It’s Not Election Day— It’s Voting Season!

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Black People For Biden-Harris 2020

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My son turned 18 today! He, I, and the rest of my family cast our early-vote over a month ago.

Now we have less than 5 days before Election Day 2020- and I can’t think of another time this year where I’ve been busier than I am today!

I thought that when our kids reached their adult years, life would be a lot less busy.


Early Vote 2020


Joe Biden- Me and you please video

YouTube video


That kind of thinking was all wrong!

All wrong not because my kids are wilding out. 

Nope. And quite the opposite.

The 18-year-old is graduating early, and on his way to college. The 22-year-old just bought her first house. And the 20-year-old is entering into his professional career.

Instead, it’s the freakin country that’s out of control! The current leadership (or lack thereof) is wilding out!

And because of this, I wouldn’t want to look back at this time and have not helped mobilize change.


When We All Vote


What kind of ancestor will you be?

Because of all the frightening realities as of late, the question I hold myself accountable to is:

“What kind of ancestor will I be?”

What will I tell my future generations when they ask what I did when our lives depended on it?⁣

I will confidently tell them stories and share pictures of how I got involved. I demonstrated. I marched in a pandemic. I amplified my voice by creating and sharing information, articles, posts and stories. 


I volunteered before the election and on Election Day. 

I helped inspire the kind of change that I wanted to see, to make a difference when our lives depended on it the most.⁣


Biden-Harris 2020

I joined the Biden-Harris campaign as a social ambassador and my city’s Democratic Party to help with social outreach for the messages of hope, change, truth and building back better.⁣

I did this because it’s not an exaggeration when I tell you the soul of our country is on the ballot, and we need everyone to turn out and make their voices heard in support of Joe Biden and our first future woman Vice President, Kamala Harris. ⁣


Biden Harris Plans For Black Americans


Vice President Biden’s compassion and empathy resonate with me because, like him, I also lost my first spouse, and I know how victorious he is to come out thriving on the other side of such tragedy.

And Senator Harris inspires me and so many women, especially my sisters of Black and Brown heritage!⁣

As an ambassador, I’m not speaking on behalf of the campaign. I speak from my heart and soul, because I’ve never felt so strongly about protecting my Black children’s future and the future of this country we call home. ⁣


Vote Here 2020



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It’s true. How you vote is just as important as who you vote for this year!

Vote early and take the strain off the system this Election Day.

Every state has in-person early voting, and yes, it’s a little confusing. That’s why you have to have a plan.

The US Postal Service has acknowledged that they cannot handle the bulk of mail right now and cannot guarantee your ballot will arrive at your voting precinct in time for it to count.


2020 Mail-In Ballot


Election Day is the last day you can vote

1. Make sure you’re registered to vote. In some states, you can even register at the polls! Find out your voter registration status and how to register in your state HERE.

2. Vote by mail. **PLEASE NOTE that if it’s less than 10 days before Election Day, you are encouraged to drop off your mail-in ballot instead of mailing it back. 


Vote Drop Off Ballot Box


You can check HERE for your state’s official polling locations and drop-off ballot box locations.

3. Early-vote in-person before Election Day. You can vote at your local Voter Registration Office or satellite voting location(s). Bring your ID and check HERE for your area.


On the ballot 2020


4. Absentee voting- just for the record, is the same as early-voting and mail-in voting. This year in 2020, every voter’s excuse to early-vote is COVID. So, in essence, we can all early-vote with what’s called a “no-excuse absentee ballot.”

5. Vote curbside. 2020 has introduced curbside creativity in almost every public forum, including voting. Check your state for curbside voting options HERE

This voting method usually exists for seniors and the disabled for both early-voting and voting on Election Day.


2020 Vote Sticker Presedential Election


Vote with a 3 to 3 plan #3to3

Whichever method above you choose, please also hold yourself accountable for spending the next three days texting 3 friends or family members to make sure they turned in their ballot or have a plan to vote.


Vote Biden-Harris 2020


Here’s how you can get involved!⁣

If you haven’t voted already, it’s not too late!

Vote now, and make sure you also do these three things:

✔️ Make a plan to vote at

✔️ Return your ballot in-person or go to the polls and vote in-person.

✔️ Text three friends or family members to make sure they have a plan!

Make your voice heard in this election. Your future generations and your legacy are counting on you!


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The Black Lives Matter 2020 Vote



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