How To Upload Multiple Fresh Pin Images On Pinterest

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I’m so excited to share a couple of Pinterest updates with you!

I Googled to try and learn more about them, and nothing existed yet outside of Pinterest— so here ya go!

Pinterest Business Community

Thing one: Pinterest invited me into their new Pinterest Business Community. It’s a social space for Pinterest creators to collaborate in a community group setting, designed and hosted by Pinterest for business accounts.

There were only a few hundred people in the total number of members when I logged in and earned my first badge as a “Founding Member”.

After only a few weeks, Pinterest announced to community members via an email that they are temporarily closing the business community. Pinterest is going to “zhuzh-up” the platform, and we can come back after a re-opening in 6-8 weeks with a redesigned and refreshed space!

I’ll keep you posted on the Pinterest Business Community once we Founding Members are back in (we have official “Founding Member” badges, too)!

Thing 2: This one’s a game-changer!


Pinterest Has A New Pin Builder To Make Pinning Easier


Build A Fresh Pin- How To Add Pin Title & Description On Pinterest




What I’m wearing in this Pin:

Free People pant set  |  Ugg Holly furry sandals  |  similar Free People necklace  |  similar Betsey Johnson earrings  |  similar Free People ring  |  Julie Vos bracelet  |  Givenchy lipstick  |



Build A Fresh Pin- How To Adjust An Image On Pinterest


Build A Fresh Pin- How To Crop An Image On Pinterest


Build A Fresh Pin On Pinterest- How To Add Background Color Onto A Pin


Create fresh Pins with text overlay on Pinterest

Did you know that on Pinterest, you can create fresh Pins by adding text overlay, custom background colors and even add your brand logo? 

Fresh Pins are new images not pinned before. An old, already pinned image becomes new when you add text, color, or crop it. 

You can create these new fresh Pins and publish them up to two weeks later— all while in the Pinterest app. Game-changer!

Technically, this all goes down on the Pinterest desktop version for Pinterest business accounts. 

Right now in the Pinterest app, you can publish your pins for a later date. All the other new creator faves like text-overlay, background colors, duplicate pins and brand logo are currently only available for Pinterest desktop use.



More helpful Pinterest tips:


Build A Fresh Pin On Pinterest- How To Add Text Directly Onto Your Pin


Build A Fresh Pin- How To Publish A Pin At A Later Date On Pinterest


Pinterest Scheduler

Y’all! This is not the Tailwind app!

You can do all of this directly on Pinterest! Here’s everything I’ve found that you can do.


Build A Fresh Pin- How To Duplicate A Pin On Pinterest


Build a Pin

1. Create multiple Pins at once. Upload your picture(s) for a single image, carousel or a grid of numerous photos.

2. Duplicate an existing Pin. This is my favorite Pinterest feature for sheer time-saving reasons! Include the same title, description and URL link and change the Pin image— or not.

I did some Pinterest Pin split-testing with this super time-saving feature. I used my signature red color on a new Pin, and then duplicated the Pin. I only changed the text-overlay background color on the duplicate Pin to match the colors in the image.

3. Add text overlay with a handful of font choices, text custom colors and custom background colors.

You can also make the background color gradient, fully saturated or none at all. You can reposition the text, and background color from the top, middle or bottom, and the font size can also be adjusted. 


Learn The Habits Of Successful Women In Biz


4. Upload your brand logo and position it where you’d like on your image. To protect your Pins from Pinterest thieves (yes, Pin thieves do exist— conversation for another time, tho),use this tool.

I always suggest at least adding your website, if not your logo, with a website, too. If your Pin is stolen and re-directed to another URL, at least it’s still branded with direction to its rightful source.

5. Lastly, schedule your Pins to post immediately or to publish at a later time— up to two weeks out. Wowza! And there’s the option to publish multiple Pins all at once!

I created about 10 Pins, in batches of fives with these new design features. I’m still not sure of the maximum number of Pins you can create or schedule on Pinterest at once.

What I do know is that Pinterest heard and listened to their community of creators. These new features are an absolute time-saver, and the Pinterest design tools are super easy to use!


Build A Fresh Pin On Pinterest- How To Add Your Logo On A Pin


7 Steps to build a Pin on Pinterest

1. Open your Pinterest business account

2. Click in the top-right corner and click Create Pin

3. Add an image to create a Pin

    • Click to upload an image
    • Drag and drop an image into the grey box

4. Add a title, description, and destination URL

  • Optional: Hover over the image and click 
      • Crop– Drag and drop the red frame to crop your Pin or use the recommended 2:3 ratio
      • Add a logo– Click ★ and select your logo
      • Add color– Select a color fill or adjust for placement and margin
    • Add text– Click “A” and enter your text into the text box

5. Choose to publish your Pin immediately or schedule it for a later date

6. Click the dropdown next to “Select” and choose an existing board to save your Pin, or select to create a new one

7. Click Publish

And that’s how you build a Pin!


The image below is a fresh Pin designed in Canva. It took longer to create since I used two platforms— Canva and Pinterest.


Habits You Need From Highly Successful Women In Biz


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How To Create Fresh Pins & Add Text Overlay On Pinterest

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