Build A Habit That Turns Into A Ritual (Vitamins)

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Build A Habit That Turns Into A Ritual

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This post is sponsored by Ritual Multivitamins. All opinions are my own.


Vitamins and supplements. I’ve heard more recommendations for them right now than ever before! 

Everyone, from doctors to your fave celebrity is talking about the right nutrients to fill the gaps in your diet.

With health experts always recommending supplements and even heavyweights like Tyler Perry joining in the conversation to talk about the importance of nutrition, vitamin D, and the African-American community, my ears perked up, and I paid attention.

I discovered Ritual Multivitamins and added their multivitamin for women to my daily routine. And yes, their multivitamin includes vitamin D3


Build A Habit That Turns Into A Ritual




9 nutrients + no BS

Ritual Multivitamins had me at no BS. Why? Because I like products that speak to me in simple terms that I can easily understand. Super important when I’m focused on doing something good for my body. 

Ritual checked off all the boxes on my must-have list, including vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free and major allergen-free. They also leave out shady fillers, additives, and artificial colorants!

Not only are Ritual MultivVitamins formulated to help fill nutrient gaps. They’re also all about minimizing their carbon footprint. They use recycled paper and packaging for their products. 

The little details like this say a lot about a company, and can be the deciding factor when making decisions about what products to trust.

Ritual is also transparent about their sources and suppliers— a multivitamin backed by a traceable supply chain. They list each nutrient with each manufacturer, including the supplier’s location!


Ritual Multivitamins For Women


Transparency beyond the bottle

Straight talk terms:

Mcg, so you know, is one microgram and one-millionth of a gram and one-thousandth of a milligram. 

Source location is the traceable supplier location with more details about the individual manufacturer on Ritual’s website. And here I thought that only their bottle was transparent)!


Ritual Multivitamins Transparency In A Bottle


Nine nutrients in Ritual’s multivitamin for women

1. Folate, 1020 mcg DFE per serving, and sourced in Italy. Folate is found in foods like lentils, avocado and oranges.


2. Vitamin K2, 90 mcg per serving and sourced in Norway. Found in foods like hard cheese and egg yolk.


3. Vitamin D3, 50 mcg per serving and sourced in the UK. Vitamin D3 comes in the food form of fresh milk and fortified dairy products. Vitamin D is the nutrient that started my quest for an everyday multivitamin to help support my health.*


4. Boron, 1 mg per serving, Ritual sources from the midwest in the state of Illinois. Boron is found in everyday foods like raisins, prunes and almonds.


5. Vitamin E, 6.7 mg per serving and sourced in Argentina. Vitamin E is in nuts and seeds like pistachios, walnuts and flaxseeds.


6. Vitamin B12, 8 mcg per serving, Ritual sources this one from Connecticut. B12 is found in red meat and also in milk.


7. Omega-3 DHA, 330 mg per serving. This nutrient is found in seafood like shellfish, salmon and tuna. Ritual sources from their Omega-3 from Canada.


8. Magnesium, 30 mg per serving and sourced in Utah, is found in a bunch of foods like lentils, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds and almonds.


9. Iron, 8 mg per serving, and also sourced in Utah. I was once put on an iron supplement when pregnant and remember that beans and peas are an excellent source for iron.


Healthy habits turn into a ritual

They had me at first breath. I learned from a wine sommelier that you eat first with your eyes and your nose— and ironically, with your sense of taste last. Ritual Multivitamins have a mint-essence tab in every bottle, making their multivitamins minty fresh and a treat to open and breathe in!

Take two capsules once a day. I set my iPhone timer to keep my routine consistent. You can take Ritual AM or PM, with or without food.

Insight, top of mind. In addition to my daily vitamin alarm, I keep Ritual top of mind by keeping my multivitamin bottle in sight and on my desk. It’s a bonus that the bottle is clear, and the capsules are aesthetically pleasing! Check out my Ritual MultiVitamins in this Insta-worthy picture HERE!

Ritual’s Manifesto reminds us that beauty isn’t skin deep— it’s cell deep, and the results take time and daily commitment. You build a habit. You turn it into a ritual.*

Click HERE to sign up for Ritual today!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Ritual multivitamins every woman should take



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  1. These sound like really excellent vitamins. I like the idea that they inform you about their sourcing and that they are non GMO.

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