Business Breakthrough Moments In Honduras

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Shaunda Necole- monkeying around in Honduras - Monkey Town at Gumbalimba Park - Carnival cruise excursion

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Carnival Cruise Line sponsored my shore excursion in Honduras. 

All opinions are my own.

Last week at this time, I was in Honduras monkeying around in Gumbalimba Park.

Part of my tour of this amazing wildlife preservation in Isla Roatan was with little monkeys that jumped from head to shoulder of everyone that came into their habitat!


Shaunda Necole- I Was In Honduras When I Had A Breakthrough Moment Of How To Get That Monkey Off Your Back!


It was very adventurous and thrilling because we never knew when to expect any one or two of about twelve monkeys to jump on our heads— tousled hair, monkey feet in face and tails whipped around necks!

When it was time to exit “Monkey Town,” which is what this part of the park was called, our tour guide said,


Shaunda Necole- I Was In Honduras When I Had A Breakthrough Moment Of How To Get That Monkey Off Your Back! Monkey = Procrastination!


“OK everybody! Time to get that monkey off your back!”

Of course, that was a funny euphemism he used. It came back to me full circle in a message that I want to share with you today.


Shaunda Necole- Monkey La-La Bridge in Honduras- Gumbalimba Park

Shaunda Necole- Gumbalimba Park wildlife preservation tour - Carnival Vista - Choose Fun!

Shaunda Necole- Gumbalimba Park Parakeets, Honduras


How I got that monkey off my back?

You may remember that the reason I was in Honduras was for a mastermind retreat, cruising Carnival on the western Caribbean sea. This all-inclusive working cruise was the best way that I’ve ever seen work and play combined for a win-win, dynamic experience!

I learned so much from our intimate group of ten, making up our mastermind community. From PR pros, bloggers, photographers, online media resources, and also brand, marketing and talent agents.

We each spoke and shared our area of expertise, creating a mastermind experience with actionable, knowledge-based learning.

One of the many takeaways that I can’t wait to share with you is— you guessed it…

How to get that monkey off your back!


Shaunda Necole Carnival Vista western Caribbean cruise at Isla Roatan, Honduras in Jams World


When I say monkey, I’m totally referring to that dreaded P-word— Procrastination!

Nike says, “Just do it!” Whatever *it* is that you want to do— Especially if *it* involves turning a passion or an area of expertise into a revenue making machine!


Shaunda Necole- Coconut crazy about Honduras, Isla Roatan private beach excursion via Carnival Cruise Vista

Shaunda Necole- Juggling coconuts on the beach in Honduras! Carnival Cruise Line - Vista - land excursion


Here’s one to follow.

Find 3 hobbies you love:

1. One to make money.

2. One to keep you in shape.

3. One to be creative.


Shaunda Necole- Visit Honduras


For me, this is:

1. Sharing by writing and speaking— Remember me? Social butterfly turned social media influencer!

2. Yoga— My friend Lorraine made a business of this one HERE!

3. Hair bow making— I made a business out of this one, too!


Shaunda Necole- Caribbean braids in Honduras, Isla Roatan


I’m committed to sharing these types of motivational messages with you as we head into 2020!

Although I mentioned 2020, I want to remind you of this:

“Don’t watch the clock; Do what it does. Keep going.” —Sam Levenson

Now in my own words: Don’t wait for 2020 to get started. Now is the best time to be who you were born to be and do what you were already meant to be doing!

While you’re waiting, somebody else is doing it!


Shaunda Necole- Clear waters with tropical fish swimming around your feet at Isla Roatan beaches in Honduras


Shaunda Necole- Turquoise Waters in Honduras, Isla Roatan via Carnival Cruise Line Vista


I did it— and you can do it, too!

I got that monkey off my back by knowing when to get help to get to the next level in my business.


Shaunda Necole- Western Caribbean queen in Jams Word - She Jams Around The World - the beaches of Isla Roatan


We can’t do it all alone.

It’s essential to know when to bring in the right person who is already an expert on the next steps to take— no need to waste time reinventing the wheel!


Shaunda Necole with Yvette of May Bueno Cooking in Honduras

With my friend who organized our retreat, Yvette of Muy Bueno Cooking!

My style with whimsy tip:

I’m wearing my favorite pieces from the nostalgic Jams World collection (in size XS— Yay!). I wore these beautiful styles, gifted from Jams World, all around Honduras. I was excited to wear every outfit because color is my favorite, and I chose my favorite colorful patterns! You can shop my outfits here:

Hattie Dress- Illusion (contemporary art pattern)  

Hattie Dress- Flower Splash (floral pattern)   

Casablanca Dress- Tropical Love (kimono)  

The Jumper- Road Trip (jumpsuit) 

I also made a stop as soon as we arrived on the beaches of Isla Roatan to have my hair braided Caribbean style right on the white sandy shores! With my hair braided, I saved heaps of time in getting ready each day, and had more time for all the activities happening on my Carnival cruise!



bathing suit  |  sunglasses  |  sandals  |  similar fanny pack  |  similar ring  |  similar earrings  |  similar bracelets  |  green & white jumpsuit  |


Shaunda Necole- Isla Roatan, Honduras private beach

Shaunda Necole- I Was In Honduras at the beach, Isla Roatan

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography.




To get that monkey off your back, so you can JUMP into the place you are supposed to be, personally and in business, sign up to be the first to know about the next mastermind experience with my mentor and secret-weapon in publicity and in biz.

Forbes said yes to me— Now it’s your turn!

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Explore Gumbalimba Park Isla Roatan, Honduras | Shaunda Necole


Explore The Beaches Of Isla Roatan, Honduras | Shaunda Necole



Shaunda Necole- monkeying around in Honduras - PIN IT!


Get That Monkey Off Your Back



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