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I love to travel to sunny places because I love the sunshine and I love the heat! My ideal temperature on any given day is about 95 degrees. I can comfortably tolerate 107 degrees in Las Vegas because the dry heat is so much better than 95 degrees in high humidity Virginia Beach!

As a confessed lover of tropical temperatures and sunny destinations, it’s no wonder that my new obsession is the desert!


Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert | Mojave National Preserve Sign


Discover Mojave

The Mister and I recently spent some time at Mojave Desert. We were at Mojave National Preserve in the area of Barstow, California (according to my Snapchat filter ;-).

In route and on our way back to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, this turned out to be a wonderful stop that wasn’t exactly planned.

I had my heart set on Death Valley, desert land in Eastern California, and also the driest and hottest spot in North America!

Temps have gotten to a record high of 134° F! I’m most fascinated with Death Valley because it is home to the lowest elevation on the continent (minus 282 feet below sea level) at Badwater Basin, the lowest point accessible by car. Fascinating, right?!

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert California Love

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Inspiration Wild & Free

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert in Barstow, CA

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert near Nevada | To Death Valley California


Not Exactly Death Valley

Since it was January, I wan’t concerned about the extreme heat at Death Valley. I was, however concerned with getting a ton of amazing pictures and videos in the daylight. But again, it was January, so by the time we would have arrived at about 5:30pm, it would have been dark.

Instead of Death Valley, we visited the Mojave Desert, which extends from California and surrounds Las Vegas.

The Mojave Desert lands are AMAZING, so this wasn’t any consolation prize after not making it to Death Valley! Mojave is the driest desert in North America and has extreme highs in elevations above 2,000 feet and extreme lows (Death Valley) 282 feet below sea level! I’m not sure of the elevation where we were standing.

I do know that we weren’t on the low Death Valley side of Mojave, which is where I originally wanted to be (smile ;-).

We were, however surrounded by gorgeous red rock mountains and wild open desert space. This time, I’m thankful it was January because the temperature was mild at about 55 degrees. I had on a cardigan sweater and knee-high boots and was more than comfortable.



similar Target cardigan  |  Amazon red retro dress  |  Vince Camuto boots  |  Overstock necklace  |  Julie Vos bracelet  |  similar to my Tenzin LA ring  |  Sugarfix Earrings  |  Givenchy red lipstick  |  The Mister’s shirt  |


Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert | Mojave Road

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert drive

Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave National Preserve


Nature Unrefined

The vastness of the land in its natural, unrefined glory is the epitome of inspiring!

I was wishing that the car was loaded with  all sorts of props and clothes to dress up! I had a dozen scenes painted in my mind, and I was ready to create on this unique blank canvas!

I can’t wait to head back to Mojave Desert in the warmer months and give you an update on the temperatures in the Spring and Summer.

As part of the Preserve, you can explore natural features like Mojave Wilderness and its impressive Joshua tree forests, Kelso Dune Fields of large sand deposits, or the ghost town of Kelso. Mojave Preserve is also commonly traveled by 4-wheel drive vehicles on the historic Mojave Road.

I can’t wait to go further east into Mojave Desert to get to Death Valley and the Badwater Basin experience! Stay tuned…

You can watch my video at Mojave National Preserve on my IGTV Channel HERE.


Shaunda Necole Desert Love: Mojave Desert somewhere around San Bernardino, CA Discover Mojave

Map at the entrance of Mojave National Preserve | Desert Love: Visiting The Mojave Desert (Somewhere Around Barstow California)- Pin It! | Desert Love: Visiting The Mojave Desert (Somewhere Around Barstow California)- Follow in the LIKE to KNOW it App for daily style inspiration!


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  1. Wow, these are beautiful pictures – I love the coloring of them! I can only imagine how fast the Mojave is in real life!

  2. This is really nice, I’ve not been to any desert, Mojave does sound nice, I don’t need Death Valley, either! I love dry heat, too.

  3. That is awesome! I generally don’t like when the weather is too hot (east coast girl here)! BUT I love traveling and I visit CA quite often. Maybe next time I’ll make this a trip. Thanks for the share!!

  4. I lived in the desert of California for 3 years and think of it often. It is a beautiful place and people do not give it enough credit… until they’ve visited.

  5. you like the pictures beauty and air to relax you . I like to take 500hp dune buggies and race in the lose sand and open space . love your car to.

    1. He, He! Thanks, Arlene! I was hoping this was really about my “hair” and not a typo for “air”, LOL! I have a post about my hair care routine on it’s way to the blog 😉 Stay tuned…

  6. I’d love to see that area. And considering how cold it is here in KY today, even 100 heat would be fine by me!

  7. I spent 3 years at 29 Palms in the Mojave Desert. It has its attractions. I’ll take North East Texas over it any day. I like grass, trees, and lakes!

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