How To Get Kim Kardashian 5-Minute Flawless Nails

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Five-Minute Full Set DIY Nails

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I should’ve listened sooner.

Especially since I know Kim Kardashian’s been doing it this way for years.

It’s the reason why her manicure always looks so flawless!


Five-Minute Full Set Press On Nails On


The five-minute full set— nails + polish all in one— no drying

The five-minute full set is entirely possible with press-on nails!

Remember Lee Press-On Nails? Their 80’s commercial and jingle was EVERYTHING!

My new COVID normal is doing my nails and toes at home until I feel comfortable returning to the nail salon again. 

My press-ons had just arrived in the mailbox, on time with Prime Delivery from Amazon. Even though my package arrived so quickly, I kept putting off what I thought was going to be a time consuming, but worth it, chore!


The Best Active Length Nails: Press On In 5-Minutes & For Under $10!

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Five-Minute Full Set Stiletto Press On Nails


Why haven’t I been doing this myself?

Then, one Sunday night, I set a date with myself. I had eager plans with my set of plastic press-on nails!

I couldn’t decide between my usual stiletto style or a short square set, so I ordered both. I’m used to paying upwards of $100 for my nails and toes, including a custom nail design. The order of these two styles cost me less than 20 bucks!

Although the stiletto set of nails came ready with marble-like nail design and a gold glitter outline, I wanted a change from my usual look and chose the short, square red nails.


Five-Minute Full Set Press On Nails


The Best Coffin Shaped Nails: Press On In 5-Minutes & For Under $20!

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I also chose to use glue instead of press-on stickers. I wanted a more semi-permanent stay.

These nails were already polished, and I was ready to press go (no pun intended)! 

And just like that— in five minutes I was finished! Looking shiny and new with a brand new full set.

Why haven’t I been doing this myself all along? 

Because as sweet as these nails look, they’re just a temporary fix until I return to the salon again so my nails can go back to looking like this HERE!


Why Kim Kardashian's Nails Always Look Flawless


Did I mention that over 20 some years ago, one of my first jobs was doing nails? (I’ve done some of everything!)


Five-Minute Full Set DIY Nails



Stiletto press-on nails with design  |  Short square red press-on nails  |  IBD nail glue  |  Nail file & buffer set  |  Nail primer (or use rubbing alcohol)  |


The Best Stiletto Shaped Nails: Press On In 5-Minutes & For Under $15!

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The Five-Minute Full Set Press-On Nails


With that said, here are 7 “handy” nail “tips” for a five-minute full set at home:

1. Select the nail shape and length that you’re used to and most comfortable wearing.

2. Make sure to choose full cover nails and not tips.

3. For nails that stick and stay, it’s best to remove all oil from your natural nail bed by washing your hands and wiping each nail with rubbing alcohol.


Five-Minute Full Set DIY Flawless Manicure


4. Then file the surface of your nails with a nail file to increase the glue’s stick and stay.

5. You should select all ten nail sizes and lay them out for a prepared application. 


Five-Minute Full Set Press On IBD Nail Glue


6. For a semi-permanent hold, I also purchased this nail glue HERE. I chose this glue because of the smooth glide with the brush. You paint the glue onto your fingernail and press the nail on— no mess.

7. If your press-ons are a twist-off from a plastic thread, you may need to file away the little plastic edge on the tips. A quick swipe with a nail file over all ten nails takes less than 30 seconds.


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Five-Minute Full Set Short Square Press On Nails


And just like that— you’ve completed an at-home five-minute full set!



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The Five Minute Full Set- DIY Nails At Home


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  1. Oh my stars. You have brought back some wonderful Lee Press On Nails memories. They are actually connected to one of the best events in my life.

  2. You left off not to put nail too close to cutical or they will lift, also add some glue not.only to your nail but false nail, not file too much.on your nail or it will make your natural nail thin after a bit…Also after adding nails on trynot together nails wet, preferably before bed time to give them a good amount of time to sit..

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