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12 Reasons To Choose Ethel M Chocolate Factory For A Las Vegas Date Night

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This post is sponsored by Ethel M Chocolate Factory. All opinions are my own.

Date night the Ethel M Chocolate Factory way

Do you like chocolate and wine?

I know— it’s kind of a dumb question, especially asking if you like chocolate.

And since the answer is obviously a “Yes,” you should follow my lead and head to Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden for a chocolate and wine tasting experience in Henderson, Nevada.

How far is Ethel M Chocolate Factory from The Strip?

Just minutes away! Only a 15-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

There’s wine tasting and free fun at Ethel M Chocolate Factory waiting for you!


Ethel M Chocolate Factory Selfie Wall

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Ethel M Chocolates Exclusive Valentine's Day Tasting Experiences


A date night to never forget!

Does Ethel M Chocolate Factory have free tours?

Yep! And The Mister and I went there first to check out the chocolate factory and make sure everything is A-OK for you!

I mean— somebody had to go first, so we raised our hands for the full experience— cactus farm and all!

Well, I’m happy to say it’s *ALL* good— and made with *all good* ingredients because Ethel M excludes artificial preservatives when crafting their chocolates!

Bean To Box Las Vegas Premium Chocolate Factory
Ethel M Chocolate Factory Las Vegas

Ethel M is the Mama of Mars Candy (you know, the family that brought you Snickers & M&M’s), so it’s only the best of ingredients when Mama’s in charge!

Plus, during our visit, we learned that chocolate’s pretty much a fruit. So when you pair it with wine, it’s a kind of a fruit salad win-win!

Las Vegas locals— Visit Ethel M Chocolates and Cactus Garden light-display for Valentine’s with a scheduled tasting experience just like me and my boo did!

Not a Las Vegas local (womp womp)? No worries, you can still order goodies from Ethel M Chocolates online. They got you!


Las Vegas Botanical Cactus Garden - Ethel M Chocolates


12 fun facts about Ethel M Chocolate Factory

1. Ethel Mars was the mother of the Mars chocolate empire.

Las Vegas Factory Fresh Chocolate Tasting Experience

2. Snickers bars were named after the family horse, Snickers.

3. In 1978, Ethel’s son, Forrest Mars Sr. retired from the family business and moved to Las Vegas to pursue his passion for cacti and to grow a cactus garden.

Las Vegas Off The Beaten Path - Cactus Garden & Chocolate Factory

4. Eventually, Forrest Mars got bored of retirement and opened the premium Ethel M Chocolate Factory in 1981, paying homage to his mother.

Ethel M Chocolates Flagship Store, Las Vegas

5. There are over a million and a half lights in the cactus garden when it’s lit up for the Christmas season or Valentine’s celebrations! Valentine’s at Ethel M Chocolate Factory Lights of Love, pictured above and below.


Las Vegas Holiday Cactus Garden - Free Vegas Holiday Festivities To Enjoy

6. Ethel M Chocolates are crafted in small batches at the Las Vegas chocolate factory and flagship store.

Ethel M Chocolate Covered Pretzels Made In House

7. Each piece of candy is hand-packaged and boxed on site.

Taste Of Las Vegas - Ethel M Chocolates

8. No two Ethel M Chocolates have the same stripes!

No Two Candies Have The Same Stripes! Las Vegas Chocolate Factory

9. Their 3-ingredient peanut butter is made in-house.

10. As the luxury tier of the Mars family brand, these chocolates are free of artificial preservatives.

Cactus Garden Cafe, Las Vegas
Ethel M Chocolate Factory Retail Store, Las Vegas

11. The chocolate factory is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. I can see this as a new holiday destination for our family— hello Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Easter and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve!

12. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning twice, chocolate comes from the chocolate cocoa pods— and that makes it a fruit!



Ethel M Chocolate Tasting Room Experience. It’s a sensory and flavor exploration like none other!


Ethel M Chocolate Fountain, Las Vegas


Las Vegas Secret Ingredients Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Do this!

Take the tasting experience and tour and get 20% off your purchase at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory retail store.

And take a selfie at the in-store Chocolate Wall.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Take A Sweet Selfie


Las Vegas Instaworthy Photo Ideas - Ethel M Chocolate Factory


Don’t do this!

The Mister and I were so excited about the fantastic tour and tasting that we spent half an hour picking out the perfect chocolate presents for our moms— and forgot to bring home Ethel M Chocolates for ourselves!

We purchased for our moms the 4-piece Smile Collection and The Champagne & Cordials Premium Chocolate Collection.



What can you do for free in Las Vegas?

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Ethel M Chocolates Sweet Gifts
Ethel M Chocolates Smile Collection
Ethel M Chocolates Champagne & Cordials Collection
Ethel M Chocolates- Bring Home A Vegas Original


I highly recommend you schedule an Ethel M Chocolate Tasting Room Experience. It’s a sensory and flavor exploration like none other— duh, it’s Las Vegas, baby!

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Las Vegas Chocolate & Wine Tasting Experience

The best in chocolate paired with the best in wine

1. Berry filled chocolate + Prosecco. I recommend Ethel M Raspberry Satin Crème Milk Chocolate.


2. Peanut butter chocolate + Chardonnay. I recommend Ethel M Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate.

Ethel M Chocolatier - Date Night Wine Tasting Experience


3. Chocolate with caramel and nuts + Malbec. I recommend Ethel M Pecan Caramel Rapture Milk Chocolate.


4. Dark chocolate + Pinot Noir. I recommend Ethel M Dark Chocolate Lemon Satin Crème.


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Las Vegas Date Night- 12 Reasons To Choose Ethel M Chocolate Factory
Las Vegas Best-Kept Secrets- Chocolate Factory & Cactus Garden


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  1. Thanks for the great idea – we visit Vegas often and are always looking for something new and different to do:)

  2. Looks like you had fun, we went there too last time we were in Las Vegas. We had a great time. Great chocolate!

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