Easy DIY Fire Centerpiece Decorations

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Firefighter Centerpiece Ideas

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Last weekend we celebrated The Mister’s milestone birthday and retirement from fire rescue service.

I’m so proud of his 25 years as a first responder, so to celebrate, the kids and I organized a surprise birthday/retirement party! 

It was like we pulled off the biggest heist of the year! He had no clue and was genuinely surprised and overjoyed to see so many family members and friends all in one place to celebrate him.


DIY Decorations For Firefighter Retirement Party Tutorial

YouTube video



Fireman Retirement Party Ideas



Free People outfit  |  Amazon headband  |  similar Free People necklace  |  similar Free People ring  |  Julie Vos bracelet  |  Ugg sandals  |


DIY Firefighter Birthday Party


Save time and headache by celebrating and decorating at the restaurant

I hosted the party at one of The Mister’s favorite restaurants. Not having to prepare my house for the event and then clean it up after was the easy and less stressful way to go!

The only minor difficulty was finding a restaurant that would accept a large reservation on a Saturday evening. I had no such luck with The Cheesecake Factory, one of The Mister’s favorites. They don’t take reservations after 1 pm on Saturdays.

Another favorite, Bonefish Grill, was already booked.

Gordon Biersch Restaurant & Brewery came in clutch and saved the day with an accommodating and relaxed atmosphere, plus cocktails, beer and a menu that pleased everyone!


Fireman Birthday Party Ideas


Easy DIY Fire Centerpiece Decorations

I did take the time to create 12 easy party centerpieces that I crafted with tissue paper.

In case you have a firefighter in your life or are planning a fire theme party for perhaps a Girl Scout/Boy Scout, camping or glamping event, I’m sharing how I crafted these firefighter party table toppers. 


Firefighter Birthday Party Decorations


Firefighter Party Centerpieces

This DIY papercraft was the easiest part of my party planning process! 

I bought everything I needed at Target and had 12 centerpieces crafted in less than an hour.

The most time-consuming part was taking pics of every step to share with you here on my blog!


Fake Fire Centerpieces - DIY Party Decorations


DIY Paper Crafts - Firefighter Party Supplies



Glue gun  |  Red tissue paper  | Orange & multi color tissue paper  |  Photo booth props  |  Black party favor bags  |


Craft Supplies

– scissors

– orange tissue paper

– red tissue paper

– black small gift bags

– glue that bonds quickly (i.e., hot glue gun, glue stick)

– pen or pencil for tracing

– flame templates (Print the flame templates I found online— or you can freehand your own as I did.)

Large Flame Template

Small Flame Template

* Optional- photo booth props to add to each finished flame centerpiece


Easy DIY Fire Centerpiece Decorations - Firefighter Party Ideas


Tissue Paper Crafts - Easy DIY Tabletop Party Decor


DIY Crafts - Tracing Paper Flames


Tissue Paper Flames - Easy DIY Tabletop Party Decor


DIY Tissue Paper Crafts - Create Fire Flames


DIY Paper Craft Flame Cutouts


Tissue Paper Crafts Decorations


Easy Tissue Paper Crafts Decorations Fire Flames



1. Print the flame templates, or freehand your flames as I did.

Large Flame Template

Small Flame Template

2. Unfold the orange tissue paper, keeping the sheets of paper stacked together.

3. Trace the large flame template onto the orange tissue paper stack and cut it out.

Try and trace the large flame onto trifold areas of the tissue paper stack.

Remember to multiply the number of flames traced by the number of stacked tissue sheets to determine how many large flames you want to craft.

4. Unfold the red tissue paper, keeping the sheets of paper stacked together.

5. Cut out the small flame template and trace it as many times as needed onto the red tissue paper stack.

Remember to multiply the number of flames traced by the number of stacked tissue sheets to determine how many small flames you want to craft.

You’ll need one small red flame for every large orange flame.


How To Make Fire Flame Party Centerpieces


DIY Party Decorations - Firemen Party


Firefighter Party Decoration Ideas


6. Use glue to adhere the small red flame to the large orange flame. Make sure your tissue paper flames are glued right side up (in case your tissue paper is duller on one side).

7. Use the guided folds in the orange paper flame to refold the flame and then neatly place it right side down into the gift bag.

8. Add glue to the insides of the gift bag and unfold the sides of the large orange flame to adhere to the glue on the bag.

9. Stand the bag up and adjust the tissue paper as needed.

10. Optional- Add a photo booth prop to each centerpiece.

Voila— you’ve made your very own fire flame centerpieces!


Watch the video tutorial!


Video Tutorial Firefighter Party Centerpiece DIY


Firefighter Birthday Party Centerpieces


DIY Easy Firefighter Birthday Party Decorations


Easy DIY Firefighter Party Centerpiece Decorations


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