Your Drake Story & Why Your Words Matter

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Spring Forward In March With Your Drake Story

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Happy Monday, and happy 2nd day of March!

March is my fave!

March is my birthday month and the month for springing forward and blooming new!

Which brings me to this question right away: How you livin’? (*said in my Wendy Williams “How you doin’?” voice‚— eyes squinted with duck lips).


Bellagio Hotel - A Must See In Las Vegas



Free People lace slip dress  |  Target long sleeve shirt  |  Free People pants  |  Free People similar boots  |   Amazon Fashion purse  |  Free People similar ring  |  Betsey Johnson earrings  |  Free People similar necklace  |  Julie Vos cuff bracelet  |   Givenchy lipstick  |


In all transparency, I’m not a Wendy fan.

For me, she’s too much of an “all up in your biz” kind of person, and not enough of a “let’s talk about leveling-up in your biz” kind of person!

We have to be careful who we allow into our biz— our life, our world— and even our TVs!

Why? Because of words— because they matter. Like *BIG TIME* matter.


Bellagio Las Vegas - Started From The Bottom Now We're Here
Bellagio Las Vegas New Year Garden Display


The law of abundance

“The accumulation of material possessions is the by-product of putting in the necessary work, and having faith that what you want is coming to you.

When you go throughout life operating in purpose, abundance has no choice but to be attracted to you.”

Are you living in the mindset of the law of abundance?

It’s all a mindset, and the tiny difference between people that think in abundance and people that don’t are *the words* that we choose to think to ourselves and say out loud.


Started From The Bottom Now We're Here Drake Story


Respect for the power of words

1. Are you using words like job, career, benefits and paycheck when you refer to work?

2. Or are you using these types of words? Speaking in the language of abundance with words like: business, growth, prosperity, currency and create.

If you are the first in the examples above, it’s OK because there’s a second chance to choose different words and learn from them.

Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about this in his book Second Chance for your money, your life and our world.


My mentor, Selena Soo talks about mindset and playing BIG in this video.

An inspiring message about knowing that there’s absolutely nothing stopping you!




She made this video for you and me. And trust me, she’s the woman that you want to allow in your biz, your life and your world! 

She changed my whole entrepreneur game for the win!


Las Vegas Speaker - My Drake Story & Why Words Matter


Spring Forward In March With Your "Drake Story"


Humblebrag + my Drake story

My “started from the bottom now we’re here” story.

Started from the bottom: Shaunda Necole, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer.

…Now we’re here: Shaunda Necole, speaker, biz coach and lifestyle influencer featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Fast Company.

Yeah— words matter. Like someone hearing my Drake story and saying, “She’s kind of a big deal.” That kind of matter.

What’s your Drake story?

For help with your story, check this out HERE!


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All my best,


speaker. biz coach. lifestyle influencer

Next stops in March— Chicago, The Inspired Home Show (on my birthday!) + Toronto Canada, teaching my custom social media workshop


My Social Media Tour - Next Stops Chicago & Toronto


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The Law Of Abundance & Why Your Words Matter



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  1. You’ve really got me thinking here. Thank you. I am definitely looking at my words and my mindset right now.

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