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I had the pleasure of recently trying Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Thanks to Influenster, I was gifted this Sephora BestSeller product in 3 different shades to try out and review. First of all, I don’t usually wear foundation. I do wear a full face of make up daily, but my coverage is a pressed powder; MAC Studio Fix in the color C8 to be exact (HERE)! I have worn MAC forever it seems, and that won’t change. What will change is the addition of the Ultra HD Foundation incorporated into my everyday make up regiment.

The Ultra HD Foundation is available in a whopping 40 shades. After taking the Sephora Color IQ query online HERE, I was sent 3 shades to ensure I had my perfect match. I swatched all three on my inner arm (usually the closest color to your face) and I took a liking to the darkest shade that was sent (Y505-Cognac, also HERE). Upon applying the Invisible Cover with this foundation brush HERE, I took an immediate liking to Ultra HD because it is EVERYTHING that they said it would be! Weightless, 100{077a279b37e766cd83204ac61347ffdba61bcb82c40772d2953616b6ffe84bfc} flawless and 0{077a279b37e766cd83204ac61347ffdba61bcb82c40772d2953616b6ffe84bfc} noticeable. OK, I’d say 98{077a279b37e766cd83204ac61347ffdba61bcb82c40772d2953616b6ffe84bfc} flawless. I had two acne blemishes that I could slightly still see; but I’ve always been a perfectionist and therefore am really picky! With the Ultra HD on, I could see first hand why the word ‘Invisible’ is in the name. For someone like myself who’s not used to wearing foundation, this one is totally second skin! My face looked flawless, yet natural all at the same time. With 40 shades to choose from, the Sephora Color IQ nailed it as far as my color match. No aggressive blending needed at the neckline!

I wear pressed powder each day, therefore I was reluctant not to brush it on top of the Ultra HD. So, out of sheer habit, I brushed a layer over the HD on day one. On day two, I wore my HD Foundation alone, without my pressed powder. I concluded that I can add the extra coverage by brushing on my pressed powder on days that I’m in a photo shoot for my blog or IG. For everyday wear, the Ultra HD Foundation alone is sufficient. It dries very quickly to a smooth, natural finish. I also found that I use less product with the foundation; only half a dime size.

The kicker to my experience in wearing Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover has to be the reaction I received from my son. Yes, oddly enough, the feedback from my teenage son was the best because it was the most candid and authentic. I had just finished applying my daily “face” with the HD Foundation. With brows filled in, mascara and eyeliner on, along with my cheek contouring products all on, he was walking by my room and I stopped him to ask, “Does my face look any different?” From the mouth of a babe (slash teenager ? his off the cuff response was that I looked like I had cheek bones that day. The Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation gives me more of the contoured appearance of those coveted high cheek bones!
I’ll wrap up this review (with contoured cheek bones on face ? by saying that I will continue to use this product even when it’s all gone and I have to actually purchase the next bottle. At this point, I don’t think that I could live without it ?
Anyone else tried Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation?
Would love to hear your thoughts!

I also received these shades (lightest to darkest): Y425- Honey(HERE) and Y445- Amber (HERE)

At my vanity, I like to use a glass cutting board (like these HERE) to spread my beauty products on and easily wipe away clean when finished!

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