How To Use The Tailwind App For Pinterest

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Pinterest Latest Update - Shaunda Necole

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I’m committed to sharing with you how to use Pinterest for more blog traffic, revenue and growth. I hope you’ve been Pinning your heart out and seeing amazing results with increased clicks from Pinterest back to your website!

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Shaunda Necole Pinterest Growth & Engagement


How to reach people where they are NOW on Pinterest 

I love Pinterest because there’s so much opportunity for FREE organic growth— and you don’t even need a certain number of followers to be successful. Similar to TikTok, You can have zero followers and still reach millions! 

Because Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform, your audience size is not as important. I proved this point when I created a second Pinterest account in April for a recent Pinterest course I’ve been teaching on Zoom.

My new Pinterest account started with zero followers (really— zero because I forgot to have my old account follow my new account, LOL!).


Growing Pinterest Followers After 1 Month



My new Pinterest Business account monthly viewers after 1 month


Pinterest Monthly Viewers After 1 Month



My new Pinterest Business account monthly viewers after 3 months


Monthly Viewers After 3 Months



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How to use the Tailwind app to explode Pinterest views & blog traffic

With Pinterest, I learn new tips and tricks every day!

One of my favorite strategies is scheduling Pins using the Pinterest approved Tailwind app. Last week I pre-filled my Tailwind queue to concentrate on teaching a live class later that day. I garnered over 1,200 repins that day— wowza! 


Tailwind App 1200 Repins In One Day


That week ended with over 4k repins! A successful combination of my signature Pinterest strategies and the Tailwind app. I teach these strategies in my courses.

Here’s my referral link to hold onto and save $15 whenever it’s time to upgrade your Tailwind app experience.

$15 off Tailwind HERE!


Pinterest 2020 calendar trends:

Pinterest is a free app like none other that genuinely rewards your efforts.

After deep-diving into the platform with lots of participation and sharing across other social media sites, Pinterest invited me to join their new Pinterest Business Community. 

Even though no one told me that the above reasons are why I received an invite into this exclusive Pinterest community of only 200 or so contributors, most of my online success has come from sharing, so I figure this opportunity is no different.

Here are a few updates I want to share with you from the Pinterest Business Community.

I mentioned the Pinterest trends calendar in the lesson I just gave via Zoom, and wouldn’t you know Pinterest has released two new content planners that can be of great value to you in planning when and what to Pin.

1. Pinterest Holiday 2020 Trends

2. Pinterest How To Inspire Through Uncertainty


Pinterest Latest Update - Shaunda Necole


You may also enjoy these upcoming Pinterest events for bloggers and business owners

1. Pinterest Creators Creating For Pinterest 

2. Pinterest Business US Winning Holidays 


I’ll keep you updated on my new Pinterest group coming soon!

It’ll be all about Pinterest SEO and winning strategies to increase your blog traffic!

You can get on the waitlist HERE.


Pinterest Marketing Strategy & SEO Tips For Bloggers Waitlist



Like this post? Pin it to your Pinterest blogging tips board— it helps us all learn & grow!


How To Get More Pinterest Blog Traffic & Link Clicks


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