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Shaunda Necole- Saving summer with new bohemian bathroom decor

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Two more days, and it’s fall, y’all!

Are you already asking for pumpkin spice flavored everything? (I’m more of a caramel apple spice!)

Or still wading beach waters in a bikini? I’m the latter of the two. Summer’s my fave, and I always feel that it comes and goes so quickly!


Shaunda Necole- Summer don't go! Saving the season with new bohemian bathroom decor


You may have seen on my Insta Stories the series of funny time-lapse videos while decorating my daughter’s new apartment.

Time-lapse is my new favorite toy, and I use this video technique with almost every task that I’m completing nowadays.

It’s so fun and funny to watch two hours of constant movement replayed at fast speed over a span of 20 seconds.

It reminds me of how summer comes and goes so quickly!


Shaunda Necole- Target Opalhouse velvet curtains


Shaunda Necole- Target Threshold towels bohemian bathroom decor


Shaunda Necole Target Threshold floor mat


My daughter’s new decor inspired me to complete the redecoration of my master bathroom.

I’ve been piecing together finds for this room for a few months now.

Mostly picking up a new bathroom accessory here and there on various Target runs.


Shaunda Necole saving summer with Target Opalhouse Bohemian shower curtain


Shaunda Necole Target Bohemian accessories


Shaunda Necole- Target Opalhouse Bohemian set of 6 washcloths


Summer don’t go!

With autumn packing its bags and flying in to stay for a while until it’s winter’s turn in December, I figured out a way to salvage summer through a redecoration.


Shaunda Necole- Bohemian plants in the bathroom


Shaunda Necole Love Bohemian decor


Here’s a peek into my master bathroom, newly decorated Bohemian style, and reminiscent of a California summer escape!

I haven’t quite figured out how to keep summer year-round in either Virginia Beach or Las Vegas–even though I’m thankful, both of my bicoastal destinations have mild winters.

While I can’t hold onto a fleeting summer, I can easily usher in home interiors reminiscent of a Bohemian breeze.


Shaunda Necole bathroom beauty carousel



Amazon cosmetics carousel  |  Flower Market paper towel holder  |  Flower Market glass board  |  Courtly Check soap dish  |  Flower Market tumbler  |



Target Opalhouse shower curtain  |  Target Threshold area rug  |  Target Threshold hand towels  |  Target Opalhouse set of 6 decorative washcloths  |  Target Opalhouse velvet curtain panel  |  Target faux cactus  |  Target Room Essentials black memory foam bathroom rug |  Courtly Check shelf  |  Courtly Check pet bowl  |


My style with whimsy tip:

I used various textures to garner a Bohemian vibe.

Including a velvet curtain panel with neon yellow tassels! My shower curtain is the focal point with an array of colors.


Pro tip—I chose to use a non-bathroom rug and alternatively a small area rug in true, carefree Bohemian style.

I continued the gold from the rug with patterned hand towel accents on the wall.

To complete this lively redecoration, I added a few house plants.

The cactus is a cute little faux version, to save my curious cat from a regrettable situation! –Prince George sleep on my MacKenzie-Childs rug!


PS—Look who took the opportunity to take a nap on the old bath rug!




Shaunda Necole- new bohemian bathroom decor pin it for later


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