Medium Length Haircut Ideas For Thick Hair

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Shaunda Necole| Styled by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach

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I’ve been rocking a bob haircut for the past 17 years!

Watch My Video Tutorial: Medium Length Haircut For thick Hair

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I feel comfortable telling you this because bob haircuts are classics that never go out of style!

I’ve had all variations. Long bob (lob), shorter stacked bob, angled bob, bob with bangs and bob without bangs! I’m currently growing out my angled bob to a shoulder length bob with a traditional blunt cut all around.


Bobs haircuts are for everyone!

They fit just about every face shape. This haircut has worked very well for me with super thick and textured hair. Whereas one of my best girlfriends also wears a bob, and her hair is super fine and naturally curly.

A Bob haircut works for all hair types!


Shaunda Necole | Styled by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


Shaunda Necole | Hair We Are Salon VA Beach, Stylist: Destiny


Shaunda Necole | My Hair Stylist is Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


My Style with Whimsy Tip:

I wore a cut-out sweatshirt instead of a regular one to the salon. I’m always in effort to look better than basic! Plus, I wanted a little style with whimsy to pair with my new ‘do when I left the salon πŸ˜‰



SheIn cut-out sweatshirt  |  Givenchy lipstick  |  Givenchy lipgloss over my Lipstick  |  Clou Beaute gel nail polish  |  Julie Vos cuff bracelet  |  Julie Vos similar bangle bracelet  |  similar to my Tenzin LA ring  |  Target similar earrings  |  Overstock necklace  |



Summer short hairstyle for women



Shaunda Necole| Styled by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


Meet All Hair By Destiny

My hairstylist is my daughter, Destiny. She is a color specialist at HERE.

On my most recent visit, she added a purple hue to my hair. I’ve been wearing all over black for quite some time.

I suppose you could call this pop of purple my spruce up for spring!

Destiny is an AMAZING hair stylist in the Hampton Roads area.

She specializes in hair color, balayage, curly hair, natural hair and is really good with bob haircuts! You can view more of her work and her Instagram hair portfolio HERE.


I’m sharing in this post my entire hair care routine from the time I’m in the salon with Destiny, until the time I go home and lay my head on my pillow!

She has turned me on to new products by Amika and Deva Curl that I’m loving right now and they work great for most hair types.

At the end of this post, you’ll leave knowing all abut the products and styling tools that work for my hair cut, in case you’re interested in joining #TeamBob or #TeamPurple for spring or summer!

These products work well for other hairstyles, too and the best part is they’re all free of parabens, sulfates and no animal testing!

If you have any questions or think I missed covering anything, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below.| Color Specialist Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


Follow @AllHairByDestiny on Instagram! Book appointments with her HERE. | @MUAHdestiny Instagram | Hampton Roads Hair Stylists & Color Specialist


All Hair By Destiny | View her portfolio of work HERE


Bob Haircut & Color | Keratin hair treatment and color | Keratin Treatment With Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


Shaunda Necole | Cut & Color by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach


Keratin treatment

Every 4-6 weeks, I see Destiny for a keratin treatment.

This treatment works well to smooth and tame thick, textured or curly hair.

I started these keratin treatments abut 5 months ago in lieu of chemical relaxers. The process entails her combing the keratin through my hair from root to end.

Then she blow drys my hair with the keratin on it. You can see in the pictures above the amount of shrinkage in my textured hair, so the blow out part of this process takes a while!

I wear sunglasses because the combination of keratin, the blow dryer heat and my thick hair makes the air smokey!

To infuse the treatment into my hair, she finishes with the flat iron, and my hair is finally silky, straight and smooth again!

Watch my keratin treatments on my IGTV channel HERE, HERE and HERE.


Balayage color

When it’s time to get my color touched up, we do this on a separate day because you cannot wash your hair for 48 hours after a keratin treatment.

Destiny used the Balayage technique to apply the purple color in the back areas of my hair.

I like the hair around my face to be darker, so she used more black in these areas and on my roots. My hair is naturally what I call “mousey” brown!


Styling tools

Destiny uses this BaBylissPRO Flat Iron HERE to straighten my hair after the blow out.

It does an excellent job of getting my hair really straight and smooth.

She also uses this same iron to add in the beach waves for the perfect finished look!


Shaunda Necole | Bob Haircut by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach



15 Salon Products That Leveled-Up My Hair Styling Routine


1. SHAMPOOMoroccaanoil Hydrating Shampoo: This is my go-to hydrating shampoo. Paraben and sulfate free!

2. CONDITIONERMorroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner: This is my go-to conditioner that leaves my hair silky smooth. I use the moisture repair because my hair can always use the extra conditioning!

3. DEEP CONDITIONING MASKAmika Soul Food Nourishing Mask: I’m all in on Amika products! This is the prefect hair mask for a deeper conditioning…and it smells so good!

4. VOLUMIZERAmika Plus Size: I apply this volumizing mouse just before my blow out for added volume and shine.

5. BLOWDRYERHSI Professional Hair Dryer D-2200: I get a professional blow dry at home and the ionic technology helps to cut down the drying time. Thus, less damage to my hair!

6. STRAIGHTENING COMBAndis High Heat Press Comb: This styling tool comes in clutch for getting my curly edges absolutely straight! I only have to use a low to medium heat setting.

7. FLAT IRONChi Classic Hair Straightening Iron: I love Chi irons! I trust their ceramic plates with controlled, even heat on on my hair. I never worry about heat damage when I’m using my Chi!

8. CURLING IRON & WAND– For loose spirals, I use my BaBylissPRO Ceramic Curling Iron. For loose beach waves, I bring out my Blow Pro Wave Maker. For perfect loose waves, wrap your hair around the iron and away from your face.

9. POMADEDeva Curl Beautiful Mess: The perfect pomade to smooth edges and lay down stubborn fly-aways without the dry, flakey feel of a gel.

10. FINISHING PRODUCTEVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer: This product is my EVERYTHING! It detangles, adds shine, tames fly-aways, is made with argan oil and smells so good! I often spray this on before I go to sleep for light hydration at night.

11. HAIR SPRAYMorroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray Strong: I only use hair spray for special occasions πŸ˜‰ Like dress-up pictures or special events when it’s important to have that extra level of assurance! When I use it, I like the Morroccanoil line because it never leaves my hair stiff or flakey.

12. TEXTURE SPRAY– I also like Drybar Triple Sec air-spray. It works great on curls and adds instant volume and body by absorbing any moisture so your curls don’t go flat!

13. SATIN PILLOW CASE– A satin pillowcase is a must have at home and in your travel bag! It does all the work for you by protecting your tresses while you sleep!

14. ELASTIC BANDS– If I don’t ponytail my hair back at night, it will totally ‘wild out’ while I sleep, causing all kinds of tangles and breakage! I spray in a little Mane Magic and use one of these elastic bands to hold my hair in place.

15. COCONUT OILSheaMoisture Extra Virgin 100% Coconut Oil: When I’m ready for a wash, I’ll usually douse my hair in coconut oil and pull it back for the day. This is my all day leave-in routine to feed and nourish.


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15 Salon Products That Leveled-Up My Hair Styling Routine


You can schedule an appointment with Destiny online HERE. | Spring Style: Haircut & Color With Destiny of Hair We Are Salon- PIN IT! | Spring Style: Haircut & Color With Destiny of Hair We Are Salon: Daily style & inspiration in the LikeToKnowIt App



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  2. Good tips! I love the bob hairstyle also. I usually go back and forth between a bob and letting my hair grow to the middle of my back.

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