Jungalow Boho Bedding Ideas On A Budget

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How To Decorate Bohemian Style In Your Bedroom

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I’ve been slowly updating my bedroom style and decor to become more reflective of my bohemian personality.

Ever since we purchased our living room couch from Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow collection a few years ago, I’ve become obsessed with her designs and bohemian styles in general.


Justina Blakeney Jungalow Couch & Accent Pillows
Our Jungalow couch and Jungalow accent pillows.



Target Opalhouse rug  |  Jungalow similar scent pillows  |


It’s like I met my spirit-animal when I was introduced to the effortlessly cool and chic style of boho, a mixology of vintage, pattern, texture and unconventional color.

I’m known for my fearless use of color and mixing patterns (search the hashtag #ColorIsMyFavorite on Instagram to see more of my colorful style!).

The more I’ve traveled and found my forever home state out west, my style has infused more desert inspiration, earthy hues, and flowing outfits with fun Pacific coast colors.

I’ve always said I’m an east coast girl with a super sunny west coast heart!

Translation- I’m a gypsy, hippie, bohemian.


Shaunda Necole Gypsy, Hippie, Bohemian Style How To Boho & Jungalow Your Room

Free People kaftans (similar to the one I’m wearing).


Jungalow boho bedding on a budget

A little wild and a lot free-spirited!

I wanted to make sure my bohemian bedroom decor invoked the feeling of a little wild and a lot free-spirited!

Designer, Justina Blakeney, she follows me on Insta, btw (humblebrag I shove in any chance I can get) literally wrote the handbook guide for bohemian decorating and coming home to good vibes.


How to Bohemian Bedroom Decor


In her book, Justina insists that “Good design increases the quality of life.”

This concept of decorating with vintage finds, rock crystals, patterns, bold colors, and lots of plants, pillows, multi-textures and macrame became a rebirth of a 70s style and brand of her own called Jungalow.

You should check out Justina Blakeney’s New Bohemians Handbook HERE and get inspired to Jungalow your home!


How To Bohemian Bedroom Decor Book Ideas




Black America book  |  Anne Geddes book  |  Vogue book  |  New Bohemians Handbook  | Target similar woven ottoman  |  Wayfair woven rug  |


“I believe that creativity and good vibes can save the world.” —Justina Blakeney

Check out this list of 9 designs on a dime to easily decorate a bohemian bedroom with Jungalow ideas & inspiration.


How To Boho Chic Bedroom Decor


Target Opalhouse large tassel pillow  |  Target Similar multi-color pillow  |  Wayfair similar lamp shade  |  Target similar faux cactus  |


1. Place a pillow- or two, or three!

I’m an accent pillow hoarder, so this bohemian bedroom decorating tip was an easy one for me. The trick to decorating with accent pillows is all about the freestyle— and less of the matchy-matchy! Mastering a mix of textures and hues.

There are almost a dozen pillows on my bed (count them)- not even including the additional three pillows on the couch!


How To Decorate Your Room Bohemian Bedroom Decor Macrame Tapestry



Target Opalhouse Macrame wall tapestry  |


2. More macrame, please!

The seventies called- but I’m not giving them their macrame back!

Whether it’s a plant hanger or a macrame wall tapestry, I believe Justina was thinking macrame when she said this, “Objects made with love, care, and good materials bring those qualities with them wherever they go.”

For a really good reference, there’s a textile treasury section in Justina’s book. 


How To Decorate Boho Bedroom Decor Salt Lamp



Amazon Himalayan salt lamp  |  Courtly Check glass cutting board  |  

Books:  Becoming  |  The Unicorn Project  |  Say It Louder  |  Moving Forward  |  


3. Bring in the books!

You can escape to anywhere in a book! Because I’m designing my own creative escape with my bohemian bedroom, books seem to fit the order.

Choose your dimension. I added a flatlay of books on a footstool. You can also stand books up in a collection on a dresser or shelf for a small library.


How To Decorate Bohemian Style In Your Room



Target accent lamp  | Amazon Himalayan salt lamp  |


4. Crystals are bohemian bling!

Bling is a trend thing, while crystals are evergreen energy from mother earth. 

Amethysts, rose quartz and iridescent labradorite, just to name a few. The most essential decorating tip with crystals and other treasures from the earth is to put them in places that feel right for you!

For my bedroom, I brought in two Himalayan salt lamps. I can get lost in the beautiful coral and pink in these salt mounds that produce ions to balance the energy in a room. 

Light on or off, I think these rocks are the star of my boho bedroom!


How To Decorate with Opalhouse Home Decor Boho Chic Tassel Curtains



Target Opalhouse tassel curtains  |


Ideas & Inspiration How To Boho Chic Style Your Bedroom Decor


5. Tips for decorating with tassels & fringe

Tassels and fringe add the charm and whimsy to any bohemian space. (Buyer beware of cats.) In my bedroom, I chose curtains lined with tassels on each side.

Although my curtains are black and white, don’t be afraid to bring in more colorful varieties and place them in odd places like on a hook or on the back of a door. Like my woven rug trimmed in bright shaggy fringe!


How To Decorate Boho Inspo Opalhouse Faux Cactus


6. West coast cactus

West coast, best coast, right? So I added a cactus. I found this beautiful faux cactus and knew it was the perfect option to safely have around our cat.


How To Decorate your Room w/ Boho Snake Plant Ideas


7. Pot a plant

Liven things up with the living! (Duh.) The more plants, the better— and better air quality when you include plants that are natural purifiers like snake plant, aka mother-in-law’s tongue (Pro tip- water sparingly), spider plant, bamboo, pathos, aloe vera and peace lily.

I added plants throughout my bedroom on dressers, tall shelves and shelves serving as nightstands. 


How To Decorate Bohemian Style In Your Bedroom



Wayfair woven rug  |  Target velvet pillow shams  |  Target fringe lumbar pillow  |  Pottery Barn blue/white pillow  |  Pottery Barn similar black/white pillow  |  Target throw blanket  |  Amazon comforter  |  Target Opalhouse tassel curtains   |  Target similar woven ottoman  | 



8. Create texture with pattern and color

I never knew what to call it, but I’ve always decorated this way with a mix of old and new, multiple color palettes and lots of texture—all reflective of what I now know as bohemian design. 

“We’re totally creative colorful hippies who collect stuff and love to travel, and I think by some loose definition that puts us under the bohemian umbrella.” —Casual Rainbow in The New Bohemians Handbook


From my 20-year old bedroom furniture to the dozen or so mix-match throw pillows on my bed, I intended to make sure that no more than two pillows or things are the same!




That’s my style with whimsy tip- mix it up and it’s Ok if nothing’s the same!


How To Decorate Bohemian Bedroom Decor Plant Shelf Ideas



Free People multi-color kimono  |  Free People tiered ruffle tank  |  MacKenzie-Childs retired Bathing Hut canister  |  Target similar faux cactus  |  Wayfair similar lamp shade  |  Amazon similar wall shelf w/ hooks  |  Target small faux cactus  |


9. Look at what you love!

I also collect clothes, and thought to myself, why not show off my favorite pieces with the unique color, style and texture that make me so happy. So I did!

Since I can’t wear my favorite outfits every day, I keep a few on display with a face-forward rack of 3-4 garments that I love to look at.

The Mister hung a simple wood shelf with three hooks to make this an ongoing rotation of wardrobe magical moments just for me!


Ideas How To Boho Chic Style Your Bedroom


Let it flow! Go with your personal intuition and spirituality.

I used Justina’s book for ideas and inspiration. As an easy guide. A handbook.

And that’s exactly the title: The New Bohemians Handbook.

This is one of my favorite quotes from her book on the meaning of Bohemianism. 


“Living on the forefront. Being tapped into what’s happening culturally, and dancing on the edge of it to your own rhythm.” (I would have inserted an exclamation mark at sentence end!)

“…It’s a lifestyle of free thinking, free spirit, art, creativity, and passion.”

The design is all up to you!

“Follow your own mind and spirit.” —Michela Goldschmeid in The New Bohemians Handbook



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Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas & Inspiration



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