Hotel Roanoke: Where To Stay In Roanoke, VA

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hotel roanoke

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shaunda necole at the hotel roanoke and conference center


the hotel roanoke catwalk


the hotel roanoke porch


Hilton Curio hotel roanoke


Recently I visited Roanoke, a landmark destination in my home state of Virginia, and about four and a half hours west of Virginia Beach.

When planning our stay, I did a search for 4- and 5-star hotels within the city, and my search query led me to The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center.


shaunda necole at virginia's hotel roanoke


shaunda necole at hilton curio collection


hotel roanoke catwalk rail way


kirk ave downtown roanoke


Downtown Roanoke

The Hotel Roanoke is a historic property in the heart of the city, surrounded by mountain views.

It has an attached catwalk leading directly to Downtown Roanoke, an eclectic art and food district with restaurants, shops and night life entertainment.

There was an outdoor fashion show the weekend we were in town, along with street bands and blocked off areas for socializing and dancing.


hotel roanoke city views


hotel roanoke harry potter hotel


hotel roanoke historic hotels of america


hotel roanoke lobby


hotel roanoke elevators


hotel roanoke cookies


hotel roanoke wall murals


shaunda necole in hotel roanoke beautiful halls


Inside The Hotel

The hotel itself is an extraordinary, majestic property on the most beautiful of grounds with gardens, fountains and scenic paths.

The Hotel Roanoke is part of the distinguished Hilton Curio Collection, reflecting the best of the Roanoke Valley. A masterpiece property in its area and impeccably preserved since 1882.

We described it as a Harry Potter castle because it’s so large in stature with a European castle appeal.

Inside, the lobby and common areas are just as nostalgic with cozy hints of southern charm in the luxurious decor.


hotel roanoke suite


hotel roanoke suite seating area


hotel roanoke guest suite bathroom


hotel roanoke garden


shaunda necole hotel roanoke summer solstice


My outfit details are sourced HERE.


The Guestroom

My two kids and I (young adult daughter and teenage son) were only going to be in town for the weekend, so I reserved one suite with double beds. It was perfect in size to accommodate the three of us.

The room was simple in design with modern essentials like Wi-Fi and a smart TV, which was perfect for my son.

On site there was a restaurant, fitness center and gorgeous pool with private cabanas.

My son was at the property while my daughter and I left for an event. He experienced the restaurant, pool and the fitness center and only had high remarks for each one.

I thought that the staff was very helpful and accommodating.

Upon our arrival, my daughter and I were rushing to check in and change our clothes to get to our event on time. The valet understood and held our car to the side for quicker service when we were ready to come back down and leave.

Aside from valet, there is also plenty of self-parking on site.


hotel roanoke pool


the magnificent hilton hotel roanoke


hotel roanoke cobblestone stairs


hotel roanoke fountains


Where To Stay & What To Do In Roanoke, VA


Roanoke Attractions

The hotel staff was also very knowledgeable on the area attractions and how to get to them like wine tastings, cavern tours and mountain trails.

We visited the iconic Roanoke Star on top of a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The attraction is the world’s largest manmade star.

We went to see the star in the day, although the star is famous for lighting up at night.

From this mountain top there is a wonderful overlook of the city. We were able to see and point out The Hotel Roanoke, one of the largest properties in the area.


shaunda necole roanoke star


Interested in a stay at The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center? I saved when I booked my stay HERE !




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Where To Stay In Roanoke, VA?


A Hotel Harry Potter Fans Will Love!



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