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ShaundaNecole.com | Meet Natalie and David, The Power Couple Behind Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m so happy to introduce you to Natalie Bui and David Cao, the power couple behind Wonder Nails salon inside of Hampton Road’s Greenbrier Mall!

Natalie is the creator behind all of my fabulous nail designs.

I sat down with her recently for a one on one about her business, her husband and how these two have become the youngest owners of this glamorous salon in a prominent mall.


ShaundaNecole.com | Meet Natalie and David, The Power Couple Behind Wonder Nails

ShaundaNecole.com | Meet Natalie & David, Nail Professionals at Wonder Nails

ShaundaNecole.com | Love Inspired: Natalie & David Nail Professionals | Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall


Love in Artistry

Natalie has been a nail professional for eight years, while her husband David has eleven years in the game.

She shared with me her story of how she came from Vietnam to California with her mind made up that she wasn’t going to be another Vietnamese girl in the US “doing nails”.

I’m so glad that this girl was flexible in her stance, because we would have all missed out on one of the most creative designers in the industry!

What Natalie didn’t know at the time is that the industry had evolved into more than French manicures and soaking your fingernails in a bowl.

She also didn’t know that she was about to meet her soul mate and together they would shake things up in the nail industry!


ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails Custom Nail Designs

ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails Rhinestone Nail Art

ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails gel nal polish

ShaundaNecole.cm | Wonder Nails Manicure


I’d say born an artist

Natalie admits that she’s been drawing little flowers and designs for as long as she can remember.

When she found out that the nail world had exploded with over the top art, designs, nail shapes and amazing color applications, she was all in!

With the infusion of artistry, Natalie could be more than just the average nail tech “doing nails”.

She had found her niche in a field where she previously had zero interest.


Natalie says her husband’s technique and artistry have been an inspiration to her along the way.

They both are insanely creative, so it’s to no surprise that their skills play off one another.

They both worked for other nail companies prior to taking on Wonder Nails in the summer of 2018. They’d been saving money for an opportunity to have a business of their own. 

Wonder Nails exceeded even their expectations as first-time business owners!


ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails salon and spa massage chairs

ShaundaNecole.com | Sky Ceiling | Wonder Nails Salon

ShaundaNecole.com | Premier Nail Salons In Hampton Roads | Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

ShaundaNecole.com | Visit Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

ShaundaNecole.com | Everything you need to know about Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall


To Whom Much is Given Much is Required

I was scheduled this day as Natalie’s last client so we’d have time for her to share her story with me.

I watched as she was the last one of her 24 employees to finish working. David’s last client was a couple of hours earlier, but he didn’t go home.

He made a trip to Home Depot to buy a part to fix something in the shop’s restroom, then he mopped the floor while we finished up. The couple acknowledged that to whom much is given, much is required and how they take business and ownership very seriously.

They remember working all day at someone else’s salon, taking in every customer that they could.

Natalie said that she’s in a place right now where she’s doing what she loves.

That credit belongs to the due diligence of the Natalie and David of yesterdays, that put in the work to get to where they are today.

Working for love and not just for money.



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ShaundaNecole.com | Everything you need t know about the youngest Power Couple behind Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

ShaundaNecole.com | Love Inspired: Natalie & David Working For The Love Of It! | Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall


Power Couple

You can find Natalie and David at Wonder Nails at least 6 days out of the 7-day week.

You’ll want to schedule an appointment. Natalie stays booked a month out, and David a month and a half!

They do maintain a full staff of nail techs, so walk-ins are always welcome! Natalie and David both specialize in nail art, including ombré nails, 3D nail art, rhinestone embellishments and all custom designs.

I haven’t found anything that either one of them can’t do!

I was referred to Natalie a year ago when I wanted “24K” nails for a Bruno Mars concert! As an influencer, what was fascinating and funny to me about Natalie and David is that their families have known each other for years.

However, these two met on Facebook!


ShaundaNecole.com | Love in Artistry | Wonder Nails Color Acrylic Powder


Follow on Instagram: 


and @DavidAlchemist 

for your daily dose of nail inspiration!


ShaundaNecole.com | Meet Natalie, Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails meet @NatalieBAlchemist

ShaundaNecole.com | Meet David, Wonder Nails Greenbrier Mall

ShaundaNecole.com | Wonder Nails meet @DavidAlchemist


My monthly beauty regiment at Wonder Nails:

1. gel powder fill-in

2. nail art- I use these resources to pick out designs:

  • Natalie’s IG page HERE
  • or David’s IG page HERE
  • or my nails Pinterest board HERE

3. shellac nail color for my toes

4. sometimes I add in a pedicure with warm paraffin wax 😉

5. eyebrow tinting (I get the color black because it fades to exactly the color I like 😉

6. eyebrow waxing and shaping



ShaundaNecole.com | Gel powder nails by Wonder Nails


ShaundaNecole.com | UV Light


ShaundaNecole.com | Nails salon & spa



ShaundaNecole.com | Eyebrow services


ShaundaNecole.com | Eyebrow Tinting


ShaundaNecole.com | Eyebrow specialists


ShaundaNecole.com | Eyebrow bar Greenbrier Mall


What I wore to the salon

My style with whimsy tip: My monthly visit to Wonder Nails requires a couple of hours in the chair.

I look for outfits that are both comfy AND stylish, since the salon is in the mall 😉

I paired a vibrant red sweatshirt with jeans and added a textured vest on top to get the style and flare I was looking for. I also wear jewelry to step up my sweatshirt from sporty to chic!


SheIn California hoodie  |  SheIn similar vest  |  similar Good American jeans  |  similar Steve Madden loafers  |  similar Julie Vos bracelet  |  Sugarfix earrings  |  Givenchy lipstick


ShaundaNecole.com | Meet Natalie And David, Nail Tech Artists


ShaundaNecole.com | Nail Art



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Beauty Comes From Inside— Inside The Nail Salon


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  1. I love their story. I have always said someone self employed has to work so much harder and make more money in order to bring home what they would from an employer. And this couple is doing just that. Their appointment books show their expertise in being booked so far out. I am happy to see this young couple use their talents and earn a living with them. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Christy, I couldn’t agree with you more! I have been an entrepreneur for about 12 years, and I’ve never worked harder!!! I love sharing success stories of people putting their talents to work and creating a business. So happy you can also appreciate talent like these two!

  2. I love my nails being done. Thank you for this information
    . Getting them done makes me feel pretty.

  3. I can see why you have to book a month or two ahead of time. That is some talent! Beautiful salon!

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