Simple Framework To Craft An Elevator Pitch

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Simple Elevator Pitch: How To Explain What Digital Creators Do For A Living?

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Adrianna Papell sent me this beautiful jumpsuit (all opinions are my own). 

Meaning, I got this outfit for free. (Yes, that’s a brag.)


But you should know, there’s been a lot of work put in behind the scenes that make these types of “freebies” possible.


Try explaining the stuff that’s shifted my whole business in an elevator pitch…

Yes, it’s easy to enthusiastically promote what I would have honestly bought anyway (i.e., this head turning jumpsuit). But what makes these offers land at my doorstep gift wrapped with a bow is all the media I’ve done— like podcasts, blog articles, guest posts and speaking— the stuff that’s shifted my whole business!


Simple Framework To Craft An Elevator Pitch | Shaunda Necole


Shout out to my mentor, publicity and media strategist, Selena Soo!

Selena’s Impacting Millions course has made it EASY for myself and hundreds of other entrepreneurs to garner mainstream media and press attention for our businesses.

What’s not easy, and has gotten even harder since I quit saying “I’m a blogger,” is explaining what I do to people who aren’t “in this world.”


Carnival Cruise Alchemy Bar | Shaunda Necole


“This world” being, the online space.

Or, as I call it to people who *are* in it, “this space.”

At dinner last week, I was telling my friend who’s a teacher why a photographer was coming over to my house to take pictures of my new Christmas tree for a brand partnership— without my family. Just me and the dog (the cat doesn’t cooperate).

My friend said:

“Oh, I kind of get what you do!”

I said, “You do?” I was excited! None of my friends with *real-world* jobs ever get it.

“Yeah,” she said, discarding a shrimp tail. “You’re like one of those old-school door-to-door salespeople who sell encyclopedias!”

(Oh— Womp womp.)

I nodded thoughtfully, like, “I’ll buy that; works for me” and reached for the olives.

I mean. Sure? What am I gonna say? “How dare you!”


Adrianna Papell All Occasion Affordable Designer Dresses | Shaunda Necole


I prefer how my friend, Nikki introduces me. “Shaunda figured out a way to get paid to be her creative self!”


Simple Framework To Craft An Elevator Pitch To Explain What I Do For A Living? | Shaunda Necole


Shaunda Necole | Adrianna Papell Holiday Sale


That’s my whole thing! Getting paid to be me by helping you get paid to be you. (Tough to translate into real-world terms.)


Even my husband doesn’t know how to explain how I make a living. He tells people, “She does something with Instagram? And she blogs about it? I’m not really sure, but she’s killin’ it!”

He’s proud, that’s all that matters.

I’m OK with what I do, being somewhat of an anomaly to people who aren’t my audience anyway.

It makes me a mystery— an enigma. Or, fine, an encyclopedia seller. I’ll take it.

I might start saying something random like “drug mule” or “deep sea fisher-woman.” LOL!


Adrianna Papell Holiday Fashion Dresses & Jumpsuits - Love That Look!


Do you struggle with this? Getting (or wanting) people to know what you do?

I say it’s OK.

Unless they’re people *who need what you do*, in which case, here’s how to explain what you do!


Why Your Elevator Pitch Matters


The easiest framework for creating your elevator pitch:

Formula: I help [type of person] to [get x result] so they can [x: BIG payoff or outcome]

For example, when I’m around people in “this space” or that need my help, I might say,

“I help entrepreneurs and influencers get creative with social media + publicity for business growth made easy.”



Head Turning NYE Outfits | Shaunda Necole
Adrianna Papell jumpsuit photos by: Jenna Sparks Photography



Adrianna Papell Head Turning NYE Dresses | Shaunda NecoleMy beautiful dress is also care of Adrianna Papell. Love that look!


K, photo time!

I have to go touch up my lipstick to take a couple more pics for the promo of my upcoming trip back to Vegas!

Hard to explain again, but it’s a business trip— getting paid to talk about Instagram at a hairstylist convention in Las Vegas! (no whining on the yacht) 😉


No Whining On The Yacht - Digital Creators Trying To Explain What They Do In An Elevator Pitch | Shaunda Necole


Oh (encyclopedia salesperson here)— and for your holiday convenience, Adrianna Papell is offering *free 2-day* shipping on orders over $100 now through Dec. 18!


Adrianna Papell - Shop Holiday Favorites



Adrianna Papell jumpsuit Adrianna Papell dress  |  Gucci belt  | Nordstrom earrings  |  Similar Macy’s gold bangles  |  Similar Etsy ringJessica Simpson wedge sandals  |


PS— Selena’s program is practically around the corner!

If you’re thinking about getting more known— dare I say, *famous* in 2020? Get on the interest list HERE!

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