How To Get Media Logos On Your Site

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Sports Make It Easy To Set Goals & Not Resolutions.

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Hey! You good? 

It’s just about mid-January (can you believe it?), so I thought I’d check in with you on your New Year’s goals.

Not checking in to shame or guilt you. That’d be me, the pot, calling the kettle black!

That’s also the reason why I make New Year *goals* and not resolutions. The word resolution, I think, is an intimidating and final sounding word that I’m no longer using when it comes to the new year.

Especially since my goals, these days are all about my business. 

I set goals— everyday goals— and not just resolutions when it’s time for the New Year. You should set these types of all year-long goals, too!


2020 Decade Goal Setting: Run Your Business Like It’s A Sport



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Goals vs. Resolutions & How To Get All Those Fancy Media Logos On Your Site


Run your business like it’s a sport

Sports make it easy to set goals and not resolutions.

I’m not gonna lie to you and act like I’ve got this goals-thing all figured out. Like I’m so disciplined in all aspects of my life. Nope!

I spend a lot of money. That’s why I have a husband to continually remind me, and investments that auto-draft from my account each month to keep me on-track with cash.

I remember when my primary goal was to have enough money to drop $500 at Target weekly without having to consult my bank account. A serious LOL when I think about that goal now!

I’ve leveled-up from Target to Whole Foods being my #goals today!

Yes— I feel like I’ve *arrived* when I walk into Whole Paychecks, I mean Whole Foods to shop without squinting at the price of every item I pick up.

Yaasss, honey! I feel all bad and boujee when the cashier scans my five items, and the total is $67, and I readily whip out my Navy Federal check card, happily and privileged to pay!


Yes, I know that I like to spend money.

Knowing is half the battle. So I also know I have to make a lot of money to spend the way I want to. However superficial that kind of spending may subjectively be.

I also live and teach to live in the lifestyle of looking at the glass as more than half full, so I’m OK with a little so-called “superficiality” sometimes because I take my business goals very seriously!

So serious that I created a business out of my favorite sport, cheerleading! (See HERE and HERE.) 


I set goals— everyday goals— and not just resolutions + how to get those fancy media logos on your site


Reflecting on the best money I *didn’t* spend in 2019

I kept getting these sleazy offers in my inbox to pay $6,000, and I could get a feature in Forbes. Could get.

The offers would always entail some random dude emailing me (or sending me a DM) because he noticed I have a large Instagram audience (target on my back number 1).

He would promise that he worked with a handful of editors from big media magazines, and he could get me a feature in an article. One article for $6k.

And since all influencers want to be Insta-famous (so everyone thinks— and also false target on my back number 2), I was one of the prime candidates for this scam. Or should I say prime “suckaaaa”?!


Goals For Your Blogging Lifestyle


Backyard Yoga Meditation


New Year's Goals vs. New Year's Resolutions


Reminiscing On the best money I spent in 2019

Hands down (and hands up because I kept winning!), the course Impacting Millions was my money best spent in 2019. 

This publicity course was my first masterclass and first mastermind series.

I was looking to increase my influence beyond Instagram and into mainstream media.

Knowing that the next step in my money-making influencer career was to get an agent to help manage my brand because creating content, vetting offers for work (to avoid scammers like the above mentioned), and pitching myself to brands was getting more than overwhelming.

BTW…I purchased a course for influencers, designed by an influencer, to help understand how to effectively pitch myself to brands when I was doing this all on my own. I learned so much more than just how to pitch myself!


Reflecting & Happy About The Best Money I Didn't Spend Last Year


I also knew that I needed to get those fancy media logos on my website

Have you ever gone to someone’s website and seen all those media logos from Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. and wondered, “Why isn’t that me?” or “How the heck did they make that happen?

Did you know that those logos aren’t just logos?

They’re badges of expertise that give instant credibility. Which, as you know from what I teach, is super important!

After all, if you tell someone at your high school reunion, “I had 700 people sign up for my webinar.” They’ll probably say, “Cool. What’s a webinar?”

But if you say, “I was featured in Forbes” or “I was interviewed by a top 10 iTunes podcast,” *now* they’re paying attention— and so is your audience!

I wanted to know the secrets to getting those fancy logos for myself!  So it was a no-brainer when I met Selena Soo and joined in for her live webinar (that word again— but you know what it means) where I was introduced to her genius course, Impacting Millions. 


Reflecting On The Best Money I Spent In 2020


This Is The Reason I Set New Year Goals & Not Resolutions


Selena’s course changed my entrepreneurial path in 2019

Here’s what happened at a glance from March 2019 when I enrolled in Impacting Millions to the end of the year, December 2019:

1. My first major media feature was on Cosmopolitan, and I didn’t even know it!

I Googled my name and found “Shaunda Necole” (that’s me!) cited on Cosmo for influencer tips on how to take the best selfies and picture-perfect poses.

Something that I do almost every day (post on Instagram) was of interest to a Cosmo editor! Crazy, right?


2. I garnered over 25 features in the media. I was on a roll for at least one media feature a week— #Goals! From interviews about me to articles where I was quoted or featured for my expertise. 

I learned that we all have an “expert opinion” about something, and editors are seeking opinions like yours and mine to fulfill their article assignments.

I got a feature in Better Homes & Gardens as an expert about shampoo! Humblebrag— I was quoted in the article along with celebrity hairstylists!


Backyard Yoga Inspirations


3. I made my podcast debut in 2019— hello 21st-century media!

I learned so much from these interview experiences; I started my own IGTV series interviewing “Socialpreneurs” and business owners like myself!


4. I met and interviewed iTune’s number one entrepreneur podcast host, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire.

Impacting Millions also taught me how to leverage what I do best— socialize, and I used this natural skillset to make more intentional and deliberate meaningful connections online!

You should also know that this program is designed for introverts, by an introvert. The introvert turned publicity and media strategist is none other than Selena Soo!

Obviously, Impacting Millions is for extroverts like me, too!


Free People Slip Dress & Flare Yoga Pants


5. One of the best parts of Impacting Millions is the live mastermind group calls. Once a month, the program includes a live media-intensive coaching call with the phenomenal Lynya Floyd.

Lynya was an editor for many big newsstand magazines, and now she’s a senior media coach to people like me and you that are ready for publicity and media attention.

One-on-one coaching with Lynya as part of Impacting Millions is the reason I was able to sign with a talent management agency after only *one* email introducing myself! (Yes— only one message sent!)

Probably not known to people outside of the wild Wild West of influencer marketing, but influencer talent managers are like *unicorns*— there are very few of them, and it’s tough to stand out and get their attention.


6. I was booked for a speaking engagement by my first international client group just before the year ended. In the words of  the fabulous influencer, Rickey Thompson, “I’m booked and busy baby.”— thank you Impacting Millions!


Backyard Yoga & Biz Goals 2020


I could go on and on about my wins as a result of everything Selena and her team teach in Impacting Millions, but then I’d sound all conceited and stuff! 

(I have an ‘About me page’ if you wanna hear me talk about myself more— in the third person, though, so it’s not so much arrogant.)


The point is if you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, business owner or side-hustler ready to level-up— Impacting Millions is for you!

Those fancy media logos are a career and game-changer for credibility and to be seen as an expert in your industry.

(Translation- expert = better opportunities + more money!)


Yogi & Biz Goals 2020


Want to know the secrets to getting those fancy logos for yourself?

Want people to take one glance at your site and say, “Wow— she’s kind of a big deal!”?

Then check out this video from my secret-weapon in publicity and biz, Selena Soo.



What could you accomplish in 2020 if you knew there was absolutely nothing stopping you?

Sometimes the only thing standing between us and our entrepreneurial dreams is one little four-letter word… FEAR.


You’re unstoppable! Grab the free Publicity Calendar HERE.


Important to know: Impacting Millions opens just once a year. But all 365 days, we get notes like “This program TRANSFORMED my business, my influence and my brand!”


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How To Get All Those Fancy Media Logos On your Site


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