me to grill with confidence. 

I don’t even need The Mister on call (he’s a retired firefighter, btw). I can achieve the perfect professional sear, with safety at the forefront of it all!


The Home Depot & Weber Grills


After all The Mister’s hard work, he can now sit back and “watch me whip and watch me Nae Nae” in our outdoor kitchen!

But he couldn’t resist sitting still. The wonders of our Weber Grill had him at ‘Sear Station!’


Home For The Holidays Weber Summit Grill


Grilling with control!

It’s nearly impossible to overcook on the Weber Summit Grill with infrared uniform cooking, built-in thermometer and an easy included recipe card grilling-guide.

There are grill times and instructions for how to pre-heat the grill for direct heat (good for small, tender meat that cooks quickly- hamburgers, steaks, and veggies & shellfish).


The Home Depot Smart Grills


Or indirect heat instructions to grill larger, tougher foods (roasts, whole chickens, ribs & bone-in cuts).

There’s also the handy Weber Grills app for grilling techniques, timers and tools.

Still, The Mister kept jumping in to give me a hand!


The Home Depot Weber Summit Grill Best Recipes For The Holidays


The Home Depot Weber Summit Grill Best Recipes


Check out these 5 innovative entertaining ideas for the holidays at home

Host your household safely, while experiencing a new holiday setting— by way of your own back yard!

1. Cook your turkey or bird directly on the grill’s large cooking area of four burners with powerful heat.

2. This Weber Grill is designed to work like a convection oven with a large lid closure to keep the heat from escaping while cooking. I see a “Best Bird” award in your Thanksgiving future!

3. Even more- there’s the Weber Summit’s rotisserie for whole chickens with a convenient slide-out grease tray and disposable drip pan. Y’all, having your own rotisserie at home— priceless! It’s foodie eye-candy watching it rotate!

4. Enjoy autumn and holiday nights out back and make hot cocoa or yummy warm apple cider using the grill’s convenient side burner with adjustable temperature settings.

5. If you’re an ole grill pro, you’ll appreciate the autumn ambiance of the built-in smoke-box. Experiment with different wood chips to find the perfect smoke flavor to suit your taste! 


The Home Depot Weber Summit Kitchen In A Grill


Weber Grills app

The Weber Grills app will even guide you through your grill setup and gas tank installation. No worries about this, though. Because if you purchase a grill $399 and over in-store, The Home Depot offers free delivery AND assembly!

The Home Depot also extends free delivery on all grills purchased online.


The Home Depot Grills



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The Home Depot Kitchen & Easy Grilling x Weber Grills




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  1. I love the way your outdoor cooking area looks. We live in an apartment complex, and only have a small patio (and management doesn’t allow grilling on the patios). When my husband grills, he has to haul his tiny grill out of the storage room and then do his barbecuing away from our apartment and then carry the food back to our apartment. One of my dreams is to one day have a yard (even a tiny yard), where we can grill, eat, and relax right there. It would be so nice to have a grill that has the features that you’ve described about this grill.

    1. Hi, Sandy! Yes, I do recall how apartments have this safety rule. Add the Weber Summit Grill to your new home wishlist (Pin an image here). I love creating lists like this, especially by way of a Pinterest Board. It’s fun to come back & see these dreams checked off!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog on the Weber Summit Grill. I appreciate the tips you provided for entertainment.

  3. Love your outdoor kitchen! Grills have really come a long way since the one my dad used and I know hubby would love one like this. It has so many awesome features it could almost take the place of my stove, lol!

  4. This is a really nice grill. We love to fire up ours up all year round even though we live in the Midwest. Thanks for the article. This Weber grill is on top of my wish list!

    1. You’ve go the right idea, Debbie! Grilling season doesn’t have to end! Pin a pic of the Weber Summit Grill to your Pinterest Board. That’s my favorite way to create wishlists!

  5. Reading this post made me so hungry. That Weber grill is awesome. I totally agree that grilling season is not over. My brother in law grills year round. This grill would be the perfect gift for him. Knowing the delivery is free as well as the assembly is an added plus because he’s a great cook but he’s not very handy with putting things together. I love the pole for the chicken or the turkey. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

    1. You’re so welcome, Della! I love how your BIL doesn’t shut down his grill! The Weber Summit is the perfect gift for him, and it’s awesome that delivery and assembly are included! At my house, The Mister enjoys building and assembly. I watched him & my son put our grill together, and I must say Weber made it pretty easy! 😉

  6. My family enjoys grilling and entertaining. Weber Grills are known to be some of the best! I love your outdoor grilling area and your dog is also adorable!

  7. After seeing your setup I think I will look into getting a rotisserie for our Weber grill. What a wonderful way to make whole chickens and still be able to cook on the grill section.

  8. We love to grill throughout the year. Even in the snow at times. Love your grilling area. Very creative!

      1. This looks like a big bbq. I would love to have one of these, we are due for a new one. Ours is on it’s last leg. Whole chicken on the bbq is the best!

  9. This is such an awesome outdoor grilling space! The way you have it set up is nice. Unfortunately I don’t have a outdoor area, but sure would love one!

    1. Thank you, Renee! Add this pic to a new home ideas Pinterest boards. I have a board like this & it’s my favorite place to add ideas and inspiration for what I’ll manifest in the future!

  10. This is a nice grill! We grill year round here. I like that you can rotisserie a chicken with a convenient slide-out grease tray and disposable drip pan.. I had never seen that feature on a grill before.

  11. I have never seen a grill that has an opinion for rotisserie before, that is amazing and would be very convenient.

  12. We have grilled in a blizzard before! Oh how I wish we had a grilling station like yours it is so nice. I love how it has a rotisserie how wonderful! Nothing beats grilled food.

  13. That was a great post! Thanks so very much for sharing your experience and opinions . Lots of great info and now I want one more than ever!

  14. We’re not allowed to have grills in my apartment complex 🙁 But we are house shopping so I can’t wait to be somewhere that we can cook out again! Grilling is such a taste of summer <3 Love your outdoor space!

  15. What a great set up love your grilling area. Thanks for sharing the snow is here but I am still going to be out ther grilling love grilled food.

  16. What a great set up love your grilling area. Thanks for sharing the snow is here but I am still going to be out ther grilling love grilled food.

  17. Love the size of that grill it would work amazing for our summer barbeques. We use ours all year around even when we have tonnes of snow. Of course I send my husband out to do it in the cold.

  18. There is no such thing as a bad time to grill. I grew up grilling in zero degree weather. Weber is a great grill I love my Weber charcoal grill.

  19. That’s a fab looking set up you’ve got going there! I just got a new smoker grill that claims to be able to smoke, grill, bake, etc and I’m having a fun time trying all sorts of things out there.

  20. Even though I live in Michigan as long as it’s about 50 degrees I grill out. It’s the only way I like my red meat. I do make pot roast in the slow cooker though.

  21. I love my grilled foods, and it seems like Weber grills have so much more durability than most other grills. Your dinner looked SO yummo..

  22. We would definitely grill all year if we could. But in the dead of winter, it just gets too cold here in Kentucky. The good thing about that is that we always have that to look forward to once spring rolls around.

  23. We’ve always grilled pretty much all year long. This past summer all my boys and granddaughters were over every weekend and we would grill and have a picnic in the yard so we could stay apart.

  24. I love your outdoor cooking area. It is so pretty. You all look like you are having so much fun grilling together.

  25. I love grilling shrimp and chicken mainly on the grill. I feel like people that live in the warmer weather that have the great deeds on grilling throughout the year LOL.

  26. We will grill in a blizzard! Yeah, we have done it. Nothing better than grilled meat even if it means shaking off the snow.

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