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Five easy ways to rack up 25+ media features right now

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In this post, you’ll get 6 quick tips that really work to get free publicity!

Have you ever gone to someone’s website and seen all those fancy media logos from Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. and wondered, 

Why isn’t that me?” or “How the heck did they make that happen?


Quick Ways That Work To Get Featured, Published & Interviewed


Did you know that those logos aren’t just logos?

They’re badges of expertise that give instant credibility. Which, as you know from what I teach, is super important!

After all, if you tell someone at your family reunion, “I had 500 people sign up for my webinar!” They’ll probably say, “Cool. What’s a webinar?”

Or, I’m nominated for a ‘Best In Fashion’ award, the chances of them saying, “What’s that?” are pretty inevitable.

But if you say, “I was featured in Forbes” 

or “A top-10 iTunes podcast interviewed me.”

Or “I won an Emmy for my Youtube video” (queue in my friend and fellow blogger, Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno Cooking).


*Now* people are paying attention— and so is your audience!

Here are six easy and practical ways that work to get in front of the right people in the press right now.


Learn 5 Easy Ways That Work To Get Featured, Published & Interviewed


Six easy ways to rack up 25+ media features with no media connections:

1. Twitter Search the hashtag, #JournoRequest. It’s a freelance PR pro’s best-kept secret! Type this in on Twitter to discover what stories journalists are looking for and where you can fill in. 

You can also level up this search by using keywords alongside the hashtag that’s relevant to your niche. (i.e., #JournoRequestVegan). Once you’ve uncovered the relevant opportunity, make contact with the journalist requesting the lead!


Use Twitter to find #JournoRequest Media Features


2. Help A Reporter Out Better known in the publicity industry as HARO— and also known as one of my FAVORITE media queries.

HARO’s mission is to provide reporters with a source for every story that they have to fulfill. This valuable media search database gives journalists sources for upcoming stories. And sources (that’s you) have a chance to secure valuable media coverage.

You can use HARO for free, or upgrade to one of their monthly subscriptions to narrow your search query by keywords and include a source bio for yourself.


3. Thrive Global An easy way to get featured right away is to start a column on a major media site like Arianna Huffington’s behavior change platform for healthier habits and peak performance,

The contributor’s link is a few years old, and not so easy to find anymore. HERE it is again.

Thrive is a leading site that allows you to share your own stories and posts within the site’s theme of wellness and avoiding burnout.

For an example of contributor posts, my Thrive column is HERE.

You can post as little or as often as you like, alongside Thrive editors’ guest articles with celebrity features like Katy Perry, Hota Kotb and Stedman Graham, just to name a few!

Here’s a humblebrag I’ve shared when pitching to editors— Arianna Huffington, herself (founder of Thrive and Huffington Post) has reached out to me on Instagram, (twice!) praising my Thrive articles!


Thrive Global Contributor Post Praise From Arianna Huffington


It’s funny how I earned this praise from the media mogul, herself, with little to no effort at all!

I shared an article on Thrive. It appeared first on my blog— so I didn’t have to re-write much. Then I shared my Thrive post on Instagram (another light lift).

I was rewarded with a personal note from the one and only, Arianna Huffington, for something I do on a regular (posting and sharing)!


Insider Secrets To Publicity & Industry Buzz: Start A Thrive Global Column


4. Guest post- Contribute to well-known publications like Inc., Medium, MindBodyGreen, Positively Positive and more. 

I have an article about Beyoncé that was presented timely and published on Positively Positive as a Mother’s Day feature! You can check out my article about Bey HERE.

Use this free curated list of 19 media sites that accept guest contributors. There are some big-name media outlets on this list— happy pitching! 5 Things We Learned From Watching Beyoncé’s Netflix Documentary Homecoming 


19 popular online media outlets that accept guest contributors

1. Business Insider

2. Elephant Journal


4. Fast Company

5. Forbes

6. Huffington Post


8. mindbodygreen

9. Positively Positive

10. Tiny Buddha

11. GrowthLab

12. Scary Mommy

13. Elite Daily

14. Hubspot

15. Good Men Project

16. Greatist

17. Medium & Authority Magazine

18. Blavity

19. Lady Boss Blogger


You may also like THIS POST on how to how to get publicity & free high-quality backlinks when no one knows your name? 


Free Publicity Calendar- How To Get PR & High Quality Backlinks When No One Knows Your Name


5. Podcast guest- Instagram is a great resource to find the latest in new and up and coming podcasts looking for guests to feature and interview. Start a quick search using the keyword ‘podcast.’

I met the marvelous Dori DeCarlo when she interviewed me on her Word Of Mom Radio podcast. I’d encourage you to pitch Dori for a guest feature and check out her show, starting with my episode HERE.



You can also use this curated list of 91 podcasts that feature entrepreneurs and creatives as guests:

1. 2 Dope Queens

2. 99% Invisible

3. All Up in Your Lady Business

4. Another Round

5. Being Boss

6. BeYOUtifully Bold in Business

7. Biz Women Rock

8. Black Entrepreneur Experience

9. Blazing Creative

10. Blogging Betties Podcast

11. Blogging Your Passion Project

12. Boss Mom

13. Bosses & Booze

14. Brilliant Business Moms

15. Business wih Purpose

16. Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe

17. Coffee Break Blogging

18. Coffee With Tracey

19. Conversations with Creatives

20. Courage and Clarity

21. Create Lounge

22. Creative Biz Rebellion

23. Creative Empire

24. Diva Tech Talk

25. EOFire

26. Every Day is Saturday

27. Fearless Launching

28. Friends Like Us

29. Getting Grown

30. Goal Digger Podcast

31. Grammar Girl

32. Grit & Glitter Co

33. Heart Soul + Hustle

34. Influencer Podcast

35. Jess Creatives

36. Journeys in Business

37. Journey to Launch

38. Mixergy

39. Naptime Empires

40. Office Talk

41. Oh So Pinteresting

42. Online Marketing Made Easy

43. Pivot

44. Power Profit Pursuit

45. ProBlogger Podcast



Publicity Pro Insider Tips To Getting Heard


46. Productivity Paradox

47. Profit-ology Podcast

48. School of Greatness

49. Sell Like a Woman

50. She + Company

52. She Did It Her Way

53. She Means Business

54. She Ventures Now

55. Side Hustle Gal

56. Side Hustle Nation

57. Side Hustle Pro

58. Smart Passive Income

59. Social Media Marketing Podcast

60. Soulful PR Podcast

61. Standout with Cheryl Tan

62. Start with Why

63. Strategy Hour

64. Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur

65. Story Brand

66. Suckerpunched

67. The Accidental Creative

68. The Art of Paid Traffic

69. The Biz Chix Podcast

70. The Business Mindset Podcast

71. The Creative Millennial 

72. The Femme Boss Podcast

73. The Femtrepreneur Show

74. The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

75. The Impact Driven Entrepreneur

76. The Kingdom Mogul 

77. The Mindful Kind

78. The New Business Podcast

79. The Pitch Podcast

80. The Real Female Entrepreneur

81. The Scrap Gals Podcast

82. The Talent Grow Show

83. The Type A Creative

84. The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle

85. Unleashed Entrepreneur Podcast

86. Unstoppable Coach

87. Visibility Vixen

88. Wedding Business Empire

89. Word Of Mom

90. Women Who MisBehave

91. Young Female Entrepreneurs


Easy Ways To Get Great PR


6. Impacting Millions- Enroll in the online course.

Last year, just three months into 2019, I knew I needed to level-up my influence (aka my money) beyond Instagram and into mainstream media.

To make this happen, I needed the secrets to getting press and publicity— and those fancy media logos on my site (and in a hurry)!

So it was a no-brainer when I was introduced to Selena Soo and joined in for her live webinar where I signed up and purchased her genius course, Impacting Millions.

While HARO (listed above) is one of my favorite sources for media features— and to add a new media logo to my site, I learned the essentials about how to pitch stories to journalists, reporters, editors, and even TV producers when I enrolled in Impacting Millions. 

Impacting Millions *teaches* you *how to* effectively reach out to the media, starting with guest blog posts to podcasts, and even how to reach out to TV producers!

Using the skills I learned from Selena Soo, my mentor and the award-winning publicity and media strategist behind this online mastermind course, Impacting Millions, I quickly garnered over 25 media features in less than six months!

Forbes, Fast Company, Better Homes & Gardens— I’ve been a featured expert for all of them! My first prominent feature was on Cosmopolitan, and I didn’t even know about it for months! (Sometimes nobody tells you!)

My name was out there so much that TV producers were emailing me!


ow to Get Featured On TV Shows? Sample Email From a TV Producer
Why me? I’m a Las Vegas real estate agent, too!



Pro tip: time to set up Google Alerts 

Even if the editor, the author, their assistant, or no-one else tells you, Google will alert you with an email when your name is *out there*! You can set up Google alerts HERE.

What alerts should you set up? I have alerts set up for my name (Shaunda Necole), my first name only because it’s an uncommon name (Shaunda), and my business brand name (Get Your Name Out There Magic Marketing).


Impacting Millions changed my entrepreneurial path!

Here’s what happened at a glance from March 2019 when I enrolled in Impacting Millions to the end of the year, December 2019:

1. My first major media feature was on Cosmopolitan, and I didn’t even know it!

I Googled my name and found “Shaunda Necole” (that’s me!) cited on Cosmo for influencer tips on how to take the best selfies and picture-perfect poses.

Something that I do almost every day (post on Instagram) was of interest to a Cosmo editor! Crazy, right?


2. I garnered over 25 features in the media. 

I was on a roll for at least one media feature a week— #Goals! From interviews about me to articles where I was quoted or featured for my expertise. 

I learned that we all have an “expert opinion” about something, and editors are seeking opinions like yours and mine to fulfill their article assignments.

I got a feature in Better Homes & Gardens as an expert about shampoo! Humblebrag— In the article, I’m quoted alongside Hollywood celebrity hairstylists!


3. I made my podcast debut just months after enrolling in Impacting Millions— hello 21st-century media!

I learned so much from these interview experiences; I started my own IGTV series interviewing “Socialpreneurs” and business owners like myself!


Insider Secrets To Publicity & Industry Buzz


4. I met and interviewed iTune’s number one entrepreneur podcast host.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire. The published interview is HERE.


Impacting Millions taught me how to leverage what I do best— socialize, and I used this natural skillset to make more intentional and deliberate, meaningful connections online!

You should know that Impacting Millions is also designed for introverts, by an introvert. The introvert turned publicity and media strategist is none other than the course creator, Selena Soo!

(Obviously, Impacting Millions is for extroverts like me, too!)


5. One of the best parts of Impacting Millions is the live masterclass group calls. 

There are live weekly calls that you can participate in (or watch the replay later). Plus, once a month, the program includes a media-intensive coaching call with a senior media editor.

I had the pleasure of working with Lynya Floyd, an award-winning journalist and editor for many big newsstand magazines including Glamour, Essence, Seventeen, and Parenting. Lynya is nowa senior media coach to people like me and you that are ready for publicity and media attention!

One-on-one coaching with Lynya as part of Impacting Millions is the reason 

I was able to sign with a talent management agency after only *one* email introducing myself! 

(Yes— only one message sent!)

Probably not known to people outside of the wild Wild West of influencer marketing, butinfluencer talent managers are like *unicorns*— there are very few of them, and it’s tough to stand out and get their attention.


6. I was booked for a speaking engagement by my first international client group.

In the words of the fabulous influencer, Rickey Thompson, “I’m booked and busy, baby.”— Thank you, Impacting Millions!


Enough about me— although this is the story of thousands of other entrepreneurs and influencers who *like me* signed up for Impacting Millions. 

(I have an ‘About Me page’ if you wanna hear me talk about myself more— in the third person, though, so it doesn’t sound all conceited and stuff.)


If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, business owner or side-hustler ready to level-up— Impacting Millions is for you!

Those fancy media logos are a game-changer for credibility and to be seen as an expert in your industry.

(Translation- expert = better opportunities + more money!)

These credibility badges take your influence from social media to mainstream media!


[maxbutton id=”9″ ]


Already added yourself onto the Impacting Millions waitlist?

You’re just hangin’ round here to refresh yourself on these rich media and publicity tips?

Well, aren’t you a smarty— I like that!

Read on for more sweet stuff!

And stay tuned to your inbox for more to come about Impacting Millions starting in March!


Take Your Influence From Social Media To Mainstream Media Today!



Similar Nordstrom black jumpsuit  |  SheIn graffiti cape  |  Steve Madden white boots  |  Amazon beaded earrings  |  Free People similar ring  |


Not on the waitlist yet? Still need convincing? 

Here you go— check out my ‘Press Page’ HERE.

I created my press page *after* I enrolled in Impacting Millions when I needed a place to keep track and show off all my features in the media!

Pro tip: editors often want to see your press page

Just like how brands want to see an influencer’s media kit, a press page is  your PR resume. I’d suggest having a high-resolution headshot and short bio that reporters can quickly grab from this page.

You’ll learn the fundamentals for a press page in the Impacting Millions course. Also, as part of the program, professional copywriters will teach you how to create the perfect PR-worthy short and long bios.

These copywriters even edit your bio to make sure what you’ve written is destined for success!


Want to know the secrets to getting those fancy media logos for yourself?

Want people to take one glance at your site and say, “Wow— she’s kind of a big deal!”?


[maxbutton id=”9″ url=”” text=”Sign Up Here!” ]


Don’t miss out! Impacting Millions opens just once a year. But all 365 days, we get notes like “This program TRANSFORMED my business, my influence and my brand!”



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Over 100 Ways To Get Featured, Published & Interviewed!


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