My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens: Sulfates-Free Shampoo

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Shaunda Necole- My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens—Sulfates Put The "Sham" In Shampoo

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I recently had the privilege of sharing my *expert*—yep, that’s what they called me— beauty advice on Better Homes & Gardens, along with other industry professionals.

You may already know that my daughter is a hairstylist, as seen in these beauty posts HERE and HERE.

Fun fact about me: I also got my start as a cosmetologist, although I specialized in nail services!

Today, I’m a lifestyle blogger and media contributor.

I love that I can write about and share what I know, no matter how long ago I was in that particular profession—because most things knowledgeable are timeless and relevant.

You can read the full BH&G article, Here’s Why Experts Say You Should Switch To A Sulfate-Free Shampoo,

featuring more industry experts and celebrity hairstylists, too!

Shaunda Necole- My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens—Sulfates Put The "Sham" In Shampoo

I’m gonna’ wash that gunk right out of your hair!

Shaunda Necole- My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens—Sulfates Put The "Sham" In Shampoo- You don't need a rich lather in your shampoo! This kind of thinking can be wrong says beauty experts

Most of us were taught that a shampoo with a rich lather is the right choice—but that kind of thinking can be wrong.

Sulfates and suds are lousy for your locks

Shaunda Necole- My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens—Sulfates Shampoos are Lousy For Your Locks!

Sulfates are the lathering agent in shampoo.

You can identify them on the back of the product’s ingredients in proper name form—sodium laureth sulfate, which is shorter—but not really short for sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

Found in other personal care products like toothpaste and soap, sulfate is basically a cleaning detergent that you don’t want in your hair.

I’d only OK a regular shampoo for situations like after a swim in salt water or a chlorine pool—and only if followed by a sulfate-free, moisturizing conditioner.

I often recommend shampoos with coconut oil, even when they are sulfate-free.

The coconut oil moisturizes and protects each strand, and also serves as a natural, gentle cleanser, removing foreign material while still leaving your hair clean and undamaged.

Shaunda Necole- My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens—Sulfates Put The "Sham" In Shampoo- Quality salon products at your local drug stores now!

My shampoo go-tos

Having been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I’ve watched the evolution of drug store shampoos.

It’s so refreshing that these quick-stop beauty shops have leveled-up their shelves to include a variety of shampoo brands free of sulfates.

My go-tos when I can’t grab a salon product are:

Maui Moisture Coconut Oil Shampoo


Renpure Coconut & Vitamin E Hydrate Shampoo.

The first one is an excellent choice for ethnic and natural hair like my own, while the latter of the two is outstanding for all hair types!

These products are free of the sulfating agent that loosens the natural oils of the hair and scalp, which in essence strips your hair too clean.

Both of these shampoos are not only stylist-approved but also consistently rated as 5-star purchases.

These 3 are my in-salon shampoo favorites:

Moroccanoil shampoos  |  Amika shampoos  |  DevaCurl No-Poo

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My Advice On Better Homes & Gardens | Shaunda Necole

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  1. I am so proud of you and excited for you the way you are exploding in the media! Yay! Also, great shampoo advice!

  2. I use a suifate free shampoo for better waves/curls! My college student uses Maui shampoo and I love the smell of it!

  3. Sulfates are the WORST for color treated hair – it will strip the color right out & dry your hair out. I always check the ingredients for it in my shampoo & conditioners…

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