Does Pinterest Really Work To Increase Monthly Website Traffic?

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30-Day Pinterest Update— Does A Dedicated Pinterest Strategy Using The Tailwind App Really Work To Increase Views And Traffic? | Shaunda Necole

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One month ago, I shared this post on how to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest.

At that time, I had 67k monthly Pinterest viewers. 

Today, as I write this post, I’ve grown by over 250% with 192k monthly Pinterest viewers (soooo close to 200k)!

I’ve put in A LOT of work to grow to this number! I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s been easy. The ease comes with a consistent strategy that I can now implement like clockwork.


Can You Get Good Blog Traffic From Pinterest to Your Blog In just 30 Days | Shaunda Necole


How do I increase my blog traffic on Pinterest? | Shaunda Necole


If You're Hurting For Pinterest Viewers— Read This!


5 steps proven to grow your Pinterest monthly viewers:

1. I choose from my older blog posts that are timely and relevant, and I pin those images. For example, it’s Christmas time now, so I’m pinning from my older holiday blog posts from 2016 to current. I try and pin from a different blog article each day.

2. I create 1-2 text overlay images on Canva when I pin from an old or new blog post. I also add the new Canva image to the blog post. Example text overlay image below.



Pinterest 2020 - Grow Your Brand With These Proven 5 Steps - Increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers | Shaunda Necole



3. I also check my Google analytics for what people are organically looking at on my site, and I re-pin the images from those blog posts.

4. This tip is vital— I add every text overlay image I create to a tribe/Pinterest group for re-sharing. My Pinterest re-pins have increased over the past 30 days by 220%!



five tactics you can use to elevate your Pinterest monthly viewers and blog traffic | Shaunda Necole


I’m in about 12 tribes via the Tailwind app vs. the 4 or 5 tribes I was in when I wrote this post about Pinterest 30 days ago. I plan on joining more tribes, too!

I use Canva for my text overlay. I had a graphic artist on Fiverr design custom templates for me to make sure my Pinterest images stand out from the crowd. I like having more than one template option, even though I primarily use only one of the custom designs.


I also like that my pins have a stand out style. The goal is for someone to see my content and say, “Hey, that’s a Shaunda Necole pin!”


My text overlay images are branded with my signature color red, and they also have my website on each template. Helpful in case a pin is ever “stolen” and re-shared without my source website link.

5. Lastly, I wake up and repeat steps 1-4! Actually, I mostly pin at night while watching The Real Housewives of (fill in the city— I watch them all)!



How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest Monthly Viewers In 2020 | Shaunda Necole


Do Not Write Another Blog Post Without This Traffic Boosting Tool!


The Tailwind app is so smart! It schedules my pins and posts them when my Pinterest audience is most engaged.

These 5 steps are so much easier with the Tailwind app instead of pinning manually. It takes about 1-2 hours to walk through my steps 1-5 because I’m so detailed and precise about my strategy— Power Pinner here!

I can’t even imagine how long this would take manually pinning 50 pins a day without the Tailwind app! (The thought exhausts me!)



45-day update— from 60k to 600k monthly Pinterest viewers!


Proven Methods To Increase Your Monthly Pinterest Viewers 60k to 600k


Share this image on Pinterest— it helps us all learn & grow!


Grow Your Brand On Pinterest In 2020 With These Proven 5 Steps | Shaunda Necole


Top Pinterest Tips To Grow Your Brand


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  1. Wow, that is some amazingly hard work you put into this! It always seems so easy, I’d thought about dabbling in blogging because it does look so easy, but wow that is a ton of work! Readers I doubt appreciate how much work goes into it, but we appreciate the end result! Thanks!

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