What Successful People Do During Quarantine

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What To Do While Sheltered In Place At Home According to Successful People- Reserve Precious Social Time For Only Quality People

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Week three of social distancing, and I’ve been on more Zoom calls than I can remember! 

I’ve enjoyed more of my beautiful back yard.

I’ve tried new recipes and cooked more “fancy” full-course meals. 

(HERE’s some of what we’ve been eating since everyone is at home. I’m continually adding more recipes HERE.)


What To Do While Sheltered In Place At Home According to Successful People- Reserve Precious Social Time For Only Quality People


I made a bunch of lists— from things we need at home, to blog posts to write and people to contact sooner than later.

I keep adding paper towels to the list. We’re not out, but I’m anxious that it could happen sooner than they’re restocked.

I have a bad habit of using up paper towels like scratch-paper. It’s like writing a one-word thought, and then crumpling the paper and tossing it! 

Right now, I’m more scared of a lack of paper towels than COVID itself! It’s because I’m not venturing out into the world. I’m hunkered down at home.


Stop Depleting Your Paper Towel Supply So Fast! Smart Ideas To Stretch Your Rolls


Check out the most current in MacKenzie-Childs paper towel holders HERE.




Paper Towels- Slow Your Roll



Why I’m feeling the most connected in a time of physical disconnect

I’ve also written more inspiring copy than ever before! The life-changing publicity program I entered into last year, Impacting Millions, created by my friend and mentor, Selena Soo, is in full-launch. I’ve emailed my list more than ever before about it!

My favorite blogging app, Grammarly, says, “I’m quite the word-wonder!” Over the last week, I was 76% more productive than most writers in the app!


Hands Down My Favorite Blogging App Is Grammarly! Here's Why?


I’ve learned so much behind the scenes as a partner in Selena’s 7-figure launch! It’s eye-opening coming from the place of a student of the course just a year ago and participating today as an affiliate.

On a daily, I’m hob-nobbing (via Zoom and Facebook Live, if that counts) with some of the online industry’s heavyweights. I couldn’t be more honored to be invited in, and thankful for the experience of it all!

Collectively, as part of Selena’s partner group, we’ve made it our mission to keep moving forward with the launch of the program, even during a pandemic.

We all understand that the world needs to hear more positive stories and voices— pattern disrupters, especially now more than ever!


It's Your Turn To Stand Out- Impacting Millions


*IF YOU’RE READING THIS AFTER APR. 8, 2020– and you’re interested in Impacting Millions, to know when the program opens up again you can get on the waitlist HERE.*

Better you get on the Impacting Millions waitlist, rather than being on the waitlist for paper towels that I’m on with both Amazon and Target.

You won’t believe the prices they’re charging HERE! 


Only quality people

Being in spaces with only quality people, which is one of my life mantras, moved me to share this list with you on how successful people are managing all their extra time at home now.

Here’s what thought leaders and the “who’s who” of the online industry have shared that they’re doing during social distancing.

I’d tell you who the “whos” are, except I’m good at learning from other people’s mistakes.

Like when the Beyhive came for Tiffany Haddish about spilling the tea when *allegedly*, an inebriated A-list actress bit Beyoncé’s face at a private Hollywood party…

*Everyone* (and their mama)  knows you don’t mess with the Beyhive, unless you’re all into being stung- i.e., Rachel Roy and “Becky with the good hair.” She had to go into hiding— social distancing for weeks, and this was years before the pandemic!

I *can* tell you that Tiffany Haddish is not in Selena’s partner group.

About Beyoncé being there in the group?

My lips are sealed.


What to do during quarantine? 10 things successful people do during social distancing

1. They read for leisure— it’s like traveling without leaving home!

2. They spend time with their families now that everyone’s at home to make sure everyone feels loved.

3. They understand the importance of body flow and movement, exercise at home and walks around their neighborhood or yard to ensure a healthy body to enjoy life.

4. They pursue other hobbies and interests, as they understand that work isn’t the only aspect of their lives.

5. They eat well to reward themselves!

(Queue in my Quick & Easy Recipes Pinterest board HERE.)

Shaunda Necole The Best Of Pinterest Boards: Quick & Easy Recipes


6. They sleep earlier to rest their body and mind. 

(Unapologetic night owl here— I’ve given up working on this one!)

7. They learn something new to stimulate their thoughts.

8. They go to nature to appreciate the beauty of the world.

(I’ve fallen in love with my yard all over again!)


What To Do While Sheltered In Place At Home: Enjoy Your Front Yard


9. They disconnect and spend time alone.

10. They reserve precious social time (following social distancing practices, of course) for only quality people because they understand that positive energy is their priceless life force.


What To Do While Sheltered In Place At Home: Enjoy Your Front Porch


Positive energy is your priceless life force.

Protect it.

Don’t allow people to draw from your reserves; select friends that recharge your energies.

I’m not asking you to cut people out of your life, but I am asking you to invest your time with people who will push you to be your best.

Winners love to see other people win.




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