Shaunda Necole: My Age-Defying Skincare Routine

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Shaunda Necole - My Skincare Routine

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I’ll start with this cliché line:
“As an influencer, people are always asking me about my skincare routine!”

LOL, just kidding! But even more funny is that people ARE actually backdooring that question and asking Google by searching for my age!

People also search for - Shaunda Necole age
Shaunda Necole Simple Skincare Tips

People also search for: Shaunda Necole age

Searching for my age? Intrusive much?

Instead, I think of it as kind of flattering. Like wanting to hug the clerk at Walgreens who cards you for your NyQuil!

It may be hard to tell my age, even after 5 grandkids (Wowza!) Because I’ve learned enough to know what products work for me and to take my skincare seriously. For example, quality makeup, good makeup brushes, proper makeup removal, and not going to bed without washing my face.

So, at age 45, I’m extremely dialed into the fact that what I eat and drink and the climate I’m in directly correlates to the health of my skin.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I split my time between homes in the East Coast humidity of Virginia Beach and the saucy desert heat of Las Vegas.

So, now that I’ve shared my age, I’m also sharing my age-defying skincare routines for each zip code I’m in!

My Skincare Routine - Shaunda Necole

My 5 simple skincare tips

No matter whether I’m in Vegas or VA Beach, these are easy-breezy, non-negotiables for my skincare routine.

  1. This one is often overlooked but worth overstating: Always wash your hands before beginning your skincare routine.
  2. Drink plenty of water. And when it’s not water, aim for low-calorie drinks.
  3. Use a moisturizer in all seasons.
  4. When applying products, don’t forget your neck and décolleté (from the bottom of your chin to the top of your chest).
  5. Apply product in a sweeping upward motion, and ALWAYS avoid dragging your skin in a downward direction!

My favorite skincare products for Las Vegas

Vegas is extremely dry, so my mantra here is only quality products. OQP!

I try to always wear sunnies outside and use an SPF on my face in the spring and summer. I love that the one I use has a brightening glow! I alternate between an SPF and a heavier moisturizer in the fall and winter. Sometimes, I use this lighter moisturizer in the fall and winter, too! I’m conscious of moisturizing my neck and the area below, the décolleté!

Then, I spray on a replenisher at night (when I remember), making sure not to miss the areas under my eyes. I also use a toner on any blemished areas of my face. And I try not to go anywhere without Carmex for my lips. (I think the Carmex is a Black lady thing! IYKYK)

And again, because I live in the desert, I use gentle bath cleansers and a combo of a moisturizing lotion with a moisturizing ointment on my body.

Pro tip: Mix in your favorite Bath & Body Works lotion to make yourself a super customized body cream with a pretty perfumed scent!

*Click on any image below to shop my Las Vegas age-defying skincare routine!

My favorite skincare products for VA Beach

Unlike Las Vegas, there’s no shortage of moisture in VA Beach. (The humidity in the South is so for real!)

Still, I don’t skip moisturizing my face, body, and lips!

*Click on any image below to shop my VA Beach age-defying skincare routine!

My skin type is oily

TULA is currently the product line that I use the most. And I love that they offer most of their best sellers in full-size and convenient travel-size options for when I’m on the go!

You can even choose a TULA set or starter kit HERE and have your favorites on auto-delivery with your choice of frequency so you never run out of what you need.

And if I didn’t mention it above, my skin type has always been oily, and their moisturizers are not too heavy for me.

Shaunda Necole - My Skincare Routine

What’s your skincare routine?

Do you use any of these products already?

Comment below and let me know!

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