How To Plan A Happy Hysterectomy Goodbye Uterus Party

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Hysterectomy Party Ideas, Games, Decorations, Invitations, Cake & Favors

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I would suggest to anyone having a hysterectomy to send off their uterus with a farewell celebration hysterectomy party! 

My uterus and I have been through so much together— the “big red” starting when I was 12, two pregnancies, two births, fibroids and tons of monthlies! Bye, Felicia! Farewell Party for my uterus before hysterectomy


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A goodbye uterus party

A celebration is also an opportunity for friends to show their support for your operation. Post-op, you’ll be resting and won’t want much company right away. As my friends and more importantly, as women, they completely understood my pain and my decision to undergo this procedure. Happy Hysterectomy Photo Props Farewell Uterus Party for Hysterectomy: Factory Closed


A pre-surgery farewell party for your angry uterus— “Bye, Felicia!”

I hosted a party at one of my favorite restaurants with my favorite girlfriends to say, “Bye, Felicia” to my angry uterus! 

Why was my uterus so angry? Because it’s had to deal with pesky painful fibroids growing all over it for the last three years. 

Sometimes the fibroids would cause lots of pressure, pain and extremely heavy-flow periods, once even putting me down for a week. I waited three years before deciding to have a hysterectomy surgery

In my wait, the fibroids only got MUCH bigger. 

There are less invasive options to have fibroids removed, lasered away, or controlled (potentially), but the only sure way to rid them for good without the worry of them coming back is with a hysterectomy procedure. After three years of them only getting worse, I made my decision to proceed with a hysterectomy. Farewell Uterus Party for a Happy Hysterectomy Party


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We said, “Cheers!” and toasted to cancelling my monthly subscription! No more monthly cycles after your hysterectomy!

To prepare for my party, the only thing I made, other than dinner reservations, were these cute little farewell signs.

I used computer paper, my printer, laminating machine and paper straws (getting rid of the uterus, but saving the dolphins with the paper straws.) The invitations were created in minutes and sent out with the Hobnob app electronically. 

Then I picked out a party dress and showed-up! I was already practicing doing the least— which is the recipe to follow after surgery. I’m glad that I took the time (an hour, if that) to make the photo signs.

The photo signs were the perfect party favors to compliment the restaurant’s table setting, and the life of the party for my guests.

The only thing that was missing was a goodbye uterus piñata and maybe a hysterectomy cake! Farewell Uterus Party for Hysterectomy: Bet you're glad that's Ovar-ies! Farewell Uterus Party for Hysterectomy: DIY Photo Signs


Hysterectomy Party Photo Booth Signs Free Printable Download


Get your free hysterectomy party printable! Party at Varia Norfolk Hilton The Main Farewell Uterus Party for Hysterectomy: Guests and Party Favors


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SheIn dress  |  Wild Fable shirt  |  Gucci belt  |  Dr. Martens boots  |  similar Betsey Johnson skull bracelet  |  Free People earrings  |  similar Etsy ring  |  Givenchy lipstick  |


For your must-have checklist of hysterectomy recovery items, including everything the doctors leave out, check out my post HERE. 


Say, “Bye, Felicia!” with a virtual party until it’s safe to gather again

Even if it’s not safe to get your girls together in one place for your hysterectomy party, a virtual party will be just what the doctor ordered! 


Planning a virtual hysterectomy party is easy as 1-2-3!

Social distancing is literally the doctor’s orders in the age of corona for safe and successful surgeries.

1. Order what you need for a Zoom video call celebration with your favorite friends wherever they may be!

2. Shop humorous and festive hysterectomy party ideas, including decorations, games, cake toppers and party favors. 

3. Choose to gather all your party supplies and ship mini party packages to each guest. If your friends are local, leave a basket of favors on your doorstep for each person to quickly pick up. 

Now everyone invited is prepared for the farewell festivities!


Hysterectomy party decorations

Click on any image to shop.




Get your free hysterectomy party printable! 



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Lularoe leggings (hysterectomy pants I call them)|  Belly band  |  Heating pad  |  Birkenstock sandals  |  Mermaid blanket Hysterectomy recommendations: Lularoe leggings & belly band Hospital floral arrangement after hysterectomy


No more cramping my style!

I knew this was going to be major surgery, but my recovery was more than I anticipated. 

It took two weeks before my first outing. My first out of the house experience was a massage with a group of influencers in my area to experience and promote a local day spa. I agreed to this pre-surgery and was so fortunate on the timing!

For my second outing, I was a panelist speaker at a women’s conference, and even wore boots with heels to the event (Yaasss, Prince)! Hysterectomy Party


I had such a fantastic time being out and about socializing that I forgot that I was a patient! It was so good to feel like myself again.

I’m taking a cruise in week five, and I can’t wait! Once again, it’s a work thing (no kidding), and I’m blessed again on the timing.  

Even if you don’t believe me that it’s a working cruise, it’d be hard to hate on ‘lil ole me– the lady with the extra hard recovery!

Remember my hysterectomy story when I share my posts from the cruise— and know that your girl earned this one!

Read all about my cruise and and life after hysterectomy recovery HERE!


“Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again.” —Lalah Delia


PLEASE NOTE: The information in this post should not be construed as providing specific medical advice, but rather to offer you information through the lens of my personal experience. It’s not intended to provide an alternative to professional treatment or replace a physician’s services.


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Get your free hysterectomy party printable! 



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Happy Hysterectomy Party Ideas



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