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6-Figure Blogger Club- Pinterest Blog Trafic Tips

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Here’s what I discovered when I thought I had this whole social media marketing thing figured out.

I thought that I was “the shizz” and that I knew everything I needed to know after I grew my Instagram by over 100-thousand followers!

But I was all wrong!


Bloggers Cruise - Mediavine & Pinterest Blog Traffic Tips
Bloggers’ cruise retreat with my 100K-club blogger friends, Yvette of Muy Bueno Cooking blog & Lorraine of Viva Fifty blog & our manager, Johanna Voss.


What I thought was only half of what there is to know!

I realized this when I stepped into the room with two for-real-for-real women who’ve been blogging for decades, along with a presenter, and now friend, Kristie, who works for the coveted ad agency, Mediavine.

Here’s what: My two blogger friends EACH get over 100-thousand page views on their blog each month (100-400K to be exact). Yes, PAGE VIEWS! Over 100-thousand new people that visit their blogs each month. Yeah.

Kristie shared her presentation about Mediavine and how bloggers with thousands of monthly page views get PAID- literally while they sleep. Aww, yeah!

Made me think of this…


“Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly!”



You’re playing a game of Monopoly money when you place 100% of your online influence with Instagram or any other social media platform that doesn’t offer massive traffic back to your blog.

Or even worse— you’re an Instagram or TikTok influencer without a blog! Oh dear.

Yes, I do have a massive Instagram audience that I leverage for brand partnerships. But that’s not a brand NEW 100-thousand folk each month! AND Instagram is continuously reminding me that I don’t own my account there.

Queue in all the constant algorithm shifts, and the fact that Instagram does everything to suppress its users from linking out of the app. Translation, no clicks outside of the IG app to your blog, your store or your biz. 

With the above fact alone, we can skip going down the rabbit hole of talking about how 97% of your followers never even see the posts you share on Instagram, even though the whole concept is for so many people to “like” what you post.

You can’t get paid for influence if no one can see what you share.





“You can’t be what you can’t see.”


Pinterest Blog Traffic Tips - Bloggers Retreat with Muy Bueno Cooking & Viva Fifty
On a brand media tour with Lorraine of Viva Fifty blog & Yvette of Muy Bueno Cooking blog


This brings me to my next point. If I hadn’t met my two amazing blogger friends and Kristie from Mediavine- I couldn’t see the incredible possibilities that were just a step away and within reach for my blog and my online influence.


Pinterest Blog Traffic Tips - Bloggers Retreat with Muy Bueno Cooking
Blogging earned us a travel brand partnership with a trip to 3 islands, including Cozumel, Mexico!


Stop renting on Instagram when you can own your own home off the platform- aka on your blog!


Don’t get me wrong, I still have an IG account with followers that I nuture. But 90% of my focus is now on my blog.

I’m no longer leaving money (or clicks) on the table for Mark Zuckerberg to pick up and call his own!




With all my 120-thousand + followers, it wasn’t until MY BLOG grew up into 5-figure monthly traffic numbers that my brand partnerships leaped to 5-figure paid deals! 

Wowza! A clear correlation of how the stock  in my own real estate (my blog) sky rocketed when my blog traffic increased!

Here’s how I did it.


Wondering how to drive traffic to your website, increase blog traffic, and how to market to your audience with SEO & keywords?

Follow these same 10 tips I used to gain more traffic and visibility. 

These tips together are what helped my blog traffic EXPLODE in as little as three months after meeting my big-time badass blogger friends! 

Once you’ve set up a Pinterest business account and you’ve set up Rich Pins for your account (with 10-15 boards that best represent your brand and blog), these next steps will help you with optimizing your Pinterest account for maximum growth!

Optimizing your account will help your profile show up in the Pinterest search engine, so your Pins and your profile will be seen by as many Pinners as possible!

This is going to help you start getting clicks through to your website!




Pinterest is a search engine with inspiration.

Google SEO traffic is worth it- but it can take A LOT longer to rank and convert Gooogle SEO strategies into blog traffic. And since Pinterest is NOT a social media platform (it’s a search engine), it only makes sense to start here!

Fun fact: Pinterest is the second largest search engine after Google & Google’s own Youtube, with over 400 million monthly users!

People come to Pinterest to search for inspiration to create a life they love!

So start optimizing with Pinterest as fast as you can because Pinterest will be your number one traffic source until Google recognizes you as an established blog. 


How to fast-track your blog traffic and growth with Pinterest

Today, I’m a founding member (with an official Pinterest badge!) of the Pinterest Business Community! I teach social media marketing, Instagram visibility and Pinterest marketing and SEO strategies. 


Pinterest Business Community Founding Member Badges


Here are my top 10 tips for blog traffic and growth with Pinterest


1. Add keywords to your business profile name. 

Keywords are the juice that Pinterest will be drinking up, so it’s so important that this is number one on your list! 

If you have a brand name or even if it’s your name, make sure that you add relevant keywords to it.

Two to three added keywords is all you need.

Is your business in marketing? Add the keywords “marketing strategist.”

Maybe you’re in the food industry? Try adding “nutritional tips.”

Pro tip: Look up your competitors and see what keywords they’re using with their names!

The forever goal is to get found in search results. Make it easier for Pinners to find you by adding keywords!




2. Create Pinterest boards related to your blog or biz

This is another opportunity to include the keywords that are relevant to your niche, blog or biz. 

Keywords make your boards useful for Pinterest to know what they’re about to show them to the right Pinners searching for the same things.

You’ll show up for more Pinners if your boards have keywords in their titles and descriptions.


 If you don’t have a blog yet— 

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You could be on your way to a profitable online biz getting paid to write and share about things you love to talk about!


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10 Legit Ways That Really Work To EXPLODE Your Site Traffic With Pinterest!



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