What To Pack For A Caribbean Cruise Today

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Shaunda Necole- Carnival Caribbean Cruise Style

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My upcoming cruise is sponsored by Carnival.

All opinions are my own.


I’m on the countdown. My Carnival Caribbean cruise sets sail in five days!

My favorite trips are to sunny places and island destinations, and I don’t mind if it’s resort style or cruise ship travel!

This cruise itinerary is no exception to where I like to go. On deck are Cozumel- Mexico, Belize and Mahogany Bay- Honduras, setting sail from the port of Galveston, Texas.


I’ve done my homework for this trip.

Partly because it’s a working trip, so I’ve had to prepare my speaking topic! The other part is because the Carnival HUB app says it’s been 14 years since I last set sail, so I did my homework on what to bring on board.

Here’s what I’ve come up with— these not so everyday items that you may not think to pack.

Click on any image below to get to the item(s) pictured.


Shaunda Necole- Going On A Caribbean Cruise? Here Are 11 Things To Make Sure You Have In Your Bag Before You Set Sail— These Are The Things You May Not Think To Pack That You Don't Want To Leave Behind


Shaunda Necole x Jams World- Big Island Style


11 things you don’t want to regret not having packed for your next Caribbean cruise

1. Get a drone camera to capture Insta-award-winning photos. I’ve ordered my first drone, and it’s here! I’ve never had a drone before, and I’m so excited to capture aerial views of the Caribbean waters, beaches and landscapes. I chose this particular drone camera because it was rated 4.5-stars and kid-friendly (i.e., easy for me to use).

Like a kid, I’ll be playing around with it this week to learn how to use it on the cruise. It was also affordably priced under $50! Perfect for a first-time purchase.

I purchased this drone HERE.


2. Fill-up a collapsible water bottle. Planning for excursions on your cruise? Although my group has yet to pick our land excursions, one thing that’s always needed for any adventure is water! It can be pricey as a tourist to buy bottled water, so thinking ahead, I ordered a collapsible water bottle and reusable water pouches.

Easy to carry with and won’t take up much space when the water is all gone. I read that keeping these bottles filled is a cinch with Carnival’s plenty of water-filling stations onboard!

I purchased these water bottles HERE and HERE.


3. Bring waterproof cell phone pouches. On my last cruise (pre-social media era), we did an excursion at Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. This cruise is not going to Jamaica, and I probably won’t be climbing any waterfalls post-surgery. However, I may want to partake in a turquoise ocean water dip, or possibly a swim with the dolphins.

I’ve read that my iPhone is water submersible up to 30 feet. But who wants to take the chance of phone damage while out of the country? Not me! To be safe, I’ve packed waterproof phone pouches that I can use to capture the essence of all of my Caribbean ocean adventures!

I purchased this pack of waterproof pouches HERE.


4. Pack a portable charger. I already mentioned that we’re in the social media age, right (tip number 3, above)? If you’re using your phone for photos and videos, you’ll want to have handy a light-weight portable charger, so you never miss capturing a pose or a scenic view.

I have a portable charger but purchased a new one because it’s lighter and more comfortable to have on hand for shore activities.

I purchased this portable charger HERE.


Shaunda Necole x Jams World- kaftan Muumuu



5. Don’t leave home without a deep moisturizer. As a hot climate lover, from the desert to the tropical islands, I know how important it is to re-hydrate your skin after an impressive outing in the sun. We often remember sunscreen, but this a reminder to pack your favorite all-over body moisturizer to rejuvenate from day to night.

My favorite is organic coconut oil. *Pro-tip— when packing coconut oil, make sure you’re plastic bottle is leak-proof, as this natural oil liquifies in warm temps.


6. Cash-in on small bills for tipping. I was reminded of this ahead of time by my fellow blogger friend, Yvette of @MuyBuenoCooking.

We’ll be together on the cruise— Yay! But beforehand, I’ll hit up my bank this week to cash in a few big bills for fives and singles.


7. Pack a snack. My favorite part of cruising is around the clock meals! Just don’t forget to pack a snack for off-shore events. Lucky for us, Tastefully Simple is providing our group with healthy snack options to carry along to satisfy our off-ship cravings!

You can see more from Tastefully Simple HERE.


8. Don’t forget sneakers or your most comfortable closed-toe shoes. You may even want to consider purchasing shoes specific to rocky excursions like the Mayan Ruins in Belize or Jungle ATV adventures in Mahogany Bay. (Just sayin’— ATV adventures are NOT on my list!)

Vivo Barefoot has provided our group with two pairs of comfortable and environmentally sustainable kicks! I thought ahead and chose one pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers in case I change my mind about the ATV’s (just kidding!)

Check out Vivo Barefoot shoes HERE.


Shaunda Necole x Jams World- Hawaii Island Style


9. Get in the spirit with island attire. I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with one of my all-time favorite clothing brands! Jams World is a brand that I’ve been wearing since my daughter was an infant! Quality clothes made in Hawaii with native island traditions of hand-painted art.

I STILL HAVE AND WEAR my original Jams World dress from 1997! I love a theme, and I’m excited to bring authentic island attire to my Caribbean cruise!

See more of my favorite collections from Jams World HERE.

Check out their family story HERE.


Shaunda Necole x Jams World- color is my favorite


Shaunda Necole x Adrianna Papell- Short Sleeve Beaded Blouson Gown


10. Pack for the pageantry! Did I hear someone say there will be a Captain’s Ball? Yaasss, dahhlinggg, because I’m a sucker for pomp and pageantry! I should share that the attire for the cruise ship Captain’s Ball is semi-formal to formal, and this is also an optional dinner.

Ladies can wear sundresses on upwards to fancy ball gowns, and men can attend in collared shirts and slacks or a suit and tie. When Adrianna Papell asked me to choose a few pieces from their elegant collections, I was thrilled to have one of their outfits for the cruise’s ball. Stay tuned to see what I wear!

In the meantime, check out Adrianna Papell’s beautiful designs HERE.
Shaunda Necole x Adrianna Papell- Metallic Cropped Jumpsuit



11. *BONUS*— Don’t forget your costume or holiday attire! We’re cruising during Halloween, and I’m packing my colorful make-up in case I have time to paint my face for La Día de Los Muertos, like my friend, Yvette did HERE!


ShaundaNecole.com- Día de Muertos sugar skull, my fellow blogger friend, Yvette of @MuyBuenoCooking

Photo from: @MuyBuenoCooking on Instagram



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Shaunda Necole- Going On A Caribbean Cruise? Here Are 11 Things To Make Sure You Have In Your Bag Before You Set Sail


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