3 Simple Actions To Seek Justice For Breonna Taylor

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Breonna Taylor Petition - FREE Printable

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Breonna Taylor, 1993-2020

Breonna Taylor, a young Black woman, award-winning EMT and model citizen, would have turned 27 today. She would have, except she was shot to death on March 13, 2020, by the Louisville Police Department in an illegal, unannounced drug raid on her home.


Breonna Taylor 1993-2020
Picture from Change.org


But the police got it ALL WRONG, and raided the WRONG HOME! They shot Breonna eight times as she slept in what we thought was the safety of her own home.

The suspect that the incompetent police officers were looking for was already detained earlier that day.

NONE of the officers involved in Breonna’s killing were arrested or charged with her murder.

This is unacceptable!


Justice For George Floyd


Birthday Cards For Breonna

You can download and print a birthday card for Breonna.

Simply print, sign, stamp, and mail your card to one of the below addresses to petition charges for her murder.


Breonna Taylor Birthday Card Petition - FREE Printables


3 actions you can take today to help get the long-overdue justice Breonna and her family deserve!


Action item 1. Sign the official petition to get justice for Breonna Taylor.


[maxbutton id=”10″ url=”http://chng.it/kjWcsygJxs” text=”Sign The Petition!” ]


Action item 2. Donate directly to Breonna’s family using the GoFundMe link HERE. Any amount, big or small, is much appreciated.


Action item 3. Send a birthday card (or letter, or postcard) to the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, demanding that he charge the officers who killed Breonna.

  • 3a. Address your cards to:

Office of the Attorney General

700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3449


[maxbutton id=”5″ url=”https://shaundanecole.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Breonna-Taylor-Bithday-Cards-Petition-To-KY-Attorney-General.pdf” text=”Download A Free B-Day Card” ]


Breonna Taylor Birthday Card Petition - FREE Printable

You can also send a card to Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer demanding that he fall in line and support charges for Breonna’s killers.


  • 3b. Address those cards to:

Mayor Greg Fischer

527 W Jefferson Street #600

Louisville KY 40202


[maxbutton id=”5″ url=”https://shaundanecole.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Breonna-Taylor-Bithday-Cards-Petition-To-the-Louisville-Mayor.pdf” text=”Download A Free B-Day Card” ]


Let them know that you haven’t forgotten Breonna, and she deserved to be alive to celebrate her birthday!


Keep the message going.

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter or Insta.

Pin the below image on Pinterest and get the message out there: Justice For Breonna Taylor.


Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition



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  1. I live in KY, not too far from Louisville, and I remember how shocking this seemed when it first happened. Well, it still feels shocking. And, the fact that it has taken this long and required so much media attention and public pressure to get any hint that the officers might be charged just makes it both shocking and depressing.

  2. I have signed every petition I can find, made phone calls, and I talk about Breonna Taylor on social media every day. Justice must be done!

  3. Until her killers are arrested, my Facebook Cover Photo will always be of Breonna Taylor. I change it every week, though, so that it gives me a good chance to post about her again and remind people that there has still been no justice for her.

  4. I am disgusted that the police are now leaking defamatory information to try to justify a coldblooded murder! When will the racist villainy stop?

  5. A monetary settlement has been made but STILL no charges. My God! Why are they so determined to stand behind lawless murderers?

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