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Shaunda Necole—See What Happened During Fincon Washington DC when I met up with my agent, Johanna Voss

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I haven’t had a chance to share a new article since my last email and blog post HERE,

and it wasn’t because I was still not “laboring.” Trust me, I was!

I was out of town, at work and practicing my life strategy of being different. Now I’m reporting back to you with precisely what that means.


Shaunda Necole—Business Coach, Let Me Help You Make Meaningful Connections Online



What we’re wearing: My two-piece outfit care of SheIn.com  |  My Adidas sneakers  |  Baublebar earrings  |  Mark & Graham bracelet  |  similar Etsy ring|  Johanna’s Athletica dress  |  Her Saucony sneakers  |



I’m different and I 100% own it! (#one-hun’ed!)

I laugh out loud at myself, and I wear loud colors.

I live in the moment. 

I order what others are hesitant to try on the menu. 

I’m not afraid to spend my last dollar. 

I don’t mind talking to strangers. 

I love to take calculated risks, and I’m all in on exploring new places! 

Oh, and I sing out loud in public—sometimes I dance in public, too (see above)!


Dance like nobody’s watching because they probably aren’t—they’re looking at their phones.

Laughing out loud at myself keeps me grounded, so I don’t take myself too seriously.

Living in the moment keeps me present and available to receive new opportunities.

Color is my favorite, and I find freedom of expression in colorful ensembles that make me feel good and true! 

Trying new things on the menu reminds me to be receptive to change (ever read the book, Who moved My Cheese?).

Most of my dollars these days are spent investing in myself, and I trust that more money is already on the way. 


The secret to wealth is in creation and not possession.

I don’t mind talking to strangers because I know the value of making meaningful connections.

Calculated risks are part of the process—you need risk for reward.

Travel shows you that your dreams are real.

Also, about singing & dancing like nobody’s watching? Call it courage!


“Someday” is the disease of not living life today.


Shaunda Necole—See What Happened During Fincon Washington DC—Where Money And Media Meet 2019


Here I am, all up in FinCon, the conference, expo and awards summit for financial bloggers and influencers.

I’m categorized as a “lifestyle” influencer. Clearly, that didn’t stop me from being here! (Laughing at myself again!)

On a whim, I was invited to show up at FinCon—so I did! Having never heard of this conference before, even though it is a big annual deal and will turn ten years old in 2020!​

The reason why I showed up at FinCon is that when opportunity knocks, I’m ready to let her in!

I’m glad because what a fantastic time I had last weekend at FinCon in Washington, DC. (I also escaped hurricane Dorian!) I was here, having a blast, networking with people labeled “not like me”—labels schmabels.

I met new people, deepened existing relationships, made value-added connections, and led by example standing in my power of what I teach about always taking the meeting.

The next time opportunity comes around and knocks on your door—open it! Tear off any labels of self-doubt and allow opportunity in.


Shaunda Necole- Washington DC- Washington Monument


Now is the best time not to be afraid of new experiences!​

I was in town for two of the four-day financial conference. Here’s what I got into:


Shaunda Necole—Fincon19 Washington DC—Why Someday Is The Disease Of Not Living Life Today-

Shaunda Necole—Constitution Ave Washington DC- National Museum of African American History and Culture


Day 1

I was invited by my agent, Johanna, to meet up with her and three other ladies that she represents.

These ladies are a group of kick-ass financial influencers, featured bloggers, authors and experienced FinCon attendees.

I’m honored to be a part of this talented roster of boss ladies!


I originally planned my trip as a solo drive to Washington, DC, until hurricane Dorian surprised us with strong winds and rain on the coast of Virginia.

They canceled school and my travel itinerary was updated to include my boys—my son and my puppy, Prince George! We drove north to Washington, DC, away from the storm to arrive at the Washington Hilton Hotel, home to FinCon 2019, and also a very pet-friendly stay!


Shaunda Necole- Washington Hilton Hotel pet friendly


While the ladies were at the conference, I took the opportunity to take my son to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

I was here earlier this year in the spring. Here’s a picture of me that the museum so graciously posted on their Instagram page HERE!


Shaunda Necole—Washington DC, National Museum of African American History and Culture—A change is gonna come. -Sam Cooke 1964


Shaunda Necole—Black Power Educating My Son On the 400th Anniversary of African American History, National Museum of African American History and Culture

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture— What an incredible place to educate my son on 400 years of African American history.


I spent the evening with Johanna, first in the beautiful courtyard of the Washington Hilton Hotel (historically, this hotel is the location of the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan).

Later we were about town on Connecticut Ave in DC’s Dupont Circle.

An excellent opportunity for us to connect with one-on-one time beyond our regular working phone calls and video chats.


Shaunda Necole—Lifestyle Influencer, Johanna B Voss Talent Agency



My day 2 outfit: Dress care of SheIn.com  |  Gucci belt  |  Free People earrings  |  Mark & Graham cuff bracelet  |  similar Etsy ring  |  Steve Madden sandals  |  Givenchy lipstick  |



Day 2

Johanna hosted an agency breakfast for us in Dupont Circle at Teaism.

My first experience here at this cozy and eclectic tea house. They offer a variety of loose leaf teas and a menu of healthy selections.

We enjoyed breakfast upstairs in a quaint little tea room.

I ordered Okonomiyaki, a delightful  and savory Japanese pancake made of fried cabbage. They served it with turkey bacon and a sunny-side-up egg on top.


Shaunda Necole—See What Happened During Fincon Washington DC—Johanna B Voss Agency Financial Influencers

Some of the johanna b. voss Agency influencers with @JohannaVoss (left to right): @ShaundaNeccole (me!), @AmandaAbella, @BrokeMillennialBlog and @LaTishaStylesTV.


I also spent some time on the FinCon conference floor.

I met vendors and financial entrepreneurs, watched Amanda (above) in a live podcast interview and even ran into some of my Instagram friends in person!

Next year the FinCon2020 expo will be hosted in Long Beach, California. This conference is the place to be if you’re going with a strategy.

Some of the financial coaches I was with said they sold out courses with over $30k in sales!

Maybe next year, I’ll attend when it’s in CA, now that I know exactly what to expect and how to leverage promoting my coaching program while there.

Participating in a more official capacity is definitely on the table for 2020. 😉



My style with whimsy tip:

I wish I hadn’t worn these white sneakers with this black outfit, LOL!

Word to the wise—the sneakers were uncomfortable because I didn’t wear socks with them.

I hate wearing socks, and hardly wear sneakers.

That’s why I forgot that I should have worn socks with sneakers! Back at the hotel, I changed to my ever so comfy and all occasion Birkenstock slides!



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Shaunda Necole- Fincon 2019 Washington DC—Where Money And Media Meet—Financial Influencers, Pin this post!


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Shaunda Necole—My DC Cool, Visit Washington DC



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