Instagram Story Ideas & Design Secrets

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Shaunda Necole & Destiny Moody Unfold App Template- Nevada Dessert

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I just wrapped a two-week class I’ve been teaching. The course was all about social media SEO strategy, design tips and tricks, with a focus on Instagram, Pinterest and the TikTok app.

Watch My Video Tutorial: The Most Creative Instagram Story Ideas

YouTube video


I was supposed to be away in Toronto teaching this workshop and saying, “What up, Drizzy-Drake!” HA HA! My favorite thing is to combine work and play through a paid gig turned into a travel getaway!

But after stay-at-home orders for most of the world right now, my lessons abroad turned into a Zoom conference hosted from home.


Shaunda Necole & Destiny Moody Unfold App Template Journal 2- 7 Magic Mountains


The Instagram questions I’m asked the most

The most popular topics from my courses are always about what apps I use to get creative on Instagram. Along with wanting more time in class to perform my Instagram makeovers. In my signature Insta Makeovers, I give advice you can use right away  to make your Instagram bio stand out to reach your target audience faster.

I’m offering one-on-one time right now, where you can schedule a personal chat with me to glam-up your Instagram bio and start reaching new customers or subscribers faster! Book me HERE.


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As for my most creative ways to jam in your Instagram Stories? I created this video tutorial and a list of my favorite attention-grabbing tips and tricks for you to get creative in the IG app!


iPhone & Android Instagram Story Ideas


10 most creative Instagram Story ideas & design secrets revealed

1. Use the Unfold app to create incredible Instagram Story frames and collages.


Shaunda Necole & Destiny Moody Unfold App Template- Nevada Dessert


2. As seen in my YouTube video tutorial above, layer text and fonts when creating an Instagram Story for emphasis and a unique stand out style.

3. Use the color drop tool to bring in text colors cohesive with the video or picture you’re posting.


Most Creative Instagram Story Ideas


4. Add in location, hashtag and tag stickers to give your Instagram Story the possibility of ranking in hashtag and location searches. These sticker tags can bring more visitors to view your post!


Instagram Story Best Tags To Use


5. Save your most-viewed Instagram Story posts as categorized Instagram Highlights.

6. Use the Canva app to create custom Instagram Highlights covers. You can create your Highlights covers with custom text like I did below, or choose shape icons also found in the Canva app.


Instagram Custom Highlights Icons


7. Add music to your Instagram Story for audience engagement. You can choose a favorite artist’s song in the Instagram Story app. I like the option to let the song lyrics show as text overlay on my Story video or picture.


The Most Creative Instagram Story Ideas


8. Add split screen (like above) or before and after images by using the Layout app for Apple & Android.

9. If you have an Instagram Business or Creator account, add your website link for a swipe up if you’re sharing content that users can click through to learn more. If you don’t have the Instagram Story swipe up feature (accounts with followers 10k+), you can ask users to click the link in your bio.

10. Add a GIF of yourself to your Instagram Story! Step by step learn how to make a GIF HERE.


How to make your own GIF or GIPHY




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The Best Instagram Ideas Influencers Use



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